Ideas for a Literary New Year's Eve


We love to find and recommend free online literary events, but this New Year's Eve, consider hosting your own event at home!

Here are 10 Resources for Your Literary New Year's Eve Celebrations. The article is a few years old, but 9 of the 10 suggestions are timeless, including materials from James Baldwin, Alice Munro, Hunter Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver, Victor Hugo, and Kurt Vonnegut that you can watch, listen to, or read aloud as a way to ring in the new year. (My favorite is Vonnegut's letter to the future -- although Thompson's "advice on finding your purpose" is a close second.)

"Whether to float with the tide, or to swim for a goal. It is a choice we must all make consciously or unconsciously at one time in our lives." ~Hunter S. Thompson

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