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New Release: The Deepest Black by Randall Silvis

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror Spotlight

The Deepest Black
Literary Crime Thriller
New Release: August 16, 2022

From $7.99

Where does the line blur between fact and fiction?

Acclaimed author Randall Silvis is looking for a story—any story to follow up the series of gripping mystery novels that catapulted him to success. And then, out of nowhere, a story appears. A mysterious stranger named Thomas Kennaday tips Silvis off about a series of murders in a small Pennsylvania town, sending Silvis off on a tentative investigation in hopes of finding material for his next novel.

What Silvis discovers is much more than a typical small-town murder case, and it soon becomes clear that Kennaday, who seems to have disappeared into thin air, is somehow pulling the strings of the investigation from behind the scenes. Based on true events, The Deepest Black is a profoundly thoughtful, unsettling read, and a crime novel unlike any you've ever read before.


Praise for The Deepest Black

“Randall Silvis’s nonfiction novel The Deepest Black ventures into the darkest corners of the human psyche…a story rife with twists and turns, secret societies and those who are sworn to keep the secrets…a harrowing journey, a brilliant book, a must-read.”  ~Susan Wingate, host of Dialogue: Authors on the Air Radio

“A very highly recommended metafiction true crime memoir…. This odd genre-bending novel follows the plot of a true crime novel and a mystery but also veers off into the supernatural—inexplicable events, spirituality, UFOs, oppression, mind control, men in black, and more. It was not only totally engrossing, but un-put-downable.” ~She Treads Softly, five stars


About Randall Silvis
Randall Silvis is the multi-genre author of numerous critically acclaimed novels and a past winner of the prestigious Drue Heinz Literature Prize. His work has been published in more than a hundred editions in several languages.

Perhaps best known for the literary thrillers of the Ryan DeMarco Mystery Series, he has also written magical realism, creative nonfiction, short story collections, and other mystery and crime novels. In addition, he is a playwright, screenwriter, and songwriter.

How do you keep up with a guy like that? For starters, subscribe to the Randall Silvis YouTube Channel where you can currently find five book trailers about The Deepest Black, plus music videos, spoken word poetry and prose, and more. If you happen to be in western Pennsylvania, you can catch Randall at the Butler Little Theatre, Butler, PA, at 7 pm, August 27, in an event that is free and open to the public. You can also find Randall on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Here are links to other recent releases from Randall, plus all of the books of the Ryan DeMarco Series. 


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“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” ~Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

FREE - The Heartbreaker (Amish Country Brides) by Jennifer Spredemann


"Fantastic. What a captivating book. From the very first chapter, my eyes stayed glued to this book. It’s definitely a must!" -reader review. To Miriam Yoder, Michael Eicher is everything she doesn’t want. Prideful, cocky, arrogant. A defector of the Amish life. It's best to avoid him at all costs. But when Michael is forced to return home, his eyes are opened to the community - and the God - he’s neglected. Will he be able to convince Miri to give him a second chance? A faith-filled story to touch the heart. Christian romance. "Great story. Loved every page of this book!" -reader review. 4.6 stars, 372 ratings. FREE - SHOP NOW

Father of Lies by Sarah England

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Based on the author's years of experience in psychiatry, a serious interest in the occult, hours of research, and a meeting with a survivor of ritual satanic abuse, Father of Lies is described by readers as: "Best read of my life!" "Absolutely heart pounding, thrilling terror." "Delivers the spooky in spades." Ruby is the most violently disturbed patient ever admitted to Drummersgate Asylum. With no improvement after two years, Dr. Jack McGowan finally decides to take a risk and hypnotizes her - with terrifying consequences. A horrific dark force is unleashed on the entire medical team, as each in turn attempts to unlock Ruby's shocking and sinister past. 4.2 stars, 648 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Who The Monsters Are by Nadine Little

Science Fiction and Fantasy

It's easier to chop a dragon to pieces in its human form. But catching them is a pain. Raine Waller is an orphan who hunts dragon shapeshifters for the Vanatori. She doesn't expect to reach her thirties. Then she meets Jay. He could be the key to finding the monsters that murdered her parents. But she can’t trust anyone associated with the Drakul, especially the Romanovs. Is having his sister held hostage enough to explain his knowledge of their society and an unconventional childhood? Or is Jay leading her into a trap? From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Shadows of the Past by Nellie H. Steele

