The Einstein & Moo Series: "purrfect" for children age 3-8


Today, we invite you to meet Einstein & Moo – and author Jennifer Milius. 

The Einstein & Moo Series is a collection of children's books based on the adventures of two brother-and-sister, black-and-white "tuxedo" kitties who are playful, curious, and friendly. Each book in the series includes pictures that add to the story and rhyming words that help children develop their abilities to read and write.

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The Einstein & Moo Series by Jennifer Milius
Illustrated by Meredith Hancock 
Children's Books

"When you share a book with a child, it's an act of love. You are giving your child your greatest gifts – your time and attention." ~Jennifer Milius

Einstein and the Leaf
Einstein and the Leaf is the first book of the series and is about a perfect fall day with children playing outside in the leaves while Einstein watches from inside. When the children come in and a few leaves come along with them, Einstein sees his moment and is ready to play! 
Moo and the Case of the Mistaken Identity
Moo and the Case of the Mistaken Identity is about Moo playing with a little ball that bounces against a glass fireplace when she notices a shadow. Who could this be? Follow Moo as she investigates.
Einstein & Moo and the Quest for the Catnip
In this book, Einstein and Moo are after their favorite treat: a green leafy plant called catnip. It grows outside, and even though they are indoor kitties, they want to find a way to get outside and have some. This may mean that they have to be creative and help each other, but to them, the treat is worth it!
Einstein and the Snow
Einstein and the Snow is about a perfect winter day with indoor kitty Einstein watching the snow while Daddy is outside working and playing. When Daddy comes in for the day, Einstein sees his moment and is ready to play!
Moo and Her Favorite Spot
In Moo and Her Favorite Spot, Moo sees that her favorite spot is available for cuddling and relaxing, yet as the day moves on, she considers that there might be a spot better than the first. Tag along with Moo to see what she discovers.
Einstein & Moo and the Unexpected Visitor
In this book, an unexpected visitor inside the house catches Einstein and Moo’s attention. Although each kitty has their own way of investigating, they are both hopeful that they have found a new friend. 
The Einstein & Moo Activity Book
Based on of the best selling children’s book series Einstein and Moo comes The Einstein & Moo Activity Book. Flip through the pages and enjoy crosswords, mazes, write your own story sheets, coloring, and so much more! Hours of fun and education for your children and for cat lovers alike.

Meet Jennifer Milius
In addition to being the author of the Einstein & Moo Series of children's books, Jen helps other writers and aspiring authors to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books. "I believe that if the story came to you, it must come through you to share," says Jen.

The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but Jen makes both feel smoother and achievable. "We’re all works in progress," she says, "but your first, next, or current book doesn’t have to be."

Jen believes each of us have something special to offer, but sometimes it takes a leap of faith to be willing to share that gift. Yet, when people are doing what they love, there’s a joy that they radiate. Tapping into your full potential means that joy, purpose, and possibility is coming together through you.

Jen offers a variety of ways for aspiring authors to work with her, including private coaching, courses, a workbook, and her podcast. Learn more on Jen's website

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