Book Descriptions That Click

Book promotion services can generate a lot of sales if we achieve one goal:
Get readers to click on your book! 
The three things that get clicks?
  • Cover
  • Description
  • Price

    Assuming you have a great cover and a competitive price, here's what we advise on the description...

    The Secret Formula 

    You don't need to tell the reader everything about your book. Your goal is to share enough to get them to click to learn more:

    • Open with the best third-party endorsement (blurb, quote or fact) about your book.
    • Add 2-3 compelling statements about the content of your book.
    • Close with another endorsement.

    Endorsements include blurbs from other authors or subject matter experts, and soundbites from reviews done by professional reviewers, newspapers, book bloggers, writers clubs, etc. You can also use reader reviews and ratings from Amazon, Goodreads, and elsewhere. 

    Compelling statements: For a novel, this would be 2-3 sentences about the protagonist, the primary conflict, and the stakes. For nonfiction, it would be 2-3 sentences about the problem, challenge or question that the book addresses, and how the book will benefit the reader.

    Make the Most of What You Have

    If you are a bestselling or award-winning author, say so. If you have a good review from a professional reviewer or a well-known author, use it. If not, a blurb from a book blogger, local paper, a less well-known author, or even an Amazon or Goodreads review can be very powerful: 

    • “One of the best books of 2020!” -The Friendly Book Blogger.
    • “A book that entertains and changes lives.” -Goodreads Review.
    • “An eye-opening book about the importance of human connection.” ~John Doe, bestselling author. 

    Examples that "Click" with Readers

    Note that all of these examples are 300 characters or less. Short is good--this is your "elevator pitch" to readers. Your goal is to get readers to click so that they are focused on YOUR book (instead of continuing to scroll to look at other books).

    A New York Times bestselling author delivers a “harrowing, haunting reminder of what it means to be human.” ~Foreword Reviews. When her brother is accused of treason by the oppressive Martial Empire, Laia becomes a rebel spy in a bid for freedom. 50+ five-star reviews on Goodreads.

    “Funny, terrifying, and unpredictable.” -Kirkus Reviews. From a USA Today bestselling author comes an enjoyably creepy novel about a small town’s spookiest resident. “Eerie and enchanting.” ~Amazon review

    "Great fantasy adventure!" -Goodreads Review. When her younger sister is prophesied to become the next queen, blacksmith Keeley must protect her family against the enraged royals who are determined to keep hold of the throne. 4.3 stars, 23 reviews on Amazon.

    “Agatha Christie meets Riverdale.” -Chicago Tribune. At an exclusive private school, new student Stevie Bell courts danger when she vows to solve a notorious crime from the 1930s. “An intricately plotted, compulsively readable novel.” -Goodreads Review

    From an award-winning author: Hundreds of years after his death, warrior dark elf Zaknafein is resurrected. Now, he must adjust to his new world as he tries to protect his son, Drizzt, from old enemies. “Rip-roaring.” ~The Friendly Book Blogger

    "A smoldering story of romance, magic, and adventure!" -Amazon Review. When three powerful dragon shifters meet their human mates, their desires erupt into fiery passion. 4.7 stars, 32 reviews on Goodreads. 

    30+ 5-star reviews on Goodreads. Deanne is in youth detention when an alien race of hive creatures invades Earth. As her world is taken over, the teenager sees a chance to save humankind by doing the unthinkable. “A riveting science fiction series starter!” ~Amazon Review

    From a Hoffer Award–winning author: When she learns a deadly secret, Jenna takes her son and flees—straight into the arms of her handsome neighbor, CIA agent Zach. This suspenseful romance “captivates from page one and never lets up.” ~The Compulsive Reader

    When four children disappear during a vacation cruise, their families are plunged into a crisis that pushes them to the breaking point. 4.8 stars, 35 reviews on Goodreads. “A wild, propulsive plot with tight prose and a constant current of suspense.” ~J. Thomas, author of Crime Novel