Why Promote with LitNuts?

Our readers want indie books. We built our following from scratch to ensure that we have subscribers who are genuinely interested in and supportive of indie publishing. They also shared their preferred genres, so we’re able to deliver custom content aligned to their interests.

Straightforward pricing. It costs $20 for a Featured Book promotion with LitNuts. Simple. No tiered pricing based on book genre or convoluted packages to analyze. 

Flexible options. LitNuts also gives you flexibility:

  • To promote short story, essay, and poetry collections that other newsletters often exclude.
  • To link to your author or publisher website so readers can purchase directly from you. (Some newsletters will link only to Amazon.)
  • To promote your book regardless of format: 60% of the books we feature are available in multiple formats, 20% in print only, 20% in e-book only.
  • To set prices that make sense for you. 

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