LitNuts Deals

LitNuts Deals is a special monthly newsletter featuring highly rated indie books (3.8+ stars, 25+ ratings) priced at $1 or less. LitNuts sponsors a giveaway in conjunction with each edition of LitNuts Deals to help participating authors grow their mailing lists and social media following.
The really nice thing about LitNuts Deals is that it's not just a one-day promotion. The books and giveaway get promoted multiple times over two weeks via the LitNuts newsletter (10K+ subscribers), on (8K unique visitors/month), via LitNuts social media (7K followers), via giveaway promotion services (paid for by LitNuts), and via the newsletters, websites, and social media of participating authors.
Special OfferPurchase a LitNuts Deals promotion and get a $20 LitNuts Gift Card.* Use the gift card to get a free Featured Book promotion in our regular newsletter, or put it toward a promo in one of our special editions or another LitNuts Deals promotion.
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    Important note: If you have participated in LitNuts Deals in the past, we welcome your participating again -- but please wait at least three months and please do not use LitNuts Deals to promote the same book more than once. Thanks!

    How to get the $20 Gift Card 

    • Complete the order form for a LitNuts Deals promotion and add it to your cart.
    • Select the option to "continue shopping."
    • Add the $20 LitNuts Gift Card to your cart. The gift card can be found HERE, or just search for "gift card" on our website.
    • The gift card will automatically be discounted to $0. 
    • Complete your checkout.
    • We'll send you an order confirmation and the gift card via email. 
    More About LitNuts Deals
    • Featured books must be $1 or less. (Free books are welcome, but they must be free to all readers, not just via Kindle Unlimited.)
    • All books must have 3.8+ stars & 25+ ratings on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere.
    • LitNuts will host a giveaway in conjunction with each edition of LitNuts Deals. The giveaway runs for two weeks, and LitNuts provides the prize(s). 
    • Readers enter the giveaway by joining the email lists or following the social media accounts of participating authors.
    • Participating authors agree to share LitNuts Deals with their followers and to help promote the giveaway at least twice during the two-week campaign. 
    Why participate? It's a win-win for you and your followers. Your followers will get information about highly rated books at great prices and a chance to win prizes. And with LitNuts and participating authors helping to spread the word, each participating author will reach new readers and gain new followers.
    In the September 2022 LitNuts Deals Giveaway, participanting authors added 200+ new email subscribers on average, and nearly as many new followers on social media. Overall, LitNuts Deals is a great way to grow your platform! 
    * The fine print on the $20 gift card special offer: This offer is first-come, first-serve. The offer will end when the LitNuts Deals editions currently listed on our website are sold out or on November 30, 2022, whichever comes first. If you want to use the gift card to promote the same book that was featured in LitNuts Deals, please wait until the LitNuts Deals promo is completed. (If you want to promote a different book, no need to wait!) If you want to put the gift card toward another LitNuts Deals promo, that's great! But please be aware that we ask authors to wait three months before doing a second LitNuts Deals promo.