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Sci-fi & paranormal thrillers from Lewis Pennington


In this special edition of the LitNuts newsletter, we are shining a spotlight on the work of Lewis Pennington, author of The Memory Stones series of sci-fi thrillers and 12 Coffins, a coming-of-age thriller with a paranormal twist.

★★★★★ "The easiest five stars I've ever given a book." ~Tea&BookLover, Amazon Review of The Memory Stones

The Kindle Edition of 12 Coffins is currently
available as a free download! 

12 Coffins

New release: June 2024
Genres: Crime & Mystery Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Suspense
Paperback: $14.95
Kindle Edition: FREE

Brothers Cody and Drew Edwards and their gang of mischievous friends are looking for excitement in their sleepy little southern town. It is only when they venture into a supposedly haunted coffin factory that they get more than they had hoped for...

When they discover that lying in the coffins grants them paranormal abilities, they begin a mysterious journey involving murder, deceit, and greed, along with the power to prevent one of the nation’s most devastating events. Determined to use their power for good, they realize that every action they take is accompanied by harrowing consequences.

In this crucible of danger and discovery, family bonds and friendships are tested, and true strength of character is revealed. The stakes couldn’t be higher, but neither could their determination.

★★★★★ "Mystery, suspense, and fun all wrapped into one book!" ~Amazon Review

The Memory Stones: Forgiveness is a Journey in Time

Book 1 of The Memory Stones Series
Genres: Time Travel Science Fiction, Time Travel Fiction
4.4 stars, 400+ ratings
From $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

When Mase Winslow, the heir to a Civil War-era plantation, is forced to almost kill his best friend, a slave named Spoon, Mase unconsciously brings about the demise of his beloved home.

As guilt and remorse overtake him, he seeks atonement through death on the battlefield. With the help of an ordinary-looking stone given to him by Spoon’s mother, Mase is transported through time. When he realizes he can redeem himself by altering his actions, he suddenly has hope.

The reality-bending journey that ensues takes Mase to present-day New York City and then back to Civil War-era South Carolina, requiring him to navigate myriad challenges. With more than a century of guilt weighing him down, he battles himself, Yankee troops, nature’s elements, and a nemesis that follows him through time. Set against an ominous ticking clock counting toward a deadly showdown that could cost him the love of his life, all odds are stacked against him.

"One can't help but think of the Outlander series and Twelve Years a Slave. The Memory Stones is a rapid-fire thriller with endless twists and turns." ~Pamela Pyms, General Podcasts

The Memory Stones Series

Get all three books of this science fiction thriller series:
  • Book 1: The Memory Stones: Forgiveness is a Journey in Time
  • Book 2: The Memory Stones: Righteous Love is a Narrow Path
  • Book 3: The Memory Stones: True Sacrifice is Never Looking Back


About the Author
Lewis Pennington was born in Burlington, North Carolina, and aside from a few years in Michigan and in New York City, he has lived in “The Old North State” his entire life. After a career in marketing, he has turned his focus to creative writing, first with Rapture’s Rain, a story about faith set against a dystopian backdrop, then with The Memory Stones series, and most recently with 12 Coffins. Learn more at, join his mailing list (see sign-up form in the right column of his website), and be sure to follow him online:

Spotlight on Faeries Don't Lie, a "magical YA book"


This special edition of LitNuts is focused on Faeries Don't Lie and the Heart of the World Series from TF Burke, a world of of faeries, pegasi flyers, myths, and secrets for teen and young adult readers.

★★★★★ "A delightful, magical YA book." ~Goodreads Review

Bonus: Get a free download of Whirl of the Fae when you sign up for TF Burke's "Wyrd & the Wisp" newsletter. Whirl of the Fae is a mythological retelling of how the Irish Goddess of Love also became Queen of the Banshees. And with the "Wyrd & the Wisp" newsletter, you will receive special deep-dives into the mysterious world of the fae, along with adventures into swordplay, details on new releases, and more.

Faeries Don't Lie

Book 1 of the Heart of the Worlds Series
4.7 stars, 18 ratings on Amazon
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Can Two Worlds Survive an Augury?

The worlds of Ahnu-Endynia are full of faeries, pegasi flyers, myths, secrets, and themes of belonging despite being misunderstood.

Sixteen-year-old Aunia, the village outcast, wants to impress Mathias, a visiting seventeen-year-old pegasus flyer. Mathias believes the time has come to choose between survival of the Mortal world or the Faery world.

But when Aunia releases a Chandarion’s god-like magic into the world, her action calls forth the Boggleman, a soul-sucking ghoul who abducts her father, eats her faery friends, and sets Dagel demons on her isolated village.

If Aunia and Mathias are not careful, they might be pulled into the Betwixt, the space between the worlds.

★★★★★ "A unique fairy story, with action, magic, romance, and a wonderful setting." ~Goodreads Review

Faeries Don't Forgive

Book 2 of the Heart of the Worlds Series
Coming February 2025
Pre-order now: $4.99

Getting back to the underworld and saving her dad should be easier with the Boggleman gone. However, there are multiple obstacles in her way, and Aunia can't decide which is worse.

Is it the Da Vennen cult and packs of wererats hunting her for imprisonment or death? Her ongoing conflict with Mathias wanting to hide her away? Or maybe it's herself since she cannot un-know what she has learned.

About the Author
TF Burke works with NYT Bestseller David Farland’s Apex-Writers as an admin and marketing specialist. Her published works include hundreds of newspaper articles; blog posts across various platforms; anthologies, including Murderbugs, the second volume of the Unhelpful Encyclopedia; Whirl of the Fae; and the first book of the Heart of the Worlds Series. 

