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Celebrate Banned Books Week


This week is Banned Books Week, an annual celebration of the freedom to read. Banned Books Week unites the entire book community - from readers to librarians, booksellers to teachers - in shared support of the freedom to read books of all types.

In high school, I wore a denim jacket with multiple buttons on the collar and front pockets. One of my favorites was a pin that said, "I read banned books." It was my way of quietly rebelling. (I was a pretty good kid.)

Then and now, I read banned books, and I believe it made me a better person. Sure, I encountered uncomfortable subject matter, curse words, derogatory terms. But I understood enough to know that there was more to take away from books like To Kill a Mockingbird and 1984 than what landed them on the banned books list.

Celebrate this week with your favorite banned book.

~Kathleen, LitNuts Cofounder

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” ~Haruki Murikami

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Then Again by Ben Berman

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"These mesmerizing vignettes possess an uncanny power" -Devorah Baum. The interrelated short prose pieces in Ben Berman’s Then Again explore a life outside of chronological order, bounce back and forth between foreign adventures and domestic routines. One moment we’re in a Mommy and Me yoga class, the next we’re gutting a goat in rural Zimbabwe. "This collection captivates and uplifts" -Michelle Elvy From $2.99 SHOP NOW

The House of Crimson & Clover Volumes IX-XII by Sarah M. Cradit

Science Fiction and Fantasy

"Her talent for creating atmosphere rivals Daphne du Maurier." -Christopher Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Heavens Rise. Two New Orleans families are blessed by magic—and cursed by it. From bestselling paranormal author Sarah M. Cradit comes The House of Crimson & Clover Volumes IX-XII, the final four novels in the twelve-installment House of Crimson & Clover series. "Cradit's writing is poetic prose." -Becket, Author of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles: An Alphabettery From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Counting Crows by Joe Talon

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Readers of Stephen King will find it engaging; a haunting, occult thriller with a twist. It left me wanting to read more of their exploits." -Number 9. Exmoor is darkening. Lorne Turner feels it aching in his bones. His instincts, honed on the battlefield, scream in warning. Or is it the monster in his head? The ancient spirit line wakes and he must battle unseen forces. The whispering dead are seeking justice. "I HAD to know what was going to happen next. Get a copy of this book!" –Amazon review From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Lava Lab: Space and The Solar System by Netali Griever

Children and Young Adult

For ages 5-7, your child will get to know, explore, and fall in love with space and the solar system with the help of fascinating and age-appropriate scientific explanations, which will encourage exploration, curiosity, and love for science. Includes 75 activity pages. From $6.97 SHOP NOW / 

Rachel's Gift by Lisa Jacoby

Children and Young Adult

Rachel sees a stuffed donkey in the window of an antique toy store. She instantly falls in love with it and plans to save up enough allowance to make it her own. When she discovers that Mr. Smith, the toy shop owner is hurt, she volunteers to help him. Although she wants the donkey, this material item takes a back seat. She learns the importance of unconditional kindness and genuine friendship. Will Rachel get her beloved donkey before it is sold? From $2 SHOP NOW

Liza's Second Chance by Molly Jebber


Liza suffered a bad marriage to her Amish husband and she vows not to wed again. Newcomer, Andrew, plans to change her mind. She agrees to help him with his rebellious daughter, but she wasn't ready for the danger and disapproval his daughter would bring. Will Andrew have a chance with Liza? What will happen to his daughter? From $3.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Food Fight! by Thea Lambert


Chef Charlie is thrilled to be a participant on television’s newest competition, Food Fight! But to her dismay, Charlie's plans are upended when she discovers her high nemesis, Drew, is also a contestant. When Drew realizes Charlie is his obstacle to winning, he knows he has to get her off her game. And what better way to do that than by romancing her? "Food Fight by Thea Lambert is a fun, easy-to-read, romantic comedy and comes very highly recommended." -ChickLitCafé.com FREE - SHOP NOW / 

FREE - Dreck by Alex Grass

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh has become the epicenter of strange events. Strange events that Long War veteran, Frank Attanasio, is unwittingly tangled into. When the man-beast known as Dreck appears in Frank’s mortuary, his already-weird world veers into the downright bizarre. FREE - SHOP NOW

Jitsuroku Ju: The Life of Miyamoto Musashi by Justin Hagen

General Nonfiction

Told in the context of a life long feud between Musashi and his arch rival, Sasaki Kojiro Ganryu, this epic life story centered around revenge is a version of Miyamoto Musashi's life story you do not want to miss. A dramatized epic and republishing of Walter Dening's Life of Miyamoto Musashi with new commentary and updated historical context. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

One Night to Forever Box Set by Melissa McClone


"Fun, intriguing, emotional, and romantic. You won't want to put this one down."-Amazon review. Experience love when it’s least expected with four full-length, heartwarming romances. With fake engagements, a surprise pregnancy, friendship to love, and hate to love storylines, find out how one night can lead to forever… "Fun, Romantic Romps", "will keep you reading well into the night. -Amazon reviews From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday with free Toronto Book Festival this weekend


September 24 is the birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald, an advertising copywriter who went on to write the Great American Novel and to influence generations of writers.

