L'Origine: The Secret Life of the World's most Erotic Masterpiece by Lilianne Milgrom

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"Lilianne Milgrom's debut novel is a testament to the wealth of talent that deserves wider recognition in the publishing world." Cevin Bryerman, CEO of Publishers Weekly. What secrets lie behind the frames of silent masterpieces? 'L’Origine' traces the riveting odyssey of a painting so scandalous it was hidden for a century and a half. A wild ride replete with French revolutionaries, Turkish pashas and nefarious Nazi captains. "A tour de force!" "Brilliant, engaging and beautifully written." Recipient of six literary honors, including the Publishers Weekly 2021 Selfie Book Award for Best Adult Fiction, the 2021 Indie Discovery Award, and the Foreword Review Silver Medal for Historical Fiction. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

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