When not writing or looking up faery lore, she can be found with a sword and a dagger in her hands for medieval-style fencing tournaments and melees, something she’s been doing since 2010.

Learn more at and be sure to also follow her online:

New release: Lovehurts from Genalea Barker & Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Genalea Barker and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Lovehurts. Being a chubby girl in a society that values skinny isn’t just painful. Sometimes, it’s dangerous.

★★★★★ “Even as our hearts are breaking we are falling in love.” ~J.D. Spero, author of Boy on Hold


NEW RELEASE: July 9, 2024
Genre: Teen & Young Adult Fiction
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: From $4.99  

A tactless remark from her boyfriend triggers eighteen-year-old Lena's descent into anorexia and depression. Repeatedly congratulated for her weight loss, Lena’s disordered eating escalates. It isn’t until she hits rock bottom that Lena admits her reckless pursuit of “skinny” might actually be ruining her life.
Determined to break free from the suffocating grip of her disorder and an abusive relationship, Lena embarks on a courageous journey of self-discovery and healing. But the road to recovery is rife with inner demons and past wreckage. To reclaim her identity, Lena must repair a fractured friendship, embrace the support of unexpected allies, and relearn how to trust herself.

If you enjoyed The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith, Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow, or All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, you will enjoy Lovehurts.

Praise for Lovehurts
★★★★★ “Powerful and poignant... Even though your heart may hurt while reading, Barker brings you back with Lena's recovery from self-loathing and rediscovery of self-love.” ~Kelly deVos, author of Fat Girl on a Plane and Eat Your Heart Out

★★★★★ “A beautifully written gut-punch of a novel that I devoured in one sitting. Lena is an unforgettable character you will cry for, rage for, and root for. This big-hearted book will stay with me for a long time.” ~Dallas Woodburn, author of Before & After You & Me

About the Author
Genalea Barker is a sleep-deprived mom and—somehow—the author of three books: Life After, A Song I Used to Know, and Lovehurts. Her work has appeared with Broad River Review, WOW! Women on Writing, Watershed Review, Gemini Magazine, The Bookends Review, and more. She resides in Southern Idaho with her four creative children and a needy but adorable dog. Should you ever need to find Genalea in a crowd, simply shout a line from an early 2000s emo song and she’ll be sure to answer back. Learn more at Genalea's website
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

Time for romance with the Tumble Creek Series from Louise Forster


In this special edition of the LitNuts newsletter, the focus is on romance. Specifically, on the Tumble Creek Series from Louise Forster, four books that focus on the importance of family and friends as the protagonists overcome past regrets and new discoveries that challenge everything they hold precious.

★★★★★ "A beautiful story packed with emotion, misunderstanding, and love. A must read for any romance lover. Definitely checks all the boxes." ~BookReader Review

Home Truths in Tumble Creek

Book 1 of the Tumble Creek Series
Genre: Small Town Romance
4.6 stars, 32 ratings
Ebook: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Tumble Creek is keeping a secret. Jennifer and Sofie have no idea the revelation will involve them.

Chef Jennifer Dove lives an exciting life in London. Then fate throws her life upside down. Back in Australia, her beloved uncle passed away, leaving her a cryptic message. Then Jennifer and her sister, Sofie, learn of unsettling news regarding their uncle’s estate.

Meanwhile, cattleman/electrician Calum McGregor saunters into Jennifer’s life with a quirky smile and playful eyes filled with wicked humor. He takes her breath—but damn it, she's not staying in Australia, London beckons. But add broad-shoulders, big trouble in snug jeans, boots, and leather jacket, and rational thought disappears.

Rescued: Tumble Creek

Book 2 of the Tumble Creek Series
Genre: Small Town Romance
4.5 stars, 38 ratings
Ebook: $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Art teacher Sofie is in trouble. Police officer Brock discovers that he’ll risk everything to keep the woman he's fallen in love with out of court.

Sofie Dove wants to know what’s up with Brock Stewart. Everything about the ex-soldier-turned-police-officer screams passion—and it’s all for her. Sofie knows Brock has a past that still keeps him up at night, so she is trying to understand why he gives her mixed messages

After a scary incident destroys Sofie’s house, Brock insists he’s the only one who can keep her safe. He’s determined to find who’s out to get her. But an unexpected arrival in town has the potential to derail their budding relationship.

Promises In Tumble Creek

Book 3 of the Tumble Creek Series
Genre: Small Town Romance
4.3 stars, 40 ratings
Ebook: $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

In a small town secrets aren’t kept for long. Adele must find a way to leave her past behind.

Adele Valentin knows she looks strong, capable, and unflappable from the outside. But when she loses everything, she can only think of one thing to do: run.

A friend’s house in the small rural town of Tumble Creek is a ready-made sanctuary, and Adele flees the big city without ever looking back.

The timing has never been right for Takumi Edwards to express his feelings for Adele, the beautiful, mysterious woman who visits occasionally but haunts his dreams nightly. But now she’s here to stay—at least for a while—and he will never have a better chance. But Adele struggles with both past decisions and how vulnerable Takumi makes her feel. When her past follows her to Tumble Creek, Takumi is the only one who can help resolve both what came before and what could be ahead—if Adele is only strong enough to ask.

Tumble With Me

Book 4 of the Tumble Creek Series
Genre: Small Town Romance
4.4 stars, 41 ratings
Ebook: $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Where secrets and quirky characters all find a home.