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

When Josie Benson begins to suffer from nightmares, she doesn’t know where to turn to make the madness stop. A handsome stranger swears he has the answers, but is he leading her further into her nightmares or to a solution? And will it be a solution Josie can live with? Find out what secrets lurk in the shadows of Josie’s past. Book 1 of the Shadow Slayers Stories. "A riveting suspense novel led by a strong female protagonist." -Indies Today. 4.1 stars, 105 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Felicity’s Fortune by Kara O’Neal


To protect her daughters from her thieving and murderous former husband, Felicity Capwell hires Butch Wilder – gambler, gunslinger, and a giant who hides his gentle side. Now, as she and Butch hunt Hell’s Half Acre for the stolen loot, she realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart to the gunslinger who’ll do anything to keep her safe. Book 2 in the Gamblers & Gunslingers historical western romance series. "A story to touch your heart." -Caroline C., Amazon review. $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery Series (13-Book Box Set) by Amber Crewes

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Get 13 clean and fun cozy mysteries for 99 cents! In this small town, yummy treats can attract a crowd, and…MURDER! Discover how Meghan mixes managing her bakery, a budding romance with the town’s handsome detective, and solving 13 murder mysteries in Sandy Bay, a small town with quirky characters and quirkier happenings. "Great series. Getting to know the characters made you feel like best friends." -Betty V., Amazon review. 4.6 stars, 37 ratings. $0.99 SHOP NOW

August LitNuts Deals

LitNuts Deals

Welcome to the August issue of LitNuts Deals...twelve highly rated indie books priced $1 or less PLUS the LitNuts Deals Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite with three months of Kindle Unlimited OR a $150 Amazon gift card! 

Body in the Books by Heather Huffman
4.5 stars, 1875 ratings

Sometimes, owning a bookstore can be murder. When Nora Jones inherits a dusty old bookshop from her estranged uncle, she moves to St. Augustine to tie up loose ends and maybe learn a bit about the man she never knew. Only what first appeared to be a heart attack turns out to be murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects. The detective assigned to the case might be handsome and charming, but Nora’s convinced he’s chasing down the wrong lead. With her newly-inherited Greyhound named Margo and a quirky band of friends in tow, Nora decides to track down the killer herself. She finds herself in a race to solve the murder before she becomes the next body in the books.
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Peyton Brooks' Mysteries Box Set: Murder in San Francisco by ML Hamilton
4.7 stars, 2144 ratings

The Peyton Brooks’ Mystery series follows the career of San Francisco Homicide Detective Peyton Brooks and her partner Marco D’Angelo as they fight crime in the City by the Bay. Get all eight of the popular Peyton Brooks’ Mysteries in a single box set, including the prequel. That's more than 1,000 pages of action and adventure from San Francisco’s top detective. "M.L. Hamilton does a masterful job of developing the main protagonists in this series and the repartee between characters is refreshingly delightful." ~Amazon review
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Larry's Post-Rapture Pet-Sitting Service by Ellen King Rice
4.6 stars, 129 ratings

A rollicking tale of imperfect people surviving in uncertain times. Larry is a lazy guy with impulse control issues, highly flexible morals, and a dodgy past. He's stuck with his mother, who is in dire need of beer and pretzels; a history-mad teenager in search of a job; and cats. Lots of cats. Those in power are not looking after Larry. And now the Rapture is here. “A large and colorful cast of characters fills the novel, and their experiences and coping mechanisms in the rapture-altered world give the story a welcome variety of perspectives.” ~Kirkus Reviews
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Promise Me Forever by Layla Hagen
4.2 stars, 4159 ratings