No doubt some of those writers are represented at this week's "The Word on the Street" Toronto Book & Magazine Festival. You can be there (virtually) to hear the finalists for the 2021 Trillium Book Award, Ontario's leading award for literature. Deborah Dundas, Books Editor for the Toronto Star, will moderate a discussion among authors Craig Davidson, Farzana Doctor and A.F. Moritz on Saturday, September 25 at 11:30 a.m. ET. 

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Crack-Up"

The Penang Collection by Clare Flynn

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

"From the irresistible premise of the first book, I was hooked on this series which brings wartime colonial Malaysia to life in such rich detail that you feel you are there, discovering its food, lush landscapes and unbearable humidity." 5 stars. Three powerful novels from a prize-winning storyteller. Spanning 10 years, from 1939 in The Pearl of Penang, to the Japanese invasion and the heroism of women in Prisoner from Penang, to post-war Malaya and the communist emergency in A Painter in Penang. From $1.99 SHOP NOW

dibs by Allison Martine


"A charming and steamy romance; dibs offers an addictive relationship that you will quickly come to love. Dibs is a romance novel that will make you smile and swoon, possibly at the same time." ~Reedsy. " This is a slow-burn that had me turning page after page." ~Bird of Blue Book Reviews. "Unlike anything I've read before," ~N.N. Light. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Blood and Loyalty by Luna Fox

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A fast-paced, action-packed young adult epic fantasy adventure with swords, magic and dragons, unexpected twists and turns, and endearing characters. "I highly recommend this fascinating and enthralling beginning to an intriguing series." Amazon Reviewer. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Marriage Contract by Shay Davis


Alexa Livingston, an introvert, decides to step out of her norm and go to Vegas for her birthday. What she wasn't expecting was to meet MLB player and bad boy Soul Matthias, and be swept up in a whirlwind romance that began with a simple contract. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Hanging on the Roller Coaster by Kristina Gallo

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

While riding a roller coaster at the amusement park Gardaland, an accident happened to Adela. She fell from her seat and ended up in a coma with brain injuries. Soon, doctors discovered she was under the influence of drugs. Her fiancé, Dominik, is seeking answers. His track will lead him into the world of Mafia and debt collectors. Some people don’t want Adela to wake up because she knows secrets that will ruin their lives. From $1.24 SHOP NOW

Pearl's Promise by Edwina Kiernan


A duty-bound heir. A dejected spinster. An encounter that could ruin both their families' demands for their futures... This is the second book in the Gems of Grace series, a Clean Regency romance from the award-winning author of Ruby's Redemption, the first book in the series which won a Readers' Favorite award. 4.5 Starts on Amazon, 4.2 stars on Goodreads. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel is a short story done in Weichsel’s signature style of biting political satire with over-the-top absurdity.” –Benjamin Espen, Amazon review. The girl he loves is money, but money isn’t free. “This was so fun to read. J keeps setting them up and knocking them out of the park. Such a clever and smart idea for a story. Highly recommend this one.” Todd Love, FREE SHOP NOW

The Awakening Synarchy Book 1 by Crystal Storm

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fans of The Godfather and Stargate will enjoy this mobsters-versus-aliens sci-fi conspiracy thriller, filled with secret societies and the metaphysical wonders that underpin our reality. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Wishing you a Happy Hobbitt Day (with new fantasy novels and more!)


Happy Hobbitt Day! September 22 is the birthday of hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. 

We regularly featured fantasy novels, including several in today's newsletter. If you don't get sci-fi/fantasy in your newsletter, you can see all of today's featured books on the LitNuts website.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien,  The Fellowship of the Ring

How Icasia Bloom Touched Happiness by Jessica Bell

Science Fiction and Fantasy

"Without doubt, one of the best sci-fi novels I've read this year." ~Reader's Favorite. This is the tale of Icasia Bloom: how she is caught up in a story not initially her own, and how it changes her world. In a Globe controlled by a trusted yet elusive leader who has granted immortality to those who live by The Book, misfit Icasia Bloom is doomed to die young for the crime of her child's unhappiness. “A metaphor for our times, lives and society.” ~Peter Snell. From $3.99 SHOP NOW

The Wilderness Between Us by Penny Haw

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

This award-winning finalist in the 2021 American Fiction Awards delivers “a powerful and compelling story of survival and self-discovery” about a hike that goes wrong for a group of friends in the remote Tsitsikamma Mountains of South Africa. “A ground-breaking novel that juxtaposes physical and psychological suspense in a riveting story.” Goodreads: 4.65 Stars, 34 Reviews. From $7.49 SHOP NOW

3 IN 1: The Magic of Manifesting Collection by Ryuu Shinohara

General Nonfiction

Want to become the next Law of Attraction success story? Ryuu Shinohara’s best-selling Law of Attraction series is now being bundled (save more than 70%!). With 45 techniques to catapult you towards your dream reality, The Magic of Manifesting Collection leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making the Law of Attraction practical and effective. Are you ready to become the limitless creator you were meant to be? Read this book now and apply its principles. From $2.99 SHOP NOW