LitNuts Rewards & Referrals: Earn Free eBooks by Giving Free eBooks to Friends

The LitNuts Rewards & Referrals Program ended 1/25/22 due to lack of participation. Anyone who earned enough points was notified and given the opportunity to select a free ebook.

U.S. booklovers can earn free Kindle eBooks by participating in the LitNuts Rewards & Referral program.* Get a free Kindle eBook for every 1000 points earned. We have dozens of great indie books to choose from on our Free eBook page.

Here's how to earn and redeem points.

Opening an Account and Earning Points

You need a LitNuts account to participate in our Rewards & Referral program. Having a LitNuts account is different from being a subscriber to the LitNuts newsletter -- but don't worry: opening an account is free. All we need is your name and email address to start earning points.

  • 100 Points for creating your LitNuts account
  • 200 Points for referring friends. Send your friends a discount code for a free Kindle eBook from LitNuts. When a friend redeems the offer, they get a free eBook, and you get 200 Points toward a free eBook of your own.
  • 40 Points for every dollar you spend on a Book Promotion with LitNuts. So if you schedule a book promotion at our regular price of $25, you earn 1000 Points -- enough to get a free Kindle eBook! See our Authors & Publishers page for more information about book promotions.
  • 50 Points when you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Check Your Point Total, Refer Friends, Redeem Points for Rewards

Click on the LitNuts Rewards & Referrals pop-up that appears in the lower right of any page on to see your point total, plus information about "Ways to earn," "Ways to redeem" and "Refer your friends." 

If you have 1,000 points or more, look for your "100% off coupon" offer and click on the "View" button to see your discount code. If you are ready to select a free eBook, click "Apply now" to have the code automatically applied to your shopping cart. Then go to our Free eBooks page to select your book. If you want to shop later, you can return to your rewards account any time to redeem your code.  

* Since we are based in the United States, Amazon restricts us from rewarding/gifting e-books to people in other countries. Nor do other e-retailers (B&N, Kobo, Apple, Google, etc.) allow us to "gift" e-books in this manner.