As a divorced single father, I live by three rules: 1) Make sure every day my daughter, Paisley, knows she's number one in my life. No. Matter. What. 2) Keep contact with my cheating ex-wife to a minimum. 3) Turn Maxwell Wineries into a legacy that keeps Paisley set for life. When I hire Lexi to look after my daughter, I realize I need another rule: Don't pursue Paisley's nanny. But even if I had that rule it wouldn't matter. Because I'm breaking it already. "If you are looking for a single dad / nanny swoony, steamy romance, then look no further!" ~@JodiReadsWrites
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Last Star Standing by Spaulding Taylor
Science Fiction
4.3 stars, 31 ratings

"A thoroughly entertaining adventure with imaginative action and an appealing hero." ~Kirkus starred review. It's 2094. Aiden, a rebel, is imprisoned by the world’s galactic overlords and awaits execution. Then a mole working for the occupying regime alerts him to a plot that could destroy the entire resistance... Recognized by the Independent Press Awards, International Book Awards, Eric Hoffer Award, Chanticleer's Cygnus Award, and the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. "Refreshingly unpredictable" ~Independent Review of Books. 
$0.99 SHOP NOW

The Truth Keeps Silent by A.V. Asher
4.4 stars, 135 ratings

Mercedes is running for her life and must turn to a man from her past to keep her safe. But being near Alec ignites a flame she thought had burned out long ago. Will they discover the truth, or will let the past ruin them forever? This twisty romantic suspense novel kicks off the first in a duet as well as a series. "Steamy, heart-wrenching and beautifully written." ~Goodreads reviewer. The second in the duet, The Lies That Shatter, is available now on all retailers. Note: This book comes with content warnings about domestic violence, coerced submission, gaslighting, sexual assault, and violence. 
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Keyport Cthulhu by Armand Rosamilia
4 stars, 55 ratings

"Keyport Cthulhu is an homage, not only to H.P. Lovecraft, but to the small fishing village of Keyport, New Jersey. I appreciate the painstaking work Armand Rosamilia crafted into this piece of art." ~Chuck Buda, author of The Debt Collector Series. Set in the New Jersey fishing village of Keyport, where the Esoteric Order of Dagon has been planning for the awakening of the Deep One all these years…who can survive when Cthulhu rises? Includes several bonus short stories. 
$0.99 SHOP NOW

Armies of the Silver Mage by Christian Warren Freed
Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
3.8 stars, 74 ratings

Evil stirs as an ancient enemy returns to claim the world. Filled with battles of men, elves, dwarves, and goblins on an epic scale, Armies of the Silver Mage is an epic fantasy quest in the tradition of The Lord of the Rings and The Sword of Shannara. The first of nine books set in the mythical world of Malweir, it is a story of hope, desperate plots, and what it truly means to grow up in a world gone mad.  
$0.99 SHOP NOW

The Flight of the Ravenhawk by J. Edward Hackett
4.8 stars on Goodreads

A second-born prince. A banished elven princess. And a power-hungry Necromancer. Kalero Tremayne is second-born Prince of the Allurian Empire, a talented wizard and scholar. After distributing his writings on forbidden magick through Alluria, Kal is brought before the tribunal to face his brother and his crimes of treason against the crown. He is ordered to recant his beliefs, but Kal refuses. The punishment: Death. Kal flees his brother's wrath and finds himself embroiled in the beginnings of a dark, brutal war for freedom. Note: Book II in the Ravenhawk Chronicles, The Rise of the Azure Spire, is coming this Fall! 

Her Romeo by Quinn Marlowe
4.2 stars, 51 ratings

"Addictive, entertaining, steamy." ~Goodreads review. A girl who thought she knew what she was doing. A hero that might be in over his head. And a love that could tear their worlds apart. "I was expecting spice. And I got it!" ~@FedyTheReader
$0.99 SHOP NOW

First Course by Jenn Bouchard
Literary Fiction    
4.6 stars, 77 ratings

"The food and the characters are equally scrumptious in First Course; a delicious debut from Jenn Bouchard." ~Emily Belden, author of Hot Mess and Husband Material. Escape to summer in coastal Maine. Life's second acts, family dynamics, and plenty of great food await. Dig into First Course. "I loved this story of reinvention and finding love when you least expect it. With charming characters and a setting that will have you rushing to book a trip to the Maine coast, First Course is the perfect book to tuck into your beach bag this summer." ~Kristin Contino, author of A House Full of Windsor. Winner of awards and recognition from the Eric Hoffer Awards, Book Excellence Award, NYC Big Book Awards, Paris Book Festival, American Fiction Awards, and the San Francisco Book Festival.
Free (via Kindle Unlimited) SHOP NOW