Ex-pole dancer Ava Bennett is ready for a change, even though the idea of moving to Lawson Grady’s hometown freaks her out. Aside from dancing, Ava is a skilled cabinetmaker and intends to build her own home. The biggest obstacle Ava needs to overcome is her private fear—one she’s reluctant to admit to herself, let alone share.

Ex-soldier Lawson, who has a few secrets of his own, is a gentle, kind-hearted guy who’s always ready to listen. Helping people and animals is in his blood. Lawson’s instinct tells him Ava is hiding something. But his efforts to help her come clean are in vain—until there’s no avoiding it.

About the Author
Louise Forster is a past winner of the Romance Writers of Australia ​Emma Darcy Award. She writes edgy contemporary novels with a touch of ​humor, mystery, and romance.

Louise enjoys writing ​from a hero’s point of view: straightforward men who love their ​women who can mend anything, including a ​broken heart. Meanwhile, Louise’s heroines are strong and stand up for their ​beliefs, even when they feel vulnerable.

Learn more at and be sure to follow her online:

Get Your Time, Your Way by Carl Pullen


You work long hours, run errands, manage the household, prepare meals, and so much more. Yet at the end of the day, it feels like you've accomplished nothing. How do you make progress when there is so much to be done? 

Introducing Your Time, Your Way: Time Well Managed, Life Well Lived by Carl Pullein, a book that sets forth a revolutionary approach to redefining your relationship with time.

★★★★★ "Clear, concise, and practical." ~Amazon Review

Your Time, Your Way: Time Well Managed, Life Well Lived

Genre: General Nonfiction
4.7 stars, 26 ratings
From $14.99

Is it actually possible to do more in less time?

The answer is yes, if you know how to make the system work for you instead of the other way around.

Your Time, Your Way sets forth a revolutionary approach to redefining your relationship with time. Written by author, coach, and Time Management Guru Carl Pullein, this productivity handbook presents an innovative, meticulously crafted time management system that will work for you.

Carl introduces the "Time Sector System," an incredibly user-friendly system designed to help you master the art of time management. Carl, a true time tamer with a career spanning 20+ years, has helped not just individuals but global brands like KIA utilize their time efficiently and effectively. And now he's here to help you.

With Your Time, Your Way, you will learn how to:
  • Prioritize tasks by importance, not urgency. Focus on what truly matters to you.
  • Avoid common pitfalls. Another calendar app won't save your schedule. Plan your day in a way that feels organic, not overwhelming.
  • Master the art of time management. Turn your intentions into actions and spend more time doing the things you love doing.
  • Implement the Time Sector System: a fresh method to divide your tasks into areas of focus and to structure your goals in a way that is easy to maintain.
Your Time, Your Way simplifies the complexity of our modern world with advice that feels fresh, current, and applicable. Drawing from real-life examples, it has the power to help you start living your best life today.

You are the master of your time, not the prey of your tasks. Whether you're a busy executive, a stay-at-home parent, or a college student, Your Time, Your Way provides all the necessary tools for a more organized, fulfilled, and balanced life.

Bonus! Start Your Journey for Free!
Get started on time management with The Beginner's Guide to C.O.D (Collect, Organise, Do), a free online course.

About the Author
Carl Pullein is not just another time management expert. He is the visionary behind the groundbreaking Time Sector System™ and the COD™ task management system, meticulously crafted for the demands of the 21st century. Carl was voted the #1 of the world’s 30 top time management professionals for 2024 by 

Carl is committed to equipping people with the tools needed to take control of their time and concentrate on their priorities. His content, including YouTube videos, presentations, and immersive workshops, offers a unique blend of interactivity, entertainment, and education.

Learn more at Be sure to also sign up for Carl's free weekly newsletter on productivity and time management, and to follow Carl online:

Steamy Sci-Fi & Paranormal Western Titles


This edition of LitNuts brings you the heat with these steamy science fiction and paranormal western titles:

Read on to learn more!

Tabitha Prime

Genre: Steamy Science Fiction
5.0 stars, 5 ratings
From $6.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

The year is 2109. Tabitha, a devious vengeful clone of Bill Jones’ long-dead ex-wife, has developed a powerful weapon that can destroy stars, along with their planetary systems. With it, she secured her position as a Prime Director in the Mr’rk Interstellar Corporation.

But her obsession goes far beyond absolute power or fabulous wealth. She wants revenge for the death of Bull Travers, the man she cuckolded Bill with years ago on the USS Armstrong. In addition to killing Bill Jones, she seeks to destroy the entire Solar System so she can plunder Earth.

Fast forward five years. Bill Jones is promoted and given tactical command of the task force sent to stop Tabitha and her evil plan. But he has other issues, like a drug-addicted mentally unstable Admiral who also has an axe to grind with Bill, a starship upgraded with barely tested alien technology, and the off-chance of starting Earth’s first interstellar war.

Can Bill and the Enterprise stop Tabitha in time?

The Kepler Incident

Genre: Steamy Science Fiction
4.3 stars, 16 ratings
From $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

In 2108, the faster-than-light science vessel USS Kepler suddenly went missing. An intense search found nothing, and the ship, with all 50 hands, was listed as "missing."

Four years later, a single communications packet from the doomed ship arrived at Starbase One, in orbit over Earth. After verifying the signal source, Star Fleet Command dispatched the USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain Bill Jones, to investigate the situation.

