Spotlight on: Love, Loss and Secrets Across America and Beyond by Ann S. Epstein


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Love, Loss and Secrets Across America and Beyond by Ann S. Epstein. 

"Deeply researched, deeply felt, and deeply enjoyable." ~Lawrence Coates, author of The Goodbye House

New Release - June 14, 2022!

Love, Loss and Secrets Across America and Beyond
Three Gripping and Emotional Historical Novels

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Love, Loss and Secrets Across America and Beyond is a collection of three gripping and emotional historical novels by Ann S. Epstein.

On the Shore follows the upheaval in an immigrant Jewish family when, without telling his family, 16-year-old Shmuel Levinson (a.k.a. Sam Lord) strives to prove his manhood, and escape his father’s pressure that he become a rabbi, by enlisting in the Navy.

In Tazia and Gemma, a pregnant seventeen-year-old Italian immigrant and survivor of the Triangle Waist Company fire, flees New York, leaving her married lover to think she miscarried the baby he urged her to abort.

In The Great Stork Derby an ambitious Emm Benbow convinces his wife, Izora, to enter the Great Stork Derby, a contest which offers a sizable cash award to the woman who has the most babies between 1926 and 1936. But soon his ambition turns into a ruthless obsession and addiction, and despite Izora’s efforts, he is disappointed by his large family, and alienates himself from children.

All profound and delightful reads, these novels are a poignant look at the strained relationships that trouble the multi-generation families of today as well as yesteryear. Highly charged with serious issues, plus the humor essential to confront them, you will turn the last pages with a smile.

Praise for Love, Loss and Secrets Across America and Beyond

“To read this work is to live in its reality, to linger among its moments. An experience both rich and riveting is offered in each of this novel’s skillfully crafted scenes.” ~Laura Kasischke, author of Mind of Winter

“The daily lives of working-class people, immigrants, minorities, and women—Epstein tells their stories with the attentiveness and dignity they deserve. You deserve to pick up this novel, for its lessons and its pleasures.” ~Polly Rosenwaike, author of Look How Happy I’m Making You

“In The Great Stork Derby, Ann S. Epstein illuminates with laser-like precision a family torn apart by obsession, and the choices that reassemble it.” ~Michael Andreoni, author of The Window is a Mirror

About Ann S. Epstein

Ann’s awards include a Pushcart Prize nomination for creative nonfiction, the Walter Sullivan prize in fiction, and an Editors’ Choice selection by Historical Novel Review. Her fiction credits include the novel A Brain. A Heart. The Nerve. and short stories in Sewanee Review, PRISM International, Ascent, The Long Story, and elsewhere. In addition, she has a doctorate in developmental psychology and has published many books for professional and lay audiences on child development and early childhood education. She also has a Master of Fine Arts in textiles. The social sciences and visual arts are reflected in the content and imagery of her writing.

For more information, visit Ann's website

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