How To Avoid Missing A Book Giveaway Win

Few things are less frustrating than finding out you’ve missed out on a book giveaway prize - just because you failed to see the email! If you’ve experienced this before, you know how upsetting it can be! Today we’re going to discuss a few ways you can lessen the chances of this happening. 

Stay Organized With a Dedicated Email 

If you enter many book sweepstakes and giveaways, chances are your email can get pretty cluttered. One way to ensure your email stays more organized is to use a dedicated email address just for sweepstakes. You can check it daily to see if you’ve won any new books. 

Next, if you’re going to make a second email for entering giveaways, I suggest not using the words ‘giveaway’ or ‘sweepstakes’ in your email address. Some people have speculated that these keywords may be “red flagged” by sponsors when choosing winners. It doesn’t hurt to follow this suggestion just in case! 

Check Your Spam Folder 

Have you ever checked your spam folder? Many people have not! You may notice that many emails are in your spam folder that may not belong there. Sometimes a winning email alerting you of a win can get funneled into spam mail, never to be seen again! However, there is something you can do. 

If you see an incorrect email in your spam folder, move it to your primary folder. This email will be whitelisted for all further emails and should be sent directly to your primary inbox. 

Finally, Read the Rules 

An easy way to get disqualified from a book giveaway is if you don’t read the rules. For example, maybe this particular giveaway excludes states on the west coast. Well, if you’re from California, you’d be automatically disqualified if your name was pulled. That would be a bummer! 

There are many little rules we must pay attention to in giveaways. How many times can you enter? How many members of one household can enter? Do you need to subscribe to the newsletter? Do you need to follow them on Instagram for the winner announcement? 

Once you get used to reading the rules, it gets easier and more accessible, so don’t be intimidated. Get out there and enter some book giveaways! We’ve got our fingers crossed for you. 

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