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One thing that make LitNuts different from other newsletters is that we proactively seek out leading indie authors and invite them to share their work via LitNuts. One such author is Christian Warren Freed. We think you'll love his science fiction and military fantasy novels. Check out The Lazarus Men in today's Featured Books.  

Also today, you'll find a free boxed set to open a medieval fantasy series from Paul J. Bennett; political drama from Stephen Palmer; plenty of mystery, suspense (and even a little romance) from authors Callie Hutton, Becki Willis, Pat Spencer, and Peter Rosch; and a charming (and free!) children's book about regenerative farming from Lauren Lovejoy. 

Finally, if you didn't check your email this weekend, you missed the launch of two BIG giveaways: 

“The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.” ~Barbara Kingsolver, Small Wonder

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