Author-Published Books

As a former small publisher, I know how much work folks at indie presses put into the acquisition, editing, design and production of a quality book, not to mention distribution, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.

No one can do all of that alone—no one except maybe an author. So if you've put in the time and money to produce a book that's on par with what a whole team does at a publishing company, LitNuts is proud to help you promote it.

Author-published books do well when they have a professional book cover; a compelling book description; professional reviews, awards or recognition; and reader reviews and above-average ratings on Goodreads or Amazon. (If you need help getting more reader reviews, check out the LitNuts Tips page.)

Author-published books lacking in those areas don't do as well. On the rare occasions that we decide not to promote a book, it's usually because of an amateurish book cover or a poorly written book description. We issue a refund if we don't promote a book.

Mike O'Mary, LitNuts Co-founder