Writing it Real: Crafting a Reference Book that Sells by Melanie Faith

Ever wanted to write a nonfiction reference book? Curious about how to organize and develop your topic into an inviting, easy-to-use manuscript? Look no further!

Writing it Real: Crafting a Reference Book that Sells

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Packed with tips, this book will walk you through insights into planning, writing, editing, pre-publication, and marketing your reference book, from pre-writing to post-publication.

Topics include:

  • You, the Expert: Adventures in Choosing your Topic
  • Writing a Book: All the Feels, Some of the Reasons
  • Talking ‘bout Timelines: Gauging How Long it Takes and How Many Drafts You Need
  • Decide and Divide: Organizing Sections or Chapters with Pizzazz and Ease for your Readers
  • On Exciting Options: Possibilities for Page-Layout and Presenting Text with Panache
  • Me-ouch! The Not-So-Small Matter of Tone
  • A Small Step Sideways: Sustaining Your Project through the Unexpected
  • Choosing the Best Publication Fit for Your Book
  • Grow Your Own Success: Adventures in Self-Publishing
  • Not Going it Alone: on Writing-Swap Partners and Beta Readers, Advice for Hiring an Editor, Marketing 101

Praise for Writing it Real 

"Everything you need to write a nonfiction book that is sought after by readers and that successfully sells. You’ll have everything you need for your book to be successful and relevant for years to come, no matter what the subject." ~Antonia Albany, author of In This Moment: Making the Most of Your Senior Years

"Everything and I mean everything (from pre-writing to post-publication) a writer needs to know about crafting a successful nonfiction reference book.” ~Mari L. McCarthy, award-winning author of Journaling Power, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power

"Melanie Faith gives aspiring reference book writers far more than just a detailed road map from inspiration to publication. Her enthusiasm, support and expertise read like a chat with a wise friend. By the end you’ll be ready to grab your paper, pens, laptop, or tablet and start writing." ~Lee Ann Smith, reference assistant

    About Melanie Faith

    Melanie Faith’s writing has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes. She likes to wear many professional hats, including as a professor, poet, editor, prose writer, tutor, and photographer. She holds an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She has a typewriter that she definitely should use more often. 

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