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LitNuts promotes only books from independent presses and authors. Our readers want info about indie books. Show them what you've got! 

Book Promotion is Easy with LitNuts

  • Featured Book ($20) Your book will be featured in the LitNuts newsletter, on our website, and via our social media.
  • Special Editions ($8) Your book will be featured in one of our Special Edition newsletters, published several times each year. 
  • LitNuts Deals ($24) Reach new readers and grow your platform with LitNuts Deals, a special newsletter for highly rated books priced $1 or less. (Includes a giveaway contest to help build your mailing list and social media following!)
  • Quantity Discounts More than one book to promote? Get big savings with quantity discounts on five or more book promotions. 

To schedule a book promotion, you will need an image of your book cover, a brief description of your book (please read this helpful information), and links to places where readers can buy your book.

Featured Book Promotion ($20): Start by Selecting Your Book’s Genre

Please Note: We promise variety to our readers. If we have featured your book in our regular newsletter, please wait six months before asking us to feature it again. Thanks! 

Special Editions: Feature Your Book for Only $8!

In addition to our regular newsletter, we occasionally publish special editions.* Space is limited to a maximum of 24 books. Subscribe to LitNuts as an author or publisher to get our monthly updates, including first dibs on Special Editions. Here's what's coming up:

  • June 26, 2022: General Nonfiction Special Edition. Will open for submissions in May.
  • August 28, 2022: Science Fiction & Fantasy Special Edition. Will open for submissions in July.
  • October 30, 2022: Mystery, Thriller, Crime & Horror Special Edition. Will open for submissions in September. 

* If your book was recently featured in our regular newsletter, you can have it featured again in a special edition without waiting six months! 

Who Can Promote Books with LitNuts

  • Authors and publishers of any book published by an independent, university, small, or micro press. 
  • Authors who have put in the time, money, and hard work to publish a quality book on their own. 

    Pricing Your Book

    Many other book promotion newsletters focus solely on bargain books. Some require that the e-book edition be on sale for $2.99 or less. We are more flexible.

    LitNuts does not require that your book be on sale. We recommend pricing aggressively ($4.99 or less for the e-book edition, for example), but pricing is entirely up to you.  

        Please note: 
        1. On the day of your book promotion, you are responsible for making sure the price of your book matches the price you submitted to LitNuts. If not, we will modify or cancel the promotion.
        2. We do not solicit or accept book promotions from the Big Five publishers or their imprints. However, we are supportive of authors who want to promote their own work, so we accept book promotions from the author of any professionally published book.
        3. We do not promote erotica, pornography, or books that may be considered offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc.
        4. We reserve the right to refuse to promote a book for any reason.