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LitNuts is committed to bringing booklovers the best of independent publishing. We’re glad you’re here – and so are our subscribers.

Book Promotion is Easy with LitNuts

For $20, your book will be featured on our website and in the LitNuts eNewsletter. (It's only $5 for special editions -- scroll down for more info!)  

To schedule a book promotion, you will need just three things:

  1. An image of your book cover in jpg, png or gif format (not a pdf).
  2. A brief description of your book. To get the most out of your description,
    please read: Book Descriptions that "Click."
  3. Links to e-retailers and your website so readers can buy your book. Please provide direct links to your book on your website when possible.

IMPORTANT: We have promised variety to our subscribers, so if we have featured a book in LitNuts already, please wait at least six months before asking us to feature it again. 

Schedule Your Book Promotion: Select Your Book’s Genre

Each subscriber's newsletter is customized to include books that align with their genre preferences. Here's a sample of our eNewsletter.   

    Special Editions: Feature Your Book for Only $5!

    In addition to our regular newsletter, we publish special editions throughout the year.* It's only $5 to have your book featured in a special edition, but hurry, space is limited to a maximum of 24 books per special edition! Here's what's coming up:

    • Romance Special Edition, February 13
      : Deadline February 11. Have your romance novel(s) featured in this special edition, just in time for Valentine's Day. (Limited to 24 books, so order now!)

    * If your book was recently featured in our regular newsletter, you can have it featured again in a special edition without waiting six months! 

    Who Can Promote Books with LitNuts

    • Authors and publishers of any book published by an independent, university, small or micro press. We want you to be the stars of our newsletter!
    • Authors who have put in the time, money and hard work to publish a quality book on their own. Please see Author-Published Books.
    • We do not solicit or accept book promotions from the Big Five publishers or their ~250 imprints. However, we are supportive of authors who want to promote their own work, so we accept book promotions from the author of any professionally published book.
    • Any format: print, e-book, audio, etc. 60% of the books we feature are available in multiple formats, 20% in print only, 20% in e-book only.

    Pricing Your Book

    Many other e-newsletters focus solely on bargain books. Some require that the e-book edition be on sale for $2.99 or less. We are more flexible.

    LitNuts does not require that your book be on sale. We recommend pricing aggressively ($4.99 or less for the e-book edition, for example), but pricing is entirely up to you.  

    Why Promote Your Book with LitNuts

    • Booklovers who want to hear from indie presses: We built our subscriber database from scratch to include readers who want more information about indie books. They also shared their preferred genres, so we’re able to deliver custom content that aligns to their interests.
    • Straightforward pricing and flexible options: It costs $20 to do a book promotion with LitNuts. Simple. No tiered pricing based on book genre or convoluted "packages" to analyze. At the same time, we give you promote short story, essay and poetry collections (many other newsletters don’t)…to link to your author or publisher website so booklovers can purchase directly from you (some newsletters will link only to Amazon) promote your book regardless of format (print, e-book, audio)...and to set the price of your e-book according to your needs (see “Pricing Your Book,” above).
    • Our commitment: LitNuts is committed to bringing booklovers the "best of the indies" - books from independent, university, small and micro presses, as well as author-published books. We understand the challenge of getting your books in front of readers. LitNuts founders Mike O’Mary and Kathleen Meyer handled publishing and marketing for a small press for more than 10 years. During that time, e-newsletters were a key component of our marketing strategy. We learned which ones work and which ones don’t. We also learned that many newsletters are too expensive, their pricing structures too convoluted, and their terms too inflexible. Our solution: An affordable vehicle that focuses on indie books and has engaged subscribers. Our goal: Help you increase your book’s sales rank with online retailers, generate more reader reviews, and create positive word-of-mouth.
    Please note: 
    1. We are currently sending newsletters to subscribers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The calendar on the order form will show you which days are available to feature your book.
    2. On the day of your book promotion, you are responsible for making sure the price of your book at online retailers matches the price in LitNuts book promotion. If not, we may need to modify or cancel the promotion.
    3. We do not promote erotica, pornography or books that may be considered offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc.
    4. We reserve the right to refuse a book for any reason.