Upon arrival at Wolf 437, a red dwarf star with two planets, Enterprise found Kepler's damaged drive section. Hoping that Capt. Stewart, the commanding officer of Kepler, had somehow managed to land the rest of his crippled ship on a nearby planet, Capt. Jones sets out.

What he and the Enterprise find on the planet, labeled Gliese 486c, surprises everyone.

Justice Rides

Genre: Steamy Paranormal Western
4.9 stars, 52 ratings
From $5.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Shot dead at the battle of Brown's Mill in 1864, Elijah Jones, a sergeant in the 8th Regiment of Indiana Cavalry, learns that he has been recruited by an immortal being named Adrestia Rhamnousia to help dispense justice in a dark world.

As part of his preparation and training, Eli spends five years with the Texas Rangers, riding with Captain Bill McDonald, one of the greatest Ranger Captains of all time. He deals with the worst humanity has to offer, including robbers, carpetbaggers, crooked lawmen, and the owner of a notorious New York speakeasy.

Justice Rides is not just a story of illicit sex, cheating, and retribution. It is a story of hope, family, romance, and eternal love that spans over 75 years of US history. Saddle up and enjoy the ride as Eli Jones makes the transition to the avenger known as Justice O. Peace.

Sweet-and-Swoony RomComs from author Abby Greyson


Today, LitNuts is pleased to shine a spotlight on the work of Abby Greyson, author of sweet-and-swoony romances novels:

★★★★★ "Abby Greyson cleverly mixes romance and humor, and shows how two seemingly completely different people can complement each other perfectly." ~Goodreads Review

Bonus: Sign up for Abby's newsletter and get a free copy of Second Chance with my Bad Boy Ex

I'd Never Date my Brother's Best Friend: A Small Town Sweet Romantic Comedy

Book 1 in the Bake My Day With Love
4.4 stars, 177 ratings on Amazon
From $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

A movie star, a grump next door, and a dating experiment gone awry.

My brother’s best friend has always been a gorgeous thorn in my side. He’s the famous Sean O’Connell, rom-com celebrity, owner of a smile that can melt even the coldest of hearts. He’s one of the happiest people I’ve ever met, and to be honest, it’s annoying. I don’t have to be happy or like people. I’m good, thank you very much.

But Sean thinks I need to be happy, so he recruited my best friend and my brother to put the Get-Jessica-A-Man plan into action. A makeover and some speed dating were absolutely not on my social calendar. But there’s no stopping Sean once his mind is made up.

As Sean’s sunny disposition starts to rub off on me, I feel myself falling. But for the wrong guy. Is it possible the thorn in my side is actually the rose I’ve been longing for?

★★★★★ "Sweet friends to lovers story." ~Amazon Review

I'd Never Date my Brother's Best Friend...Again: A Second Chance Sweet Romantic Comedy

Book 2 in the Bake My Day With Love
4.7 stars, 78 ratings on Goodreads
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

A long-awaited homecoming, a runaway bride, and a second chance.

When I decided to join the Army, I never in a million years believed it would cost me the girl I loved. A decade later, I’m home, and Penny is starting the life we dreamed of…with another man. At least she was until I found her hanging from a cliff on her wedding day.

Still in love with me, she left her fiancé at the altar. But I’m no longer the man who left Willow Falls and joined the military. I’m broken and unworthy of Penny and the love she has to offer. I would never let her settle for less than she deserves. But how do I walk away from the one person my heart beats for? The one and only woman I’ve ever loved?

★★★★★ "Abby Greyson’s writing is both poignant and humorous, capturing the essence of a romcom while addressing serious issues faced by veterans and those they love." ~Goodreads Review

Accidentally In Love with my Best Friend's Brother : A Sweet, Enemies-to-Lovers, Football RomCom

Book 2 in the Bake My Day With Love
4.6 stars, 238 ratings on Amazon
From $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

My best friend’s annoying brother, some spilled tea, and a crazy proposition.

Josh Owen’s is the top receiver in the NFL, with a bad boy reputation. He’s click bait fodder for any, and all, gossip columns.

A newly released video shows us “kissing,” and the news is spreading like wildfire. Now me, "good girl" Brie, is in the rumor mills with him.

His agent sees this as a golden opportunity for Josh to get on better terms with his team. I think it’s crazy, but Josh needs help. So in spite of our love-hate relationship, I agree to be his “girlfriend." But as fake kisses begin to feel more real, I start to wonder: Can the bane of my existence be the one who’s had the key to my heart all along?

★★★★★ "Clean romance content that doesn't skimp on the swoon." ~Amazon Review

About the Author
Abby Greyson loves writing clean, kisses-only, sweet-and-swoony romance stories that invite people to remember what it’s like to fall in love over and over and over again. Stories that make you laugh, root for the main characters, and wonder what they are doing long after the book is finished. 

On the days Abby isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys spending lazy days with her Mr. Wonderful, her two pups, and watching the Buffalo Bills on a football Sunday. Learn more at, sign up for her newsletter, and be sure to follow her online:

Spotlight on The Jimmy Crikey Series of middle grade fantasy/adventure novels


Today, LitNuts is pleased to shine a spotlight on The Jimmy Crikey Series of middle grade fantasy/adventure novels from author Wallace Briggs. Each of these books has received high praise from reviewers, not just the characters and storylines, but also for the lessons the books convey about self-confidence, empathy, respect, and other important values for young readers.

