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New Giveaway: Win Silver Resin Octopus Bookends or a $75 Gift Card!


First of all, congratulations to Anita Renee of New York City, winner of $100 in books in the LitNuts Spring Giveaway.

And now (drum roll, please)...the LitNuts Summer Giveaway is here! Enter for a chance to win a set of silver resin octopus bookends or a $75 gift card (winner's choice). 

"And I wonder if, in the dark night of the sea, there, deep within its own sphere of instinct, the octopus dreams of me." ~N. Scott Momaday

New Giveaway: Win $100 in Books!


New Giveaway: Win $100 in Books. Enter the LitNuts Spring Giveaway for a chance to win $100 in books. Earn entry points by signing up for the newsletter (yes, you can earn points by signing up even if you're already signed up!), visiting, following us on social media, retweeting, and more. Deadline for entry is May 31. Winner will be announced June 1.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." ~Richard Steele

49thShelf: Win free books from the Association of Canadian Publishers


Win free books from Sponsored by the Association of Canadian Publishers, was created to make it easier for readers to discover Canadian books in all genres. One of the ways they do that is via book giveaways. (You'll need to create a member account to be eligible for giveaways, but membership is free.)

"The face has limited space. My mother used to say, 'If you fill your face with laughing, there will be no more room for crying.'" ~Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance