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Spotlight on three series starters from author Kris Bock

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror Romance Spotlight

LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Kris Bock, author of more than 30 mystery, suspense, and romance novels. Today, we are featuring the first books of three different series: 

  • Something Shady at Sunshine Haven, Book 1 of The Accidental Detective series
  • Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café, Book 1 of the Furrever Friends series
  • The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas, Book 1 in The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series

Read on to learn more about these enjoyable books and the author.

Something Shady at Sunshine Haven

Book 1 in The Accidental Detective series
Genre: Cozy Mystery
4.2 stars, 57 ratings on Goodreads
From $4.99

She’s pursued the most dangerous news stories around the world. But can she survive going home?

Injured in a bombing, war correspondent Kate Tessler returns to her hometown in Arizona to recover. For the first time in her life, she's starting to feel her age of nearly fifty despite living like a teenager again: staying in her childhood bedroom with only a cat for company, trying to understand why her sister resents her so much, and running into people who still refer to her as Kitty. The hardest part? Seeing her once-sharp and witty mother stuck in an Alzheimer's unit.

When an old friend asks her to investigate suspicious deaths at the nursing home, Kate limps into action. Is a self-appointed "Angel of Mercy" killing patients to end their suffering? Are family members hastening their inheritance? Is an employee extorting money and removing the witnesses? Kate uses her journalism skills to track clues, but the puzzle pieces simply won’t fit. But if Kate can't uncover the truth quickly, her mother could be next on the killer's list.

Praise for Something Shady at Sunshine Haven
"Suspense, mystery and a little romance along with a lotta laughs.” ~BookBub Review

Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café

Book 1 in the Furrever Friends series
Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy
4.4 stars, 390 ratings on Amazon
From $0.99

What do you do when you meet the guy of your dreams? Set him up with your sister, of course.

Kari doesn't have time for love when she's opening her new cat café. Renovating an old restaurant, hiring employees, fighting with the health inspector—oh, and welcoming 16 shelter cats—keeps her plenty busy. She's doing this for the cats, the community, and most of all her family. The café will give her sister, Marley, a job worthy of her baking skills. Then a tattooed military vet wanders in claiming to be a master baker himself. The café doesn't need another baker, but maybe Marley needs a man. Surely she'll fall for a guy this sweet, this sexy, this tasty.

Colin has other ideas. It's Kari who makes him want to pour on the sugar and turn up the heat. But he's spent the last two years recovering from physical and psychological wounds. Is he really ready for a relationship? He's not even sure he should commit to Samson, the fluffy marshmallow of a cat who steals his heart.

The Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the workers and customers at a small-town cat café, and the adorable cats and kittens looking for their forever homes. If you enjoy the friends to lovers trope, work romances, military heroes, and strong heroines completely failing at playing the matchmaker, check out Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café. You'll also find rescue cats with plenty of personality and their own desire for love.

Praise for Coffee and Crushes at the Cat Café
"A sweet romance, with cats, kittens, yummy pastries (and recipes for some of them), and a hunky hero." ~Reader Review

The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas

Book 1 in The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series
Genre: Western/Frontier Romance, Contemporary Romance
4.5 stars, 27 ratings on Goodreads
From $3.99

He has everything this Christmas, but all he wants is the quiet ranch life he’s losing…

When Josh Tomlinson’s Texas ranching family wins a fortune in the lottery, the formerly tight-knit family is suddenly on edge. Seeking advice, Josh reluctantly contacts family friend and now attorney, Carly Garza. His business is serious, yet he can’t believe Carly’s morphed from a long-legged colt of a girl to a sophisticated woman. Besides, he knows the intelligent Carly has no interest in a quiet, rugged cowboy like him.

Carly’s crushed on Josh for years, and she plans to ask him out now that she’s back in Last Stand. She’s hoping he’ll finally see her as someone other than his younger brother’s middle school girlfriend. But when Josh needs advice on how to handle his family’s lottery win, his client and billionaire statuses put him firmly out of reach. If only her heart could ignore the sparks that flare between them.

They’re already keeping the family’s lottery win a secret from the town. Can they also hide their budding romance during the most magical time of year?

Praise for The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas
"Sweet and earnest and just right for Christmas." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author

Kris Bock writes mystery, suspense, and romance. In the Accidental Detective series, a witty journalist solves mysteries in Arizona and tackles the challenges of turning fifty. Kris’s Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. In the Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series, a Texas ranching family wins a fortune in the lottery, which causes as many problems as it solves. Kris also writes a series with her brother, scriptwriter Douglas J Eboch, who wrote the original screenplay for the movie Sweet Home Alabama. The Teenage Adventures of Felony Melanie is a comedy series that follows the crazy antics of Melanie, Jake, and their friends a decade before the events of the movie.

Learn more at Also, be sure to sign up for Kris's newsletter (you'll get free short stories set in The Accidental Detective and Furrever Friends worlds) and follow Kris online:

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The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Book of the Day

The past may not be done with us. Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Eva Braun. Fifty years after World War II, she discovers that her mother and Hitler’s mistress were friends. Plunged into the treacherous world of Nazi Germany, Anna uncovers a long-buried tangle of family secrets and finds her every belief about right and wrong shattered. "Historical fiction that reads like a memoir." -Philadelphia Inquirer. 4.2 stars, 1459 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Blackout Trail by Linda Naughton

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller. When an EMP brings down the power grid, Dr. Anna Hastings must learn what it means to be a doctor in a world deprived of almost all technology. She joins devoted father Mark Ryan and his young daughter on a perilous journey across a thousand miles of backcountry trails. A story of survival, found family, and how far we'll go for our loved ones. 4.6 stars, 1230 ratings. From $3.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

A Perspective on Life by Jerry Goldberg

General Nonfiction

Science today is perceived by many as incomprehensible due in large part to specialized terminology or baffling math. But the public must be able to grasp the basics of science in order to participate and engage in informed decisions that are today facing the world. Written by a physicist, this book is an informal and readable description of different fields of science and of the deliberations of the great scientists in those fields as they developed their theories. Also incorporated are many images and sketches. From $6.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW / 

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When Cardinals Appear by Katie Eagan Schenck


"When Cardinals Appear is a captivating, absorbing, and addictive novel that explores some weighty issues through a heartwarming and sweetly satisfying story." -The Book Review Directory. Lanie has a promise to keep, but when her plans are thrown into a tailspin, will a persistent red bird show her how to let her dreams take flight? "The novel resembles a feel-good Hallmark movie...however, Schenck sets her plot apart through the details, drawing readers in with heart-wrenching scenes that serve as emotional appeals." -Ebookfairs review. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Chaos: Collision of Realms by Monica Red

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A missing treasure. Mind-bending clues. Can he expose conspiracies and corruption without triggering deadly consequences? Tom can’t believe his luck. At his best friend’s wedding, he seizes the chance to approach his secret crush: the groom’s younger sister. But all his protective instincts fire up when she’s targeted by robbers and loses a powerful ancient relic. If you like heroes with a dark side, hints of romance, and ominously ticking clocks, then you’ll adore Monica Red’s mechanized adventure. 4.6 stars, 46 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Faking the Game by Claudia Burgoa


From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa comes this page-turning, fake-relationship, office romance. What happens when the guy afraid of love finds himself in it? Do you know what they say about never mixing business with pleasure? Yeah, no. The one about never sleeping with your boss? I ignored it, too. I blame Aslan Spearman, the boss. Book 1 in the Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers series. 4.4 stars, 273 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Options Trading by W.H. Post

General Nonfiction

If you’re struggling to build a reliable stream of extra income on the side, then investing in options could be your ticket to earning steady and consistent returns with proven strategies. In this book, you'll learn how options are actually less risky and more profitable than trading stocks, eight dos and don’ts of options trading, why more volatility can actually be more beneficial when trading options, and four beginner-friendly trading strategies anyone can use. 4.5 stars, 71 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Management & Leadership by Richard J. Thorne

General Nonfiction

A Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society Richard J. Thorne has 35+ years of management experience, gained in small, medium, and large organizations, both within the UK and internationally. His latest book is a captivating exploration of effective leadership strategies and management techniques. Drawing from extensive research and years of practical experience, Richard provides invaluable insights that empower readers to excel in their professional roles and help their teams to be the best that they can be. From $9.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Choose Faith by J. S. Wellman

General Nonfiction

Your Spiritual Guidebook For Questions About Religion, God, Heaven, Truth, Evil, and the Afterlife. This book is for those who have spiritual questions and a desire to know the truth about critical spiritual issues. You should read this book if you want to know about the existence of God, want to know why you should care about faith, are curious about religion, have an interest in spiritual solutions, want to confirm what you believe, or think your life is a mess. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

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“Even when things are hard and exhausting and uncertain, they can still be good.” ~Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

The Magic of Gluten-Free Cooking by Julia Matto

Book of the Day

Discover how a healthy, gluten-free diet can transform your health with these easy, scrumptious, home-cooked recipes. Inside, you will discover 20 easy-to-prepare recipes to enjoy an enhanced and energetic lifestyle; detailed ingredient lists and clear instructions with added suggestions and dairy-free options; and how each home-cooked meal is a doorway to better digestive health, mood, and focus. 4.5 stars, 39 ratings. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

The Notebooks of Honora Gorman by Linda Mahkovec

Literary Fiction and Poetry

Not a love story—and yet a story of love. A whimsical chronicling of the artist's life, the pursuit of beauty, and the love of story. While struggling on the writer’s path in New York City, Honora Gorman discovers that the solidity of her dreams is her strongest ally. "A reflective, dream-like narrative that lures you in." -Amazon Vine Voice Review. 4.4 stars, 38 ratings on Goodreads. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Killer Cruise by A.R. Winters

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Cruises, killers, and laughter! On her very first cruise, Adrienne is dealt with a few shocksfrom an over-the-top cruise director to VIP passengers who think too highly of themselves. Even worse, her best friend is accused of murder! Can Adrienne solve the mystery before it's too late? Book 1 of the Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery series. 4.3 stars, 2500+ ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Innocent in Las Vegas (Book One) by A.R. Winters

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Prepare To Be Hooked: A Cupcakes-And-Crime Caper! A poker-hustling grandma, a mysterious bodyguard, and intimidating casino henchmen: can Tiffany Black navigate the dangerous web of secrets to uncover the truth behind casino mogul Ethan Becker's death? 4.0 stars, 19.5K+ ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Innocent in Las Vegas Box Set by A.R. Winters

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Tiffany Black Mysteries Books 1-4. Welcome to Las Vegas—and a series of cupcakes-and-crime mysteries! Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany tries to solve four murders (and a daring art heist) in this box set of four bestselling books. Her match-making mother and poker-playing Nanna insist on "helping" her out, as does her new friend and neighbor, Ian Ewanson. 4.6 stars, 271 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Tales of Splendania: A Heart of Ice by T.O. Griffiths

Children and Young Adult

In an enchanting, captivating, and deeply emotional tale, A Heart of Ice follows the young royal Theosians on their breathtaking journeys of revenge, audacious aspirations, and desire. Perfect for fans of How To Train Your Dragon, Skandar and the Unicorn Thief, and Dragon Mountain, this magical fantasy adventure of whimsy and woe will leave readers of all ages utterly spellbound. Comes equipped with a World Map, Weapon Illustrations, and colorful Location Art throughout, adding to the enthralling tale. From $2.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

False Neutral by Joshua S. Narins

Literary Fiction and Poetry

One chose to live a lie. One chose to live alone. One chance to finally make sense of it all. Set primarily in Boston's Back Bay and the North End, False Neutral is a taut, focused New England narrative that transports readers directly to the intersection of the current path traveled and the road not taken. Told in the author's trademark compact time signature, this is a unique story with inimitable characters, perfect for fiction fans seeking a story that will not only speak but resonate. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

A Woman's Worth: Thought-provoking short prose from Jamell Crouthers


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on A Woman's Worth, a series of thought-provoking short fiction from author Jamell Crouthers. 

A Woman's Worth 1

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

★★★★★ "A very real and emotional look at the exciting and sometimes arduous journey of motherhood." ~Barnes & Noble Reviewer
Brenda is a young, pregnant woman who is in her most exciting time of her life. Brenda and her husband are having a baby girl, and the journey through pregnancy is shared from finding out to having birth. Brenda pens her ups, downs, and struggles of pregnancy, all while preparing for motherhood mentally, physically, and emotionally. It isn't until after she has her daughter that she experiences what so many women in this world go through….postpartum depression. While this can happen before and during pregnancy, it's a topic that isn't discussed enough in today's world, and Brenda shares her experience in a way that can help others learn and prepare for these life events. 

