Shadows on the Silver Strings by Josef Bastian

Children and Young Adult

“A polished, thoroughly engaging fantasy for tweens and young adults.” -Foreword Reviews. As more and more shadows infiltrate their world, Aaron, Wendy, Jake, and Eddie learn that what was once just silhouette and smoke has become something much more terrible, tangible, and horrifying. In Book II: Cave in the Rock, we saw the interdimensional portal torn open, releasing a flood of darkness upon the world. In Book III: Shadows on the Silver Strings, there’s music in the air, and the sound our heroes hear may be the hopeful melody of a brand new day, or a death knell tolling—a harbinger of their impending doom. Part of the Folktellers Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook series. Coming October 2022. From $9.99 PRE-ORDER NOW

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