Exile by Lisa M. Bradley

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A toxic spill in the town of Exile poisoned residents with permanent rage. The feds' response? Quarantine. Only residents who pass the feds' 4-S test can escape Exile's heavily fortified borders. Heidi has taken the test repeatedly, trying to prove she's smart, strong, sterile, and sane. When her brother dies in battle, Heidi turns her eye to his killer. An Outsider who arrived post-spill, Tank seems open to Heidi's advances. But Tank's about as trusting as Heidi is monogamous—not at all. So Heidi's picked the wrong mark, her family is gunning for her, and the feds are itching to nuke Exile once and for all. $4.99 KindleKobo / Apple / Google / Rosarium

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