New Release! Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark by Deborah Smith Parker


New Release! Get your copy of Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark by poet, astrologer, essayist, blogger Deborah Smith Parker today!

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Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark
New Release - June 28, 2022!

A sharp eye and an ear for rhyme threads through a life of obstacles and losses, leading finally to gratitude and a joyous peace.

Deborah Smith Parker’s father instilled in her a love of rhyme with a childhood filled with the rhythm of humorous verse. Her humor seasons every poem, even those larded with pain. Her memories of love and loss—long frozen—return to burden her with grief and dreams of death. She looks up in despair; ultimately it is with her stubborn optimism that she sees the stars and “heaven bowing down in awe” and weeps with gratitude.

Wit, Snark, and Light in the Dark is a collection of poems, vivid, personal, and authentic. Parker searches for her place among other poets, and settles on her own place, where her father “woke those gods who slept inside of me."

With Billy Collins' light touch of whimsy and the bite of modern sarcasm, Deborah Parker's poems speak unflinchingly to hidden truths with a voice echoing resilience and ultimately, joy.

“A compelling and convincing account of the humor and seriousness within the human condition...accomplished using a plethora of perfect meter and rhyme. Keep a copy handy. It will add music to your life.” ~R.T. Sedgewick, author of Left Unlatched

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About Deborah Smith Parker

Deborah Smith Parker's poems, essays and articles have appeared in a wide range of publications, winning prizes along the way. An English major and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Deborah lives in San Diego with her husband Jeff. For more information, visit Deborah Smith Parker's website and follow her on Facebook

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