Spotlight on Baking Baklava and Cooking Greek from Chef Pemi Kanavos and Worldwide Greeks


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Baking Baklava and Cooking Greek, two beautiful cookbooks from Chef Pemi Kanavos, Tanya Stamoulis, and the cooking experts at Worldwide Greeks that would make wonderful holiday gifts to give to others or to keep for yourself!

★★★★★ "Great Greek Cookbook!" ~Amazon Vine Voice Review

Baking Baklava: Classic and Inspired Recipes from Around the World
Genre:  Pastry Baking; Cooking Encyclopedias; Cooking, Food & Wine Reference
New Release: November 2023
Paperback: $19.99

A stunning 100-page, 27-recipe, high-quality baking cookbook that is the perfect handbook for bakers and baklava lovers alike.

The Baking Baklava cookbook pays tribute to baklava, a renowned delicacy treasured in many countries around the world, with simple and easy-to-follow baklava recipes for all skill levels. Also included are more than a dozen delicious dessert recipes inspired by the flavors and textures of baklava, making this the perfect cookbook for dessert lovers and a great gift for any occasion.

People are often intimidated by baking, particularly with a delicate dessert like baklava. But when presented by Chef Pemi, baking baklava is anxiety free! Explore baklava recipes from various countries, including Greek Baklava, Persian Baghlava, Turkish Soguk or Cold Baklava, Albanian Bakllave, Syrian Pistachio Lady’s Bracelet Baklava, Azeri Pakhlava, Lebanese Baklava, Armenian Chor Paxlava, and Jordanian Warbat Baklava.

Chef Pemi has also created delicious Baklava-inspired recipes paying homage to a classic with modern twists, such as Baklava Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava, Caramel Apple Baklava Rolls, Caramel Chocolate Peanut Crinkle Baklava, Bacon-Pecan-Cognac Baklava, Baklava Ice Cream Tarts, Chocolate Peanut Butter Baklava, and more. For those with dietary restrictions, Chef Pemi has adapted classic Baklava recipes to include Gluten-Free Baklava, Nut-Free Baklava, and Vegan Baklava variations.
Cooking Greek: A Classic Greek Cookbook for the At-Home Chef
Genre: Greek Cooking; Cooking Encyclopedias; Cooking, Food & Wine Reference
4.7 stars, 100 ratings on Amazon
Paperback: $23.39
Ebook: $9.99

A visually beautiful cookbook with more than 200 pages of flavorful and delicious classic Greek recipes presented in a simple and easy-to-follow manner for all level at-home chefs.

Discover how to cook some of the most popular, authentic Greek recipes including tiropita (cheese pie), dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), pastitsio (macaroni pie), spanakopita (spinach pie), moussaka (eggplant and ground beef pie), Greek meatballs, loukoumades (Greek donuts), tzatziki (cucumber yogurt dip), souvlaki (meat skewers), galaktoboureko (milk pie), Greek style octopus, baklava, and many more mouth-watering Greek recipes.

Greek cuisine can seem intimidating, but chef Pemi makes it easy! With a culinary arts degree, experience teaching Greek cooking classes, and thousands of hours in her yiayia’s (grandmother’s) kitchen, chef Pemi brings a unique perspective with her flavor profile, instructions, and beautiful full-page photos of each dish.

As an added bonus, the food forum on Worldwide Greeks provides an additional resource for recipe clarification, variation ideas, and the opportunity to ask chef Pemi and other food experts your recipe-related questions.
About the Authors 

Pemi Kanavos is a classically-trained pastry chef with a culinary arts degree who loves to feed people and share her Greek culture and cuisine. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and moved with her family to Athens, Greece, when she was 10. Pam returned to Boston for college, earning a degree in Graphic Design. Pam’s love of cooking ran so deep that she decided to go back to school where she earned a second degree in Culinary Arts. She has worked at various food establishments around Boston, wrote a column on a Greek cooking blog, and taught Greek cooking classes for several years. Having moved back and forth between Boston and Athens, Pemi has now settled in Athens Greece, with her husband and son.

Worldwide Greeks was established in 2005 as an online forum website written in English about Greek food, Greek travel, and Greek culture. More than 490,000 people have visited the very popular Greek food forum on the Worldwide Greeks website, where people can share Greek recipes and ask questions about Greek food. Additionally, Worldwide Greeks has more than 250,000 loyal social media followers who lover Greek food, Greek travel, and Greek culture. Visit, where you can join the community (it's free!). Be sure to also follow Worldwide Greeks on social media:

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