Today's Featured Books— Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Death Walks a Dog by Tess Baytree

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"This is the first Penelope Standing Mystery that I’ve read and it won’t be the last. Loved seeing a mature woman as the leading character." -reader review. Crime fighting gets better after 50! Dog walker Penelope Standing enjoys life on her own terms, until she finds a body--after accidentally contaminating the scene. Oops! Now she needs to find the killer before the killer finds her! From $0.99 SHOP NOW

A Long Road to Redemption by Chad Spradley

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A Long Road to Redemption is a spellbinding novel introducing Sidney Lewis, a young woman swept up in a web of intrigue that lands her in prison after an altercation with Lawson Pierson, her drunk, abusive, and wealthy fiancé, results in his death. Sidney’s close family friend and attorney, an honorable detective, and a tenacious investigative reporter team up to uncover the truth; can the ruthless and powerful Pierson patriarch thwart their attempts to penetrate the barriers shielding his clandestine activities from justice? From $9.49 SHOP NOW

The Perfect Spy by Amy Martinsen

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A Clean Romantic Suspense (An Untapped Source Book 1). Reeling from a series of painful losses, CIA agent Kate Ross finds her faith coming into question. She gets her chance at redemption in the form of managing a new unit of moms trained as spies — but as secrets emerge, she’ll need to reconnect with her guiding light or risk losing everything. If you like undeniable chemistry, page-turning tension, and Christian values in action, then you’ll love Amy Martinsen’s fast-paced novel. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"A suspenseful, literary thriller." -Library Journal. What could cause a man to suddenly snap and destroy everything he has built? This is the question that haunts Sergeant Ryan DeMarco after the wife and children of beloved college professor and bestselling author Thomas Huston are found slaughtered in their home. DeMarco knows—or thinks he knows—that Huston couldn't have been capable of murdering his family. But if Huston is innocent, why is he on the run? And does the half-finished manuscript he left behind contain clues to the mystery of his family's killer? Hammett Prize Nominee. 4.3 stars, 435 ratings on Amazon. From $7.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Serenity by Craig A. Hart

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Shelby Alexander just wanted a cup of morning coffee. Not a badly injured girl curled up by his barn, freezing in the winter chill. When Shelby moved back to his small hometown of Serenity after retiring from boxing, he was looking for a little peace and quiet. He was getting too old for all the high-octane nonsense of his prior life. Right? But when a bullet slams into the wall just past his head, and a drug dealer offers him $10,000 for information regarding his dead sister... well, he can't very well say "no." Or can he? FREE - SHOP NOW

The Seven Hungers by Morgan Quaid

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Jaw-dropping action, a great blend of investigation and horror, I've never read anything quite like it!" -reader review. Censured Crown sorcerer Ambrose Drake is hired to investigate a bizarre emergence in a city halfway across the world from his native London. Drake soon learns that a being from one of the Seven Hungers beneath our world is attempting to cross over. Flanked by his ex-lover and betrayer, Agent Karen Winter, and a young acolyte with a severe lack of magical ability, Drake must plunge once more into the depths to save humanity. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Dead & Buried by T.K. Eldridge

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Detectives Kennedy and Donovan were partners for years. Then one of them died. And yet, they're still partners. Kennedy has to solve Donovan's death while his partner's ghost helps him. Sort of. How do you explain where you got the tips? How do you avoid showing them that you're speaking to thin air and no, you haven't lost your mind? Kennedy has to hide how he's figuring it all out so he can keep his badge and solve the murder - before he ends up dead and buried too. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Who's Killing All My Old Girlfriends by Jon Spoelstra

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Charlie North visits old girlfriends for his blog. Each girlfriend is then murdered, making Charlie the top suspect in LA, Chicago, and Miami. Desperate, Charlie investigates the first murder, hiring PI Reggie Parker to help. The blogs go wildly viral, shaking up the investigations of all three murders. There's a rousing finish at a lonely Oregon beach house where everything becomes clear, justice prevails in strange ways. FREE - SHOP NOW

FREE - Cats, Cannolis, and a Curious Kidnapping by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Anna Romano is happy with her life as a successful author, cat lover, and excellent cook with a flair for Italian cuisine. She lives in a cozy house in a friendly New Jersey community, and when she's not writing a murder mystery book or planning her next book signing, she's cleaning litter boxes and baking cannoli—though never at the same time! But when Anna's idyllic life is turned upside-down by a stalker with murder on the mind, she must figure out how to escape with her life and get back to her cats! FREE - SHOP NOW

The Carnation Murder (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 1) by Tam May

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Adele Gossling seeks peace and small pleasures in Arrojo after the death of her father. Peace is exactly what she doesn’t get when she discovers her neighbor’s dead body in her gazebo. The police have a firm suspect, but Adele suspects he’s innocent. But if he didn’t do it, who did? Book 1 in an exciting new cozy/historical mystery series! "Adele is a strong, determined, smart woman who doesn't need to get nasty to get what she wants. 5 Stars!" -Clau, Amazon Vine Voice reviewer. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

The Latina President by Joe Rothstein

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

“An enthralling protagonist at the heart of a gripping tale!” -Kirkus Reviews. The world knows her as "Tenny." She's Isabel Tennyson, a fun-loving, charismatic Latina-American heiress who charms her way into the White House as U.S. President. She also has revenge as part of her agenda, targeting some of the world's most powerful economic figures. They are on mission to destroy her first. "If Grisham wrote political thrillers, they'd feel like this!" -reader review. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Depending On You by Jessica Aiken-Hall

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"This book roped me in quick and I didn’t look back! A beautiful story of friendship with just enough twists to keep you guessing." -reader review. Together again, Cate and Patti must decide if it's time to reopen the wounds of that night or keep running from them. As evidence surfaces, the potential to destroy a once-in-a-lifetime friendship looms. Twists, turns and murder. There's only one way outbut how much can one friendship withstand? "An emotional book that packed a punch while soothing the soul. Overall...a great book!" -reader review. From $3.99 SHOP NOW

Danger Close by Fiona Quinn

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A strangers-to-lovers, military, action-adventure romance. Alone in the wilds of mountainous Asia, Jett is on an undercover military operation. With threats all around her, alone is the last thing she should be. So when help arrives in the form of Havoc, a sexy Delta Force operator, Jett is ready to get out. But when her teammate’s K9 partner shows up carrying a plea for help, Jett vows to race to the rescue, with or without help from Havoc. 4.5 stars, 733 ratings on Amazon. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Harbor City Homicide by David Bradbury

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Exciting action, danger and crackling dialogue." –reader review. Early morning. The concrete forecourt of a Los Angeles motel you wouldn’t check your family into. The owner, a man with a past who was planning a particular future, has been shot in the back. Career detective Helen Freitag’s investigation of the murder takes her into the underworld of LA’s gangs, as racial tensions and arson attacks rise across the sweltering city. From $3.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - Dreck by Alex Grass

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh has become the epicenter of strange events. Strange events that Long War veteran Frank Attanasio is unwittingly tangled into. When the man-beast known as Dreck appears in Frank’s mortuary, Frank's already weird world veers into the downright bizarre. A supernatural blizzard. An underworld of sewer-dwelling mutants. As Frank navigates his new reality, he discovers that he may not be the man he thought he was. FREE - SHOP NOW

A Disappearance at the Bonne Nuit Hotel by Dominique Daoust

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Newbie reporter Rita Larose is tired of getting assigned boring stories at one of Montreal's most popular newspapers. It's 1930 after all, women don't need to only write about household chores anymore! But when a high hat socialite gossips about the New Year's Eve party at the Bonne Nuit Hotel, a riveting mystery falls right into Rita's lap. This is her chance to prove to herself and her underestimating colleagues that she has what it takes to write the hard-hitting articles. From $3.19 SHOP NOW

Of Murder And Lies by Bella Young

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

When a body of a young woman is found on the riverbank in the small town of Rosewood, Washington, Detective Jack Burns is called in from his suspension to lead the case. Little does he know that the mystery behind his tragic past is about to unravel. Will the truth come to light, or will it elude him as it did all those years ago? "I was hooked by the first paragraph." -Amazon reviewer From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Tusker by Christopher Hepworth

