Betty's Child by Donald Dempsey

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"Heartrending and humorous." ~Kirkus Reviews. A Hoffer Award Grand Prize Finalist. In the tradition of Frank McCourt and Angela's Ashes, Donald Dempsey chronicles one boy's ordeals with poverty, religion, and physical and mental abuse as he attempts to come of age with only his street smarts and sense of humor to guide him. Young Donny is doing his best to navigate his cruel and neglectful mother, her abusive boyfriends, churchgoers who want to save Donny's soul, and a best friend trying to lure Donny into petty theft and drug dealing. He does everything he can to take care of himself and his younger brothers, but with each new development, the present becomes more fraught with periland the future more uncertain. 4.5 stars, 230 ratings. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

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