"A beautiful world that meshes fantasy and science fiction for young readers." ~Literary Titan

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Worlds Beneath And Above The Stars 

Book 1 in the series
4.5 stars, 14 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Beneath the very ground on which you walk and beyond the stars above your head are more worlds than you could ever dream of. There are monsters. Magic wielded by witches and sorcerers. Epic adventures in worlds far across the ocean. And fearsome weapons that threaten to destroy everything.

With a bright red mop of unruly hair, big blue eyes, a small snub nose, pointed ears, and enormous feet, poor Jimmy Crikey is ridiculed by the neighborhood children and runs away in search of a world where he fits in. Following a midnight flight through the forest, he stumbles into a lost, underground world called Roombelow where magic, adventure, danger, and excitement await.

"Conveys a message of self-love and acceptance which is significantly important at this age group level." ~Amazon Review

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in the Sky Islands (and beyond) 

Book 2 in the series
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Jimmy Crikey is the orphan alien living on Earth. Because of his strange appearance, Jimmy was bullied beyond endurance.But he saved the underground world of Roombelow from the sleeping spell cast by Matilda, the witch who forgot how to laugh. And now Gemma, the little lady who lived at the bottom of the well, is Jimmy's greatest friend, and Jade (Gemma's tiny niece) is Jimmy’s greatest admirer.

Once freed from the bullies, Jimmy blossomed and developed into a genuine hero. He uses his unique Attalian powers to defend Roombelow from many of the dangers that threaten. Meanwhile, far above Earth, the Sky Islands are invaded by the galactic race of Zylons. It takes the combined power of the four witches, the ancient Weatherman, Jade (an apprentice witch), and Jimmy to save the Sky Islands. 

"One senses a bit of Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and the fairy tales of our youth... Full of relevant messages about bullying and how one can overcome and rise above the conflict through courage and self-confidence." ~Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds 

Book 3 in the series
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

When Earth is invaded by an alien species of omnivorous worm, the four guardian witches of Earth are powerless against them. So it falls to Jimmy to seek the help of his technologically advanced friends on Attalia, his home planet in a different dimension.

Jimmy may be an orphan, but he has friends on both sides of the universe, including Jade, the apprentice witch who joins Jimmy on his quest. They escape the worms once and reach the safety of Attalia. But when Jade's life is threatened again, it's up to Jimmy to save the day.

"A highly creative, exciting story for kids that I'm sure plenty of adults will enjoy too." ~Liz Konkel, Readers' Favorite

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: The Emerald Lake

Book 4 in the series
4.7 stars, 5 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Emerald Lake, the underground home of the Aquamites, is invaded by a flesh-eating, fire-breathing serpent that is impervious to the magic of the four guardian witches. The witches call on Jimmy for help.

Jimmy accompanies Elwinn, witch guardian of everything associated with water, to visit the Emerald Lake. They capture the serpents, but Annison is seriously injured when a serpent takes a big bite out of her tail. All appears lost until Lord Oron reveals his true identity—and a plan that could save Annison's life. 

"An inspiring tale about friends and allies coming together to help each other." ~Pikasho Deka, Readers' Favorite

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Jade, the Youngest Ever Witch 

Book 5 in the series
4.6 stars, 14 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Jade is approaching the end of her apprenticeship with Witch Matilda, the leader of the Guardians. But there are several challenges to complete before Jade becomes a fully qualified member of the sister's Coven, and Jade cannot accept help from anybody, especially not from Jimmy. 

Things get complicated when the cave world of Lithnia, the Sky Islands, and Roombelow all fall under threat, requiring help from Jimmy and Jade. And things get even worse when an alien race from the Alpha Centauri system risks destroying Earth in order to save their own planet. Can Jimmy help the aliens resolve their plight without bloodshed? And when Witch Matilda is called to a higher realm, who will be appointed as her successor?

GOLD MEDAL, 2023 Global Book Awards

"With all the great elements of a traditional fairy tale brought into the 21st Century, this tale offers both fantasy and realism, setting youthful minds alight while keeping their feet firmly planted on the terra firma of responsible human behaviour, empathy and respect for others. Unreservedly recommended." ~The BookViral Review

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Radioactive! 

Book 6 in the series
4.6 stars, 14 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Roombelow is suffering from the aftereffects of the rock-chewing Scarab beatles that undermined the town and the world of the Diamites, and even the water-world of the Aquamites is crumbling.

Unexpectedly, a hole appeared in the centre of the Aquamites’ Emerald Lake. Not only does the lake begin to empty, but thirty Aquamites have been swept away in the flow and end up in the dangerous lake belonging to the Tritians.
Rescue cannot come soon enough because the Tritians live in a radioactive environment that poisons the young Aquamites, and Jimmy’s close friend Annison is in seriously trouble.

"If your child loves witchcraft, aliens, and futuristic tales, then this book will become their new favorite." ~Amy Louise Hill, Readers' Favorite

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: 6-Book Set 

Each e-book is $0.99 or available free via Kindle Unlimited.

One of the best values we at LitNuts have seen in a long time: Get the entire collection of critically acclaimed Jimmy Crikey books for less than $6 (free via Kindle Unlimited)!

About the Author
Wallace Briggs was born into an underprivileged family that consisted of four children, a sick father (who died when Wallace was seventeen), and a mother who worked hard to nurture and provide. Wallace first met Pat when they were eleven years old, only to be separated a year later when Wallace's family moved away. But the paths of Wallace and Pat crossed again, and when they reached adulthood, they married—and marriage that has lasted nearly 60 years.