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A woman on her deathbed confesses her role in Africa’s most notorious genocide. A neo-Nazi cult, descendants of the Imperial German forces who committed the 1908 atrocity, is resolved to prevent her from speaking out. In the path of the neo-Nazis is a man determined to exonerate her and a herd of elephants who have not forgiven the German forces for their historic acts of barbarity. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

Trinkets And Murder: The Clockmaker's Curse by Vienna Levine

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Mary Riker, a resilient combat nurse, has spent most of her life sludging through trenches trying to revive nearly dead soldiers. On the edge of death, after losing the love of her life, Mary learns from a captive intelligence officer of a mysterious clock that has the power to control time. Overcome by the possibility of saving the love of her life before she was killed, Mary is led directly to the strange trinket, as if by some unseen force. But nothing can prepare her for what happens next. From $3.98 SHOP NOW

Murder at Old St. Thomas's by Lisa M. Lane

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

In 1862 London, the body of a famous surgeon is found, sitting upright, in an old operating theatre. The bookish Inspector Slaughter must discover the killer with the help of his American sergeant, Mark Honeycutt, and clues from Nightingale nurses, surgeon's dressers, devious apothecaries, and even stage actors in a world where anesthesia is new, working-class audiences enjoy Shakespeare, and women reformers solve society's problems. From $5.99 SHOP NOW

The Fibonacci Murders by Dale E. Lehman

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"A mind-blowing contemporary murder mystery." -Christian Bookaholic. A strange note delivered to Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller triggers a hunt for a killer basing murders on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two. And the only thing Peller knows for sure is that the series never ends. ”A genuine page turner from beginning to end, The Fibonacci Murders is very highly recommended." -The Midwest Book Review. From $0.99 SHOP NOW

FREE - The Reluctant Coroner by Paul Austin Ardoin

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

"Be warned: to read one Fenway mystery is to want to read them all. If you love page-turning, unputdownable mysteries, then Ardoin is the real deal." -Mark Stay, host of The Bestseller Experiment podcast. Blood is thicker than oil... until murder is involved. "Think Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich, but with darker twists and more biting social commentary. A five-star thriller that will leave you chuckling and gasping at the same time!" -John Ling, USA Today Bestselling Author. FREE - SHOP NOW

Hard Lies by Steve Rush

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

A hidden past. A shocking discovery. An altered future. Denise Tyler ends her engagement to Jeremy Guerdon when she finds his kill list. With her name on it. She expects a bullet to the head. She experiences worse. Much worse. Amidst Jeremy’s onslaught, Denise realizes her worst nightmare nears its climax. And she has one chance of survival. You won't want to put it down! From $3.99 SHOP NOW

All Men Glad and Wise: A Mystery by Laura C. Stevenson

Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

Agatha Christie meets Remains of the Day. A 1919 Country House murder mystery narrated by stable lad and consummate rider Harry Green, who finds the estate’s steward murdered in the Dell. This page-turning mystery offers a "fascinating glimpse into the life in the Cotswolds area of England in the last century” in a “wonderfully old-fashioned whodunnit brimming with local characters and high-bred horses” and a feminist twist. From $16.55 SHOP NOW

Spotlight on: The Deepest Black by Randall Silvis - a crime novel unlike any you've ever read

Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Mystery Thriller Crime and Horror

I love novels where the author (or an author surrogate) becomes part of the story. I am thinking of The Gunslinger by Stephen King, John Dies at the End by David Wong, The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler...even Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. If you like stories that blur the line between fact and fiction, you're going to love the latest novel from Randall Silvis, author of the critically acclaimed Ryan DeMarco Mystery Series.
~Mike O'Mary, LitNuts Cofounder

The Deepest Black

Author Randall Silvis is looking for a story—any story to follow up the series of gripping mystery novels that catapulted him to success. And then, out of nowhere, a story appears. A mysterious stranger named Thomas Kennaday tips Silvis off about a series of murders in a small Pennsylvania town, sending Silvis off on a tentative investigation in hopes of finding material for his next novel.

What Silvis discovers is much more than a typical small-town murder case, and it soon becomes clear that Kennaday, who seems to have disappeared into thin air, is somehow pulling the strings of the investigation from behind the scenes. Based on true events, The Deepest Black is a profoundly thoughtful, unsettling read, and a crime novel unlike any you've ever read before.

From $7.99. Coming August 2, 2022.