Raine of Fire by Susan Stradiotto

“Stradiotto melds Fae culture with a quirky detective story in a fantastic way.” ~MissBecka Gee, Goodreads review. Sparks fly when an exiled Fae prince and a straight-laced detective team up to solve a murder. The case is open and shut, a paperwork and media hassle. But when a random street performer keeps popping up to “help,” Kennedi Craine starts to wonder if maybe he’s on to something. "The TV show ‘Lucifer’ with Fae." ~Sophia, Reader review.   
$0.99 SHOP NOW

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"The seat of the Celtic Muse is in the mist of the secret and solitary hill, and her voice in the murmur of the mountain stream." ~Walter Scott

The Survival Medical Handbook & Long Term Disaster Preparedness Guide

General Nonfiction

Are you ready for the impending Doomsday? Fully prepare yourself in less than four weeks using new, tested methods that’ll leave your neighbors in the dust! Get The Survival Medical Handbook & Long Term Disaster Preparedness Guide from Small Footprint Press. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Rhino Dreams by Carolyn Waggoner and Kathryn Williams


"Rhino Dreams is a love story compelling enough to constitute its very own literary safari to Namibia!" -John Lescroart, New York Times best-selling author. Set against the formidable backdrop of the Namib Desert, Rhino Dreams interweaves humor and romance as fierce passions drive the characters over their divided sense of duty and desire. "Hungry lions, charging rhinos, venomous snakes, and sexy scientists--there's danger for a heroine around every turn." -Adam Russ, author of Blood Hound in Blue. 4.9 stars, 35 ratings. From $9.49 SHOP NOW

Lady Liege by Toni Cabell

Science Fiction and Fantasy

“This book had me hooked…Wonderful work!” –Jessica Barbosa, Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars. Every prophecy predicts this is the final showdown between Linden and the most powerful necromancer in three kingdoms. Linden is determined to dispatch Mordahn for good, even if it means pursuing him into the realms of the dead. This is her last chance to save her nation—but before it’s over, will Linden be forced to choose between her duty and her heart? “A powerful coming-of-age tale.” –K.C. Finn. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

SEAL of Fate by Dixie Lee Brown


Jordan starts to live again after tragedy flips her world upside down. But the dating game is more deadly than she remembers. A carefree drive in the mountains becomes a nightmare when a disagreement results in Jordan getting lost. Former SEAL Travis goes undercover to take down a terrorist group. Easy…until the extremists stumble upon a woman in the middle of nowhere. Despite their mutual attraction, Jordan doesn’t trust Travis. Can he maintain his cover and still keep them both alive? From $3.99 SHOP NOW

Ginger Snap: Love at First Bite by Dominique T. Nixon

Children and Young Adult

Moving across the country sucks, especially when it’s to a much smaller town. But when Juniper discovers a bakery near to her new home—and the boy working in it—she soon realizes that her days of boredom are over. Hailed on Amazon as a book preteen girls will relate to and enjoy. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

The Evolution Trilogy by Todd Borho

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Three books in one! What could a moral and spiritual evolution away from a coercion-based society and towards a voluntary society look like? The Evolution Trilogy creates a universe where just a few individuals taking the right action to evade and erode the state can have profound effects. Part 1: James Bong - a near-future, sci-fi comedy spoof of the James Bond franchise. Part 2: SeAgora - a thrilling high seas adventure. Part 3: Agora One - a light-speed space opera with mind-bending tech, space pirates, and so much more. The three parts of the trilogy mesh together into a thrilling saga you don't want to miss. From $25 SHOP NOW

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Today's Featured Books include great books from authors who are appearing in LitNuts for the first time! Check out the titles from E.L. Todd, Jessica Hawkins, T.L. Price, Jona Sheffield, and Deborah Dolan Hunt. You can see all of today's featured books and more at LitNuts.