Jimmy Crikey was born one rainy day, many years ago, during a family holiday in Great Yarmouth, to entertain Wallace and Pat's son and his friends. The story expanded over the following damp afternoons in the cramped confines of a beach tent, as more and more adventures were required to keep the children entertained. Many years later, Wallace decided to commit to the written word, and now looks forward to sharing The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey with a wider audience. 

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Fun RomComs from the Boozy Book Club Series!


Looking for a fun summer read? We've got it with the Boozy Book Club Midlife Romance Series of RomComs from author Rose Bak! Each book in the series is a steamy standalone featuring a couple over forty-five, a nosy group of matchmaking friends, and a sweet happily-ever-after ending that proves anyone can find love later in life.

"The author has an amazing ability to draw out all the feelings with her incredible writing and story telling." ~Goodreads Review

Beach Reads

Book 1 in the Boozy Book Club Midlife Romance Series
Genre: Romantic Comedy
4.3 stars, 25 ratings
From $0.99

She was supposed to be celebrating her sister’s birthday, not falling in love with some guy she just met!

When her sister invites her on a girls’ weekend to celebrate her fiftieth birthday, Teresa tries her best to get out of it. She’s much too busy to take a vacation, let alone spend time with the charming and sexy bartender at the resort they’re visiting.

Colin never believed in love at first sight, at least until he set eyes on Teresa. The curvy beauty is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. If he could just convince her to stay…but first, he needs to tell her the truth about who he really is.

It's not just a vacation's love.

★★★★★ "A sweet and steamy romance, with secrets, intrigue, emotions, and love, which leads to a wonderful beach read." ~Amazon Review

Bubbly & Billionaires

Book 2 in the Boozy Book Club Midlife Romance Series
Genre: Romantic Comedy
4.7 stars, 17 ratings
From $2.99

Falling in love with billionaires is only something that happens in romance books, right?

Nurse Emma Edwards is known for her bedside manner. Her quiet confidence and sunny personality can cheer up even the grumpiest patient.

But her latest patient isn’t just grumpy, he’s successful, rich, and incredibly handsome. Wyatt Simmons made a fortune in business, but the widower is also quite lonely—at least until his daughter insists on hiring a nurse to care for him after emergency surgery. He might not want a nurse, but he does want Emma—for the rest of his life.

They come from different worlds, but they’re both old enough to know what they want: love.

★★★★★ "A fun story that will have you smiling as it warms your heart." ~Amazon Review

Martinis & Mysteries

Book 3 in the Boozy Book Club Midlife Romance Series
Genre: Romantic Comedy
4.7 stars, 20 ratings
From $2.99

Cops in romance books are always so sweet and protective. Unfortunately, Evie’s life is no romance book.

Bookstore owner Evie Fontenot has a mystery to solve. Someone is messing with her bookstore, and there’s no way someone is going to get away with ruining the successful business she created. Her friends insist she report the issues to the police, but based on her history with the law, she knows they’ll be no help. When she meets the bossy and rigid police chief, she knows she’s right.

Jake Wilson isn’t sure what’s going on at Boozy Books, but there’s one thing he does know: Evie is the woman he’s been looking for his whole life. He doesn’t appreciate Evie’s “girl detective” act or her prickly independence, but he does appreciate her business savvy and generous curves.

At their age, there’s no reason to play games. But Evie had no interest in forever, and Jake is not interested in settling for anything less.

★★★★★ "A wonderful story that pulls us into the lives of Evie and Jake and does not let go. The story keeps us turning the pages with humor, suspense, danger and love." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author
Rose Bak has been obsessed with books since she got her first library card at age five. She is a passionate reader with an e-reader bursting with thousands of beloved books. 
Rose lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and special needs dogs. In addition to writing, she also teaches accessible yoga and loves music. Sadly, she has absolutely no musical talent, so she mostly sings in the shower.

​​​​​​​Although Rose enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction, romance novels have always been her favorite guilty pleasure, both as a reader and an author. Rose's contemporary romance books focus on strong female characters over age 35 and the alpha males who love them. Expect a lot of steam, a little bit of snark, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. 

Learn more at, get a free e-book when you sign up for Rose's newsletter, and be sure to follow her online:


Get Nite Fire, an immersive mash-up of urban fantasy & murder mystery


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on books of the Nite Fire Series from C.L. Schneider, an immersive mash-up of urban fantasy and murder mystery with shapeshifters, dragons, and parallel worlds.

"Prepare to be sucked in by this gritty, dark, urban fantasy. One helluva ride!" ~Readers' Favorite

Nite Fire: Flash Point

Book 1 of the Nite Fire Series
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Murder Mystery
4.4 stars, 400+ ratings on Goodreads
From: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

A single act of compassion turned her from assassin to fugitive in the blink of a dragon’s eye.

For nearly a century, Dahlia Nite has protected humanity with her shapeshifting abilities. She hunts what lurks in the dark, concealing the existence of monsters, burying the secrets that threaten to destroy everything.

But when a supernatural serial killer sheds light on what should remain in the shadows, Dahlia's limits are tested. Ancient conspiracies are in danger of being exposed, awakening humans to a reality steeped in myth and legend—one more terrifying than they could ever imagine.

As the mystery deepens, Dahlia partners with the local police. She straddles the line between solving the crimes and hiding their shocking circumstances. But each new murder only lifts the veil higher. Each new clue leads her to the one place she thought to never go again: home.

