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Hannie Rising by Jeanette Baker - FREE!
Literary Fiction

Mickey Enright isn’t ready to be dead. He is an icon in Tralee, a “typical Kerryman,” a life-of-the-party jokester, a decent provider who took for granted the faithfulness of his wife and the love of his children. Mickey demands another chance at mortality, so St. Peter sends Mickey back to Tralee…as a stranger. Meanwhile, Hannie has learned a thing or two about her late husband, enough to convince her that life after marriage might be more satisfying than it was during. Mickey finds himself attempting to court his wife and learns a thing or two about Hannie and even more about himself. "Great, cozy read." -Catherine G., Amazon Review 4.3 Stars! FREE - SHOP NOW

Lady Mage by Toni Cabell - FREE!
Children & Young Adult

Pride and Prejudice meets Lord of the Rings in this B.R.A.G. Medallion winner! Linden may be a Master Mage, but her warnings about dark magic go unheeded until a fay scout delivers shocking news. Mordahn is back, and he’s exploiting the sacred places of power to fuel his war machine. Linden must team up with Mordahn’s arrogant nephew to stop the dark mage and save their homeland before time runs out. Pick up Lady Mage by Toni Cabell and be swept into a world of swords, magic, and romance! 4.4 Stars! FREE - SHOP NOW


Love Unmasked by Rose Bak - FREE!

Maya meets the man of her dreams at her friend's Halloween masquerade party. But when the masks come off she realizes her dream guy is actually her nightmare boss! How can the guy who terrorizes her at work be the same person who makes her forget everything around her with just the touch of his lips? 4 Stars! FREE - SHOP NOW




A Thing Done by Tinney Sue Heath
Literary Fiction

Juggling is easy – until you’re juggling two sides of a lethal vendetta. Jester. Clown. Fool. It’s 1216, and Florence’s noble families are up in arms over a jilted woman. Corrado the Fool is pressed into service by both sides against his will. He doesn’t care who comes out on top, but he does care a lot about surviving and about protecting those he loves. Could this joker be the wild card? Inspired by real events, A Thing Done tells of a hapless David caught between warring Goliaths. 4.4 Stars! From $0.99 SHOP NOW


The Contract by Sheila Grinell
Literary Fiction

When married designers Joanna and Ev are invited to design a children's museum in Riyadh, they must sort through their divergent goals and desires. "Fascinating insights into the world of museum exhibits, the frustrations of American women working in Saudi Arabia, and the emotional mysteries of marriage. Characters are vivid and captivating, and creative plot twists keep the reader engrossed." -Alesa Lightbourne, author of The Kurdish Bike 4.4 Stars! From $0.99 SHOP NOW



Beneath A Blanket Of Snow by Arlene Lomazoff-Marron
Literary Fiction 

Meredith Perkins lived a life of luxury, courtesy of her husband’s hard work and diligence...until her husband’s crime turned her world upside down. Hounded by the media, deserted by friends she had counted on for support, she struggled to reconstruct a life for herself and her children. But her friends kept their own secrets. Is everything what it seems on the outside? 4.4 Stars! From $0.99 SHOP NOW




Diondray's Discovery by Marion Hill

A hero’s journey starts with a single step. For some, that step starts on a broken foundation. So it was when Diondray Azur learned that all he had known about his family—all he had known about his world—wasn’t true at all. Diondray’s Discovery is an adventure fantasy novel that will transport you to the world of Kammbia, a magical place in which Diondray discovers his inner hero. 4.2 Stars! From $0.99 SHOP NOW



The Frights of Fiji by Sunayna Prasad - FREE!
Children/Young Adult

"Debut author Sunayna Prasad hits the mark." -Chanticleer Reviews. A girl is abducted to Fiji where she must defeat magical beasts and overthrow the warlock who kidnapped her. "Sunayna Prasad has created an enchanting world for kids to escape into while reading this exciting children's fantasy and magic book." -Artisan Book Reviews. 4.2 Stars! FREE - SHOP NOW

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