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LitNuts is pleased to shine a spotlight on the books and authors of Living Springs Publishers, a family-owned indie press that publishes action and adventure, historical fiction, science fiction, memoir, western, and young adult/Christian works, as well as anthologies of short stories and creative nonfiction. Read on to learn more!

Emily's House by Sharon Armstrong 

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Coming-of-Age Fiction
4.8 stars, 30 ratings on Amazon
From $4.99

Emily Parks is a newcomer to the small town of Mountain Grove, Virginia, where she lives with her alcoholic mother, father, and grandmother. When she has a problem at school, she learns the townspeople she has met are willing to step in and help her. They give her advice, support, and something she has never received before…love. With their help, Emily begins to plan for the life she wants and a way to escape from the world her parents have created. When Emily’s parents leave her in the middle of the night, she must make some quick decisions. Her unusual solution takes everyone in the village by surprise.

"Emily’s House offers hope and insight on how to create a better life for yourself, regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt." ~Tami Olesen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Also available: Emily's Home Over the Bakery - The sequel to Emily's House

2051 Books 1-3: War on American Soil by Dan Peavler 

Genre: Military Fiction
4.3 stars, 16 ratings on Amazon
From $2.99

What would your family do if foreign powers used gangs to paralyze American cities and the heartland? What would your family do If EMPs knocked out power and society was on the brink of chaos?

The War on American Soil trilogy chronicles the terrifying concept of Americans fighting Americans as foreign enemies invade the homeland. This set contains the three complete novels, which are also available individually from $1.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited):
"A dramatic vision of what a future invasion of the United States would be like." ~Amazon Reviewer

Whatever Happened to Cathy Martin by Mim Eichmann 

Genre: Suspense, Literary Fiction
4.7 stars, 8 ratings on Amazon
From $0.99

Kathy Reichs meets Sherlock Holmes in this gothic Midwest thriller from the bestselling author of A Sorrow Alone and Muskrat Ramble.

Set in southern Indiana in 1978, Whatever Happened to Cathy Martin seeks to unravel a deadly tangled web of lies surrounding three former high school friends, one of whom has been missing for over a decade...but which one? And why?

"With a killer opening (literally) and a forehead slapping 'Why didn’t I guess that' ending, Mim Eichmann has created a pair of compelling bookends to her latest novel, Whatever Happened to Cathy Martin. For those who appreciate craft in storytelling, it’s a must read.” ~James A. Ross, author of the Coldwater mystery series

Sam Wood: Floods of Ungodly Men by Henry Peavler 

Genre: Historical Fiction
From $0.99

Colonel Sam Wood, the Fighting Quaker, was a real-life Superhero before the term was even coined. He was friend to every Abolitionist from Abraham Lincoln to Harriet Tubman and from John Brown to Frederick Douglass, and foe to every slaveholder from Jefferson Davis to Henry Clay. He demanded equality for all, elimination of slavery, and the right to vote for women.

Book 1 in a series of four books about Sam and Margaret Wood. They were abolitionists, pioneers, and crusaders for equality for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or social standing. 

The Historical Chronicles of Elinore Sturgeon and the Last Human Colony by R. T. Kilgore 

Genre: Science Fiction
4.9 stars, 121 ratings on Goodreads
From $0.99, Free via Kindle Unlimited

Earth is long gone! Seventy-two humans have been saved from dying on a lifeless planet by the Par, and now they are expected to fight in an intergalactic war. Does Elinor fight for the Par, the creatures that enslaved her, or does she let the humans die along with everyone else? Book 1 in the series.

"Three unique alien worlds with equally diverse inhabitants... I highly recommend this book." ~Amazon Reviewer

Imagining Iraq: Stories by Barbara Mujica

Genre: Iraq War History, Historical Study
4.7 stars, 12 ratings on Amazon
From $4.99

“Authentic and affecting. A bracing literary investigation of war and its emotional ramifications.” ~Kirkus Reviews

For centuries, war-writing has been the domain of men, but Barbara Mujica brings a different perspective. In Imagining Iraq, a collection of eighteen beautifully crafted, interwoven stories of danger, daring, and sacrifice, she focuses on how war affects not only combatants, but also their loved ones. Drawing from her own experience as a military mother and her work as a veterans advocate at Georgetown University, Mujica raises important questions about the consequences of war.

"Among the most powerful collections I have read on Iraq and on war in general. A brave and splendid collection.” ~Marjorie Agosín, author of The White Islands and The Maps of Memory

The Drover's Curse by Bob Harvey

Genre: Historical Fiction
From $0.99

Here’s your invitation to ride alongside a real cowboy. Drovers pushed herds of longhorns all across the middle of America for much of the 1800s. The life of a drover on the trail is a series of both blessings and curses. Survival is the goal.

There is an adventure in every twist and turn of Andrew (Andy) Graham’s path through life. Orphaned at a Kansas fort and herding cattle at 16, Andy found it necessary to become Clyde Driscoll. Clyde saved a failing Nebraska fort for Custer and the 7th Cavalry before he headed south to fight in the Civil War. Returning to the life of a drover meant leaving the Army as a deserter, matching wits with a notorious lawman, and watching the birth of a Kansas Cowtown. Mount up with Andy and learn about boots, tack, snakes, blizzards, steers, women of the night, life on the trail, and Texas Rangers. Book 1 in a series.

"Great historical view of the Old West." ~Amazon Reviewer

Stories Through the Ages: Baby Boomers Plus 2022

Genre: Short Story and Creative Nonfiction Anthologies
From $0.99, Free via Kindle Unlimited

Stories Through The Ages: Baby Boomers Plus 2022 is the sixth installment in an anthology series containing the best fiction and nonfiction submissions from an annual writing contest sponsored by Living Springs. The competition is recommended by Reedsy as a "Best Writing Contest." The 2022 collection includes sixteen outstanding stories by authors who were born in 1966 or earlier (thus the "Baby Boomers Plus" designation!). 

Previous installments from 2017 - 2021 are available from Living Springs Publishers and online retailers

About the Publisher
Living Springs Publishers LLP is a family-owned, independent publishing company based in Centennial, Colorado. They chose the name Living Springs Publishers to honor their roots in the Living Springs area of Eastern Colorado.

The Mission of Living Springs Publishers is to help authors, regardless of age or experience, share their gift of writing, and to help bring their stories and manuscripts to life via Living Springs' expertise in editing and publishing. Learn more at

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