Swimming with Maya by Eleanor Vincent

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

New York Times Bestseller. 4.5 stars, 240 ratings on Amazon. "Vincent's poignant decision to donate Maya's organs will resonate with even hard-boiled readers." ~Booklist. Eleanor Vincent raised Maya and Meghan as a single-parent. Then at age 19, Maya mounts a horse bareback on a dare, falls, and is left in a coma. Ultimately, Eleanor chooses to donate Maya's organs. Years later, she is able to hear Maya's heart beat in the chest of the heart recipient. Along the way, Eleanor re-examines her relationship with her daughter as well as her own traumatic life, and illuminates the courage and tenacity it takes to find one's balance after unthinkable tragedy. "Powerful prose with a meaningful and memorable message." ~Lee Gutkind, Founder, Creative Nonfiction Magazine. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

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