A Woman's Worth 2

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

Lisa is pregnant and having her first child. While this should be the most exciting time of her life, it unfortunately isn't. She shares the journey not just of her pregnancy, but also of her efforts to get maternity leave, have time with her newborn child, manage her finances, and start her journey as a mother. And ultimately, she will have to make a big decision when it comes time to return back to the work world.

Maternity leave is imperative to a woman, but the United States is one of the worst nations in the world in regards to this. This story delves deep into maternity leave and related issues, how this issue is handled in other countries, and how change needs to occur within the government and corporations in the United States. 

A Woman's Worth 3

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

Role models are a huge component to how young children grow and progress in life. Kayla is a young teenager who is dealing with social media, school, fashion, boys, trends, culture, puberty, and the pressures to be something she really isn't. She shares her story as a teenager, the struggles she goes through, and trying to find the right role models to shape her future. As she tries to understand and figure herself out, there are role models that she can't relate to on her television screen and magazine covers. 

It isn't until she forms a women's group through her guidance counselor in her school that she starts to see role models in different facets. She becomes inspired, happy, and motivated to know that there are women with many different careers, and she figures out what she wants to do with her life through meeting these powerful women in today's society. 

A Woman's Worth 4

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

Patricia is someone who is on the path to becoming a better woman and not caving into the pressures of what the world wants her to be. She chronicles her story from childhood to the present day, including her struggles, home life, descent into alcoholism, and her recovery. It's not an easy journey, and she shares her mental, emotional, and spiritual journey.

Everyone has a story, it's just a matter of whether we're empathetic enough to listen...

A Woman's Worth 5

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

Sylvia is a licensed therapist who helps women recover from tragic events in their lives, including helping women recover from domestic violence. With their permission, she shares the stories of some of the clients she's helped. 

The stories aren't easy to tell, hear, or listen to, but she knows that she's making the world a better place. Sylvia also shares aspects of her life that inspired her to become a therapist, as well as what can be done to reduce domestic violence and prevent it from happening to others. 

A Woman's Worth 6

Genre: Literary Fiction
From $1.99

Nancy is at a crossroads of her life, and she has some important decisions to make. As a woman, she feels pressure to have children and raise a family. When she makes the decision not to have kids and become a mother, there's uproar from those closest to her. She goes to great lengths to live her life to the best of her ability and to avoid the judgments and backlash from her family, knowing that she has to do what's best for her. This is the story of a woman who takes a different road, and a reminder that sometimes personal fulfillment comes before making others and the world happy…

About the Author

Jamell Crouthers is a poet, prose author, podcaster, and blogger. He has been writing since the age of 13, and his plans are to continue writing books on subjects that aren't discussed often enough in today's world and bring those subjects to the forefront. 

Jamell spends his spare time listening to music, traveling, playing basketball, working out, reading, working on various projects, and observing the world. You never know what will inspire Jamell's next podcast, blog, video or book.

Learn more at Jamell's website and be sure to follow him on social media: 

Free online: The Collectors - stories for young adults


Free online: The Collectors is an anthology of stories for young adults about remarkable people and their strange and surprising collections. This free online event will feature four contributors who tell stories in which anything can be collected and any collection can tell a story. Tuesday, September 26, 5:30 - 7:00 CDT.

“Anyone who has a book collection and a garden wants for nothing.” ~Cicero

Wise Up On Stress! by Reginald Aguiar

Book of the Day

Self-Discovery Guide for Mental Health. Digest of 59 Presentations on Stress: Awareness, Avoidance, Foresight, Prevention, and Reduction. A cognitive and pragmatic resource book that includes easy methods to reduce stress and addresses many topics, including money, labels, step families, divorce, judgment, work, time management, assertiveness, and more. One sentence may enhance your well-being. From $9.99 SHOP NOW

Five Days Lost by Luana Ehrlich

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A Mylas Grey Mystery. Mylas agrees to investigate a bizarre incident from a prominent senator’s past, but as he tries to untangle the clues from a dead woman’s diary, he’s faced with an unexpected threat. Is it related to his investigation or is it something far more dangerous? "An enthralling mystery." -Mystery/Suspense Author D.L. Wood. 4.7 stars, 235 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW

Defending Our Home by Colton Lively

Science Fiction and Fantasy

A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset. In a world ravaged by an unprecedented EMP onslaught, only the fiercest courage, unbreakable family bonds, and noble sacrifices can ignite a blazing trail of hope. 4.o stars, 27 ratings. From $0.99. Free via KU. SHOP NOW