Introducing Familius

LitNuts is focused on bringing booklovers the “best of the indies,” including innovative and creative new titles from leading independent book publishers. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Familius (Latin for “family”), an indie publisher and one of our partners in the Spring Triple-Play Giveaway (deadline 4/30!).

One of the reasons we love Familius and have featured many of their books in our newsletter is their unique focus: Familius is committed to “helping families be happy.” To that end, Familius publishes beautiful books that help families live the 10 Habits of Happy Family Life.

Consistent with its focus on family, Familius is a family-run business, founded by the husband/wife team of Christopher Robbins and Michele Lynne Robbins. We recently had the opportunity to ask Christopher a few questions about Familius and their future plans:

LitNuts: What made you decide to launch your own publishing company?

Christopher: I saw an opportunity toward the end of the Great Recession (late 2007 – early 2009) to create a company that would take advantage of what I felt was industry disruption. More importantly, I felt a strong desire to create a company that aligned with my belief that the family is the fundamental unit of society. Familius was created with a desire to have a company that worked to help families be happy and succeed. 

LitNuts: Why should booklovers take a look at books published by Familius? Or, put another way, what are they missing if they are not following Familius?

Christopher: Familius's mission is to help families be happy, and our overarching theme is that every family deserves to be happy. Familius books always align with this mission and theme. Further, our company has ten habits of happy families. These habits are: eat together, give together, heal together, laugh together, learn together, love together, play together, read together, talk together, and work together. What people get from engaging with our company is exceptional content, whether books, articles, podcast, etc. that will help their family be happy. 

LitNuts: Publishers Weekly has recognized Familius as one of the fastest growing independent book publishers for several years in a row. What accounts for your success?

Christopher: Familius has been exceptionally fortunate that we've been one of the fastest growing publishers four years in a row, including this last pandemic year. Our success is founded on our mission. Everyone wants and deserves to have a happy family, regardless of what type of family that is. Our company's mission resonates with people around the world because of that. Further, our mission attracts talented and skilled employees who believe in that mission. There's something far more important than simply book sales and profit that inspires us to fulfill our mission. So I believe that our success is based on the purpose of our mission and the people who run the company. 

LitNuts: What does the future hold for Familius and your followers?

Christopher: I believe Familius has just scratched the surface of what the company will become. Our books have broader distribution. Our podcast is getting attention internationally. Our Familius Habit Hub, where we provide article content that aligns with our ten habits of happy families, is providing important information to help families as well as improve discoverability of our books and authors. We're soon to launch a Familius Storytime. We'll be launching this year important webinars and virtual conferences for our audience that align with helping families be happy. We're all very excited about what the future has in store for us. We're optimistic about the book industry and we are absolutely convinced of the need for a company like Familius. 

We applaud Familius, and urge booklovers to take a closer look. Special offer: LitNuts subscribers can get a 10% discount on purchases from Familius using discount code LitNuts10.

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