July LitNuts Deals

LitNuts Deals

Welcome to the July issue of LitNuts Deals: Highly rated indie books priced $1 or less 
— including 6 great free reads. We think it's a fantastic line-up. Scroll down for mystery, romance, fantasy, thrills and more!

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A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox
4.2 stars, 556 ratings

Heir to the Crown Box Set 1 by Paul J Bennett
4.2 stars, 291 ratings

They are all that stands between victory and defeat! After tragedy tears Gerald's world apart, a fateful meeting with another lost soul unmasks a shocking secret. As civil war erupts, they travel across the kingdom fighting desperate battles, surrounded by powerful enemies who conspire to bring down the Crown. Includes Books 1, 2, & 2.5. 

Extreme Medical Services: Paramedics for Supernatural Creatures by Jamie Davis
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy   
4.1 stars, 1100+ ratings

Being tops in his Paramedic Academy training didn’t prepare Dean for this. He trained to help humans, but he wasn’t prepared for injured fairies and monsters. In a whole new world he didn't know existed, he needs to learn street medicine fast...before it gets him killed! But what's more dangerous: the supernaturals or his boss? You’ll love this supernatural medical thriller...because the fast-paced life of an EMT is better in the world of vampires and mythical creatures!  
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GONE: A Psychological Thriller by Sharon A. Mitchell
4.2 stars, 440 ratings

A random carjacking. Maybe. Maybe not. A typical day of medical appointments and errands. Elizabeth can handle it, she tells herself. She'll do it all until her husband returns on the weekend. But someone else has a plan - several someones―throwing Elizabeth's orderly life into chaos and danger. Now, she's on her own. No one knows where they are. If her son is to get out of this alive, it's up to Elizabeth. Ordinary people, thrown into extraordinary circumstances. "The story grabbed me and wouldn't let go!" ~Amazon review. Book One of the psychological thriller series When Bad Things Happen. 
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Christmastime 1940: A Love Story by Linda Mahkovec
Literary Fiction
4.6 stars, 303 ratings

"A charming, heartwarming tale of two people looking for a second chance at love. Whimsical and pleasingly old-fashioned throughout." ~Kirkus Reviews. Set in New York City against the backdrop of impending war, Christmastime 1940: A Love Story tells the story of an unlikely romance between a struggling young mother trying to make a fresh start and a man who has lost his connection to humanity. “Magnificent! Can’t wait to buy the next in the series! I’m hooked.” ~Amazon review. “A beautifully written Christmas story.” ~Amazon review.

The Last Deception: A Leine Basso Thriller by DV Berkom
4.5 stars, 195 ratings

Lies. Betrayal. A nation on the brink of war. Just when Leine Basso thinks she’s free from the business of murder and deception, a desperate call from a friend drags her back into the dark world of espionage and arms dealers. Leine uncovers information that implicates a well-known Russian businessman in a horrendous deception that affects national security and could have global repercussions. It’s up to the former assassin to persuade the powers that be to ignore the obvious and trust her, or disregard the information and bring the world to the brink of a devastating war. 
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The Sky Worshipers: A Novel of Mongol Conquests by F.M. Deemyad
Historical Fiction
4 stars, 88 ratings on Goodreads

Called "an epic novel that pulls back the veil on the tumultuous life and times of Genghis Khan," The Sky Worshipers reveals the complex and epic nature of the Mongolian empire during the 13th century. Told through the eyes of three captive princesses, the well-researched narrative exposes stories once lost to history now brought to light. The Sky Worshipers is an engaging, personal look at one of history's momentous eras.
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Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco
Young Adult
4.8 stars, 43 ratings

Champion swimmer Aerin Keane wins every race and every title, only to find herself alone. She's ready to give up her dreams of college swimming and a shot at the Olympics in order to simply be like all the other girls. But when her desire to be "one of the girls" collides with her desire to be the best, will Aerin sacrifice her new friendships for a shot at a $50,000 scholarship? "This book should be next on your list if you love YA, strong characters, and sports!" ~ Amazon review. 
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An Oracle Walks into a Bar by Scott Burtness
Urban Fantasy   
4.4 stars, 48 ratings

Messy breakup? Want your stuff back from your ex? Shapeshifter August Shade can help. For a reasonable fee, he’ll get your favorite whatever back and hopefully not die in the process. When a power-hungry elf hires August to get her favorite book back from her vampire ex-lover, August figures it’ll just be another job. Except that vampire is the meanest vampire this side of Canada, the book bestows its reader with the power to write their own future, and the elf isn’t the only one who wants the book. Things go from bad to worse when an oracle starts having visions of the end of the world, and August pops up in all of them. A darkly funny noir urban fantasy. 
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Flight to Bern Village by Jaron Osiar
Science Fiction / Fantasy
4.2 stars, 37 ratings

While a war rages in space, a revolutionary group of humans, shapeshifters, and telepaths gather to prove their races can live together in peace. They believe in peace enough to erase their memories and begin a primitive city on a secluded planet, Vastus. Generations later, conflicts on Vastus force people to flee their city. Meanwhile, a few Peace Bringers arrive on a broken-down space station to observe the inhabitants on Vastus. What they see is anything but encouraging, and they must deal with problems of their own.

Tizzie by p.d.r. lindsay
Historical Fiction
4.3 stars, 28 ratings

A Historical Novel Society Editor's Choice. Life is hard enough on a Yorkshire Dale farm in 1887, but when Tizzie learns that her family is keeping secrets, it gets worse. It may be too late for Tizzie to leave, but she vows to help her niece escape life on the farm. Captures the speaking rhythms & vocabulary of 19th-century Yorkshire farmers with amazing fidelity & precision.
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RoadKill by K.L. Ramsey
4.3 stars, 146 ratings

I know who I am—I’m a one-percenter. I’m a bottom feeder of society; at least that’s what I’m told. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes, but I’ve paid for them. I’m free and ready to prove that I’m not who everyone thought I was. I want things I never thought were possible until now—until her. Vivian Ward is my salvation, and I won’t let her go. "The book is a whirlwind of action, romance, and suspense. Highly Recommend grabbing up both Roadkill and Savage Heat; You won’t regret it. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars." ~Sexy Sirens Book Blog 
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Sugar Babies by Joy Deja King

Paige's life of privilege ended when her well-to-do parents cut her off financially, so she decides to find a man to sponsor her lavish lifestyle. Crimson has been in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend for far too long, so when presented with an opportunity to get from under his tight grasp, she takes it and never looks back. Lydia has always put her academics first, but when she loses her scholarship, she decides to follow Paige and get her own sponsor to pay her tuition and expenses. Paige, Crimson and Lydia come from different walks of life, but share a common goal; they are sugar babies in search of the highest bidder.
$0.99 - SHOP NOW

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