Praise for Nite Fire: Flash Point
"Intense action, engaging characters, and slow, nuanced, nicely-layered worldbuilding." ~Fantasy Faction

"One of the unbelievably fantastic urban fantasies we've had the pleasure to read in a very long time." ~Chick Lit Cafe

"A wildly enjoyable gripping novel that will keep you hooked until the last page." ~Redheaded Book Lover Reviews

"A well-written, original urban fantasy that is a welcome addition to the genre. Bad-ass action scenes, great dialogue and terrific character and worldbuilding." ~Uncaged Reviews

Winner of multiple awards, including Book of the Year from the Independent Author Network, a Silver Medal in Urban Fantasy from the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, and recognition from New Apple EBook Awards, Top Shelf Book Awards, Book Excellence Award, and others.

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction

Book 2 of the Nite Fire Series
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Murder Mystery
4.5 stars, 200+ ratings on Goodreads
From: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

Murder, mystery, mayhem, dragonsand mutants!

If anyone can tell the difference between monsters and humans, it's Dahlia Nite. For nearly a century, she's hunted one to protect the other; safeguarding humanity from the creatures that slip through the torn veil between the worlds—creatures like her. But the lines are blurring. As people begin mutating and combusting on the streets, Dahlia realizes a strange affliction has descended upon Sentinel City. The mysterious ailment strikes all walks of life, from the posh, high-end nightclub district to the homeless community. 

Assigned to the case, Dahlia and her human partner, Detective Alex Creed, investigate the deaths. But all they have are questions and bodies, and a public on the verge of panic. Working behind the scenes with her self-appointed sidekick, Casey Evans, Dahlia struggles to discover what, or who, is behind the alarming transformations. 

Praise for Nite Fire: Chain Reaction
"Mixes detective thriller with a buddy cop movie and gives it all a paranormal punch. I am loving this series." ~K.S. Marsden, author of the Northern Witch Series

"An urban fantasy series with a strong female lead." ~Behind the Pages

"If you like dragons, paranormal creatures with lots of action on almost every page then you are going to love Chain Reaction." ~Nancy Allen, The Avid Reader

Nite Fire: Smoke & Mirrors

Book 3 of the Nite Fire Series
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Murder Mystery
4.6 stars, 166 ratings on Goodreads
From: $3.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

She knows monsters are real because she is one. But how long can she hide the truth?

Secrets are a dragon's best friend. Deception is a close second. Both provide a sturdy armor, allowing half-dragon shapeshifter Dahlia Nite to live undetected among the humans. Walking in two worlds, belonging in neither, she wraps herself in a shroud of lies to hide in plain sight. But nothing stays hidden forever.

When dismembered bodies of multiple species are dumped on the riverbank, the case falls to Dahlia and Detective Alex Creed. Backed by Sentinel City's new task force, the pair find themselves urged along by clues that seem too good to be true. Bouncing from one crime scene to the next, they hunt for a clear motive in a murky sea of conflicting evidence. 

As the dots connect and worlds collide, Dahlia struggles to shield her friends from the truth. But secrets can be deadly. And Dahlia is not the only one who keeps them.

Praise for Nite Fire: Smoke & Mirrors
"I am absolutely in love with this series. The characters come alive, and the story has twists and turns that keep you fascinated." ~Naomi Valkyrie, author of the Life is Hell Series

"Full of action from shapeshifters to creatures that lay hidden in the night, this story will keep you turning pages." ~Goodreads Review

The Nite Fire Series

See all books in the Night Fire Series, available for purchase individually or for free via Kindle Unlimited.


About the Author
C.L. Schneider was born in a small Kansas town on the Missouri river, and grew up in a house of avid readers and overflowing bookshelves. Her first full-length novel took shape while she was still in high school, on a typewriter in her parent's living room. Though Schneider has been writing all of her life, Magic-Price (the award-winning first installment in The Crown of Stones Trilogy) was her first published novel. 

While her main focus is epic and urban fantasy for adults, she dabbles in all areas of speculative fiction. Her stories tend to be dark, conflict-laden tales full of magic and mystery, action and intrigue, antiheroes and villains, monsters and myths, friendship, love, loss and sacrifice—with enough twists to give you whiplash. 

Learn more at, where you can read reviews, excerpts, sneak peeks and teasers, subscribe to her newsletter, and join her Street Team. Be sure to also follow her online:

Spotlight on Be Your Own Rock: Find the self-confidence to build your dreams


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Be Your Own Rock from Sagar Constantin, a book that promises to help your strengthen your mind and build the power to overcome anything.

★★★★★ “A thought-provoking and fascinating guide on navigating life's inevitable disruptions." ~Goodreads Review

Be Your Own Rock

New Release: May 23, 2024
Genre: Motivational Self-Help, Personal Transformation
Hardcover: $29.99
Paperback: $19.95
Ebook: Currently on sale for $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

The proven way to strengthen your mind and build the power to overcome anything

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the one certainty is change. Yet, navigating life’s transitions can often feel overwhelming, leaving us uncertain and apprehensive about the future.

Be Your Own Rock is more than just a book; it’s a journey of transformation, a guiding light for people who seek to find strength in difficult times, challenges, and change rather than fear it.

Crafted with profound insights and real-life stories, this book delves deep into the heart of change and transitions. It’s not just about coping; it’s about thriving. It’s about understanding the intricate dance of emotions, fears, and aspirations that accompany every transition in life. Whether it’s a career shift, a personal transformation, or an unexpected twist in your life story, Be Your Own Rock offers you the tools, wisdom, and courage to navigate your path with confidence and grace.

Reclaim your narrative, harness your inner resilience, and turn the page to a new chapter where you can stand firm as a rock and welcome the opportunity for growth, learning, and self-discovery.

Praise for Be Your Own Rock

★★★★★ "Invaluable guidance on navigating changes in your life." ~Henriette Bohnstedt, UK

★★★★★ "A must-read for anyone striving to become more confident and self-assured in their daily lives." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "Of huge value for anyone seeking to master personal and professional upheavals." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author
Sagar Constantin is a bestselling Scandinavian author who writes fiction and nonfiction. Her writing always comes from a deep desire to help others become more aware and able to live more fully. In her nonfiction books, she shares hands-on tools that are easy to use and insights that make a difference in the readers' lives. Her fiction combines great stories with inspiration and tools for personal growth.

Sagar is also an international speaker and lecturer for businesses. Every year, she trains thousands of people in personal development, change management, emotional intelligence, and leadership. When she is not writing and teaching, she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys nature walks. Sagar lives in Denmark but travels the world with her work. Learn more at and be sure to also follow her online:

Get Pride and Perjury (new release!) + three Jane Austenesque novels


Congratulations to Alice McVeigh on the release of Pride and Perjury: Twelve Pride-and-Prejudice-Inspired Short Stories, the newest addition to the author's award-winning Warleigh Hall Press Jane Austen Series. 

“McVeigh's prose and plotting are pitch-perfect...echoes the master herself." ~Publishers Weekly

Pride and Perjury: Twelve Pride-and-Prejudice-Inspired Short Stories

New Release: May 30, 2024
Genre: Short Stories, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
4.0 stars, 80 ratings
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

Discover the untold stories behind Jane Austen’s beloved characters in this captivating new release, the fourth book in what Publishers Weekly described as “McVeigh's celebrated Austenesque series.”

What really happened when Wickham eloped with Lydia? What did the Longbourn servants secretly think of the Bennet sisters? ("I have very little hope," said Mr. Bennet, "of disposing of even one of my daughters much before luncheon." ~from McVeigh's Pride and Perjury.) Take a deep dive into Caroline Bingley's schemes, Lady Catherine's de Bourgh's diary—and Mr Knightley’s heart.

Praise for Pride and Perjury

"A wonderful collection." ~Goodreads Review

"Beautifully conceived, beautifully imagined, beautifully written." ~Amazon Review

"Though there have certainly been other attempts to imitate Austen's narrative and storytelling, none have been so masterfully executed as McVeigh's." ~IndieReader

Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Book 1 in the series
4.2 stars, 400+ ratings
From $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

Susan is a Jane Austen Prequel, brilliantly capturing Austen's own Lady Susan as a young girl.

Sixteen-year-old Susan Smithson—pretty but poor, clever but capricious—has just been expelled from a school for young ladies in London. At the mansion of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Susan attracts a raffish young nobleman. But, at the first hint of scandal, her guardian dispatches Susan to her uncle Collins' rectory in Kent, where her sensible cousin Alicia lives and "where nothing ever happens." Here Susan mischievously inspires the local squire to put on a play, with consequences no one could possibly have foreseen. 

Familiar characters abound—Frank Churchill, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Darcy himself. But Susan—mischievous and manipulative—is the star. This is Austen that even Austen might have loved, with a touch of Georgette Heyer in the romantic sections. Fans of Bridgerton will also relish this classic regency romance, the first in a six-book series.

Praise for Susan

"Emma mingles with Pride and Prejudice in a delightful confrontation between the two books' worlds." ~Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize quarter-finalist review

"Think Emma or Pride and Prejudice, but with the added sense of humor, mischief, and determination that elevates Susan." ~Midwest Book Review

In addition to being a BookLife Quarterfinalist, Susan also received Gold/First Place awards from PenCraft, Global, eLit, Historical Fiction Company Book Awards, and other competitions.

Harriet: A Jane Austen Variation

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Book 2 in the series
4.1 stars, 287 ratings
From $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

Harriet is an intriguing and original take on Jane Austen's immortal Emma.

Emma, a privileged young heiress, decides to mentor Harriet Smith, a pretty boarding-school pupil, and to matchmake her as eligibly as she can… But how is she to guess that Harriet has a secret? Meanwhile, the brilliant, penniless Jane Fairfax consents to a clandestine engagement with Frank Churchill—though not daring to confess, even to him, that she is being relentlessly pursued by her best friend’s husband. Harriet sidelines Emma herself in favour of the ingenious Harriet and the fascinating Jane Fairfax. It is Emma—but an Emma with a surprisingly believable twist in its tail.

Recognition for Harriet

  • Gold medal, Historical Fiction Company's Book Awards
  • Bronze medal, IPPY Awards
  • Starred Editor's Pick on Publishers Weekly
  • Finalist for Foreword Indies Book of he Year
  • Finalist for Chanticleer's CIBA Chatelaine Award
  • Gold Medal, Global Book Awards
  • Selected as one of "100 notable indies of 2022" by Shelf Unbound magazine
  • Finalist in the International and American Fiction Awards

Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Book 3 in the series
4.0 stars, 500+ ratings
From $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)  

The third in McVeigh's prize-winning series of standalone Jane Austen variations.

“Should she reject me again, I shall have to wed—as I swore I never would—for dynasty alone. I can only ever love Elizabeth Bennet.”

Love is put to the test in this fresh spin on Jane Austen’s starriest novel, entwining original and classic characters in a tale