Free online lit event: Chicago Review presents Brian Evenson and Garielle Lutz (part of a series celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Chicago Review). Thursday, August 11, 7:30 p.m. CDT.

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"Be brief, be buoyant, and be brilliant." ~Brander Matthews

Fuse by E. L. Todd

Children and Young Adult

A Young Adult High Fantasy with over 2,000 5-Star reviews! The free dragons of Anastille have all been wiped out since the Empire took over. The ones that survive are forced into a fuse by the Shamans, dark servants of the king. When Cora finds the last free dragon in the wilds, she realizes she’s the last hope for their entire race. “The Best of Dragons!! A fascinating tale of old; of self-reliance, hard work, doing the right thing, and partnerships.” -Goodreads Reviewer. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Enviro-Scapes: Exiled Elementals by T.L. Price

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Returned from exile, Nhari Evans is thrust into enviro-scapes, deadly games where predators quickly become prey in future dystopian Earth. Elementals, demigods, bioengineered humans, shifters, and others will face off. Thayden is Nhari’s team leader, and he has more than games on his mind. But who is playing who? Back in the realm of the exiled, Vigot and the demigods’ rule will be tested by Tiago and the elementals. Love is a luxury, power is a necessity, and destiny rules it all. What will they sacrifice for love? From $2.99 SHOP NOW

Lumera Expedition: Survive by Jona Sheffield

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Complete climate collapse, deadly government conspiracies, and an exodus to a distant planet. Can humanity save itself and ensure its continued existence? Or is it its own greatest enemy? A thrilling, fascinating, and moving science fiction thriller about the desperate struggle for survival and the legacy of mankind by Jona Sheffield, the #1 female indie science fiction writer in Germany. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The White Monarch Trilogy by Jessica Hawkins


Cartel princess Natalia Cruz is caught between two brothers – one she’s loved since childhood, and one who will do anything to claim her for himself. For the first time, download the entire enemies-to-lovers romance in one box set from USA Today bestselling author Jessica Hawkins. Includes three full-length novels: Violent Delights, Violent Ends, and Violent Triumphs. 4.7 stars, 32 ratings. From $0.99 SHOP NOW /

The One-Eyed Pug by Deborah Dolan Hunt

Children and Young Adult

An eBookFairs "Best in Show" selection. Based on a true story. Every time this cute little pug thinks she has found a new home, she has to move or is adopted by a new family. When she is adopted by the Barker family, she may have finally found her forever home, but then another puppy named Chewy comes to live with the family and makes the little pug's life miserable. One day when the two puppies are playing and finally getting along, Chewy accidently scratches the pug's eye. What will happen to the little pug? What will happen to Chewy? You will find out when you read this truly intriguing tale. From $14.99 SHOP NOW

New authors, great deals and more in today's Featured Books!

Today's Featured Books include works from three prolific authors who are being featured in LitNuts for the first time: Summer Prescott, author of the Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries series; Daniel Arenson, author of Starship Freedom; and Victoria Michaels, author of the Small Town Crime Thriller Romance Box Set.

Be sure to also take a look at Coming Home to Myself by Lisa Silvani, perfect for those who want to begin a journey of self-love; The Epic of Glenda Mesh by Christopher Fryer, a modern retelling of the Epic of GilgameshMoonlight Canyon by Yurie Kiri, a tale of murder and magic; and Wish You Were Here by Joyce Isaacson, where a deceased rock star encounters rockers from the past in Heaven. (See all of today's Featured Books at

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Coming Home To Myself by Lisa Silvani

General Nonfiction

Coming Home to Myself: A Self Reflection Journey is a gentle book for anyone who wants to start a journey of self-love. This book is perfect for those who are at the beginning of their own self-love journey and want a simple yet thorough guide to explain what self-love really is and how to start doing it. This book includes quotes and sayings about life, love, forgiveness, and managing our own inner child, but it is more than just quotes. Each chapter will present an easy-to-digest explanation of different aspects of self-love, the steps that need to be taken, and simple self-reflection prompts to help with the process. From $6.99 SHOP NOW