Spotlight on Scribe Publishing Company: an indie press that emphasizes quality over quantity


Members of the Scribe Publishing Company team (left to right): Mel Corrigan, marketing & visibility director, strategist and publishing enthusiast; Allison Janicki, production and editorial manager; Jennifer Baum, founder, publisher, acquisitions editor, art director, mail room and coffee

Introducing Scribe Publishing

LitNuts is very pleased to introduce our readers to Scribe Publishing Company, a small press built on the kind of creative and innovative spirit that exemplifies the best of independent book publishing. In the weeks ahead, we will be featuring a number of Scribe Publishing Company titles in our newsletter. For today, we'd like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of this little dynamo, and thank you in advance for your ongoing support of indie publishing. 

A Focus on Talent and Integrity
Scribe Publishing Company is focused on publishing meaningful content from passionate, vetted authors with quality and integrity. And they have done just that! 

Founded in 2011 by Jennifer Baum, Scribe Publishing Company has published young adult and middle grade mythological fiction; memoirs, culinary nonfiction and cookbooks; and Great Lakes regional travel. Their books have won numerous prestigious awards and been featured in Publishers Weekly, The Detroit News, Library Journal, School Library Journal, Foreword Reviews, the Midwest Book Review, Kirkus Reviews, the San Francisco Book Review, and more.

Soon after launching the company, Jennifer met Mel Corrigan, who became her good friend and business manager. Today, the Scribe Publishing Company team also includes Allison Janicki, production and editorial manager; Lauren Hackett, social media coordinator; Ellie White, editorial assistant; Jacob Whiten, marketing assistant; Inanna Arthen, interior text layout and ebook conversion; Ryan Getz, design and web support; Maria Petrenko (Hadrout Advertising + Technology), design; and John Wincek (Aerocraft Art), design. Visit the Scribe Publishing Company website to learn more about the team

A Traditional Indie Press that Emphasizes Ethics and Professionalism
Just to be perfectly clear: Don't confuse Scribe Publishing Company with Scribe Media. The latter is a fee-for-service company for self-published books. In contrast, Scribe Publishing Company is a traditional independent book publisher with lots of experiencing in all aspects of book publishing. They have traditional distribution, which means their books are available everywhere books are sold. With Scribe Publishing Company's emphasis on ethics and professionalism, authors can rest assured that they are in good hands—and readers can purchase Scribe Publishing Company titles with confidence, knowing that the authors have been vetted and that the books have been professionally edited and designed.

Scroll down for a sneak preview of some of the award-winning Scribe Publishing Company titles that will be featured by LitNuts in the coming weeks!

Selected Books from Scribe Publishing Company
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