Special Feature: Nineteen Hundred Days by Florence Osmund

Today, LitNuts is recommending Nineteen Hundred Days by Florence Osmund, a contemporary coming-of-age novel with a little mystery and tough love thrown in for good measure! 
When twelve-year-old Ben’s parents don’t come home from work one day, he doesn’t know what to think. His six-year-old sister, Lucy, is more scared than he is and clings to him for support. Fearful of the police and foster homes, they embark on a journey fraught with obstacles in an effort to stay together. 
From $2.99
Praise for Nineteen Hundred Days
  • 4.4 stars, 438 ratings on Amazon
  • 4.2 stars, 411 ratings on Goodreads
  • "5 stars! Florence Osmund has done an amazing job of building the scenarios that rushed through this young boy’s head and getting the reader to become invested in the two characters and, more importantly, in their survival." ~Readers' Favorite Book Reviews
  • "I just finished reading this spectacular book. I could not put it down. Touching. Gripping. Not enough stars to award this book." ~Dawn Greenfield Ireland, author and screenwriter 

Florence Osmund spent more than three decades working in the corporate world before retiring to write. She published her first book at age 62 and has published eight novels since then. She also published How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Novel to help other writers based on lessons she has learned as an author.

People might be surprised to learn that Florence was a 1960s greaser girl back in the day, complete with stirrup pants, mohair sweaters, black eyeliner, and ratted hair! She now spends her days in a cozy house on a small lake in northern Illinois, where she enjoys the wildlife and continues to write.


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