Dedicated Email Blast: $75

LitNuts Dedicated Email Blast — 100% focused on YOU!

  • Authors: Promote a new release, multiple titles, an entire series, first books of multiple series, giveaways, solicit email subscribers or social media followers...whatever you need!
  • Publishers: Showcase recent releases, special offers, backlist titles, and promote your mission.

More About Dedicated Email Blasts

  • Feature the covers and descriptions of up to three books.
  • Share a brief profile and photo of the author or publisher.
  • Solicit newsletter subscribers and social media followers.
  • Includes promotion on LitNuts' home page slider for two weeks and promotion via LitNuts' social media accounts.

Customize Your Order

  • The base price includes up to three books. Add more books to your Blast for $10 per additional title.
  • Follow up your Blast with Featured Book Promotions in the LitNuts newsletter for $15 per promo (25% off the regular price). Featured Book Promos can be spread over several days, weeks, or even months.

Make the Most of Your Dedicated Email Blast

Example 1: An author wanted to promote the first books of two series, a standalone title, and a series of upcoming events.
  • April 10: Dedicated Email Blast to promote all three books, introduce our readers to the author, and promote his upcoming book events. 
  • Total cost: $75 for the Dedicated Email Blast.
Example 2: An author wanted to promote a new release (the final book in a five-book series), as well as previous books in the series.
  • March 11: Dedicated Email Blast to promote the new release. Included links to the previous four books in the series plus a profile of the author.
  • March 14 - April 12: Featured Book Promos in the LitNuts newsletter for each book in the series.
  • Total cost: $170 for a Dedicated Email Blast ($95 for a "Blast" featuring five books) and five Featured Book Promos ($15 each) — and one month of publicity!
Example 3: A small press wanted to promote a combination of recent releases and backlist titles, and grow its mailing list. 
  • Jan 20: Dedicated Email Blast to introduce our readers to the publisher and its mission, solicit email subscribers, and promote five recent releases. 
  • Feb - March: Featured Book Promos in the LitNuts newsletter for eight additional backlist titles (one per week). 
  • Total cost: $215 for a Dedicated Email Blast featuring five books ($95) and eight Featured Book Promos ($15 each) over two months.

See Samples
The content of Dedicated Email Blasts is also posted on our website. Click on the links below to see examples of what we have done for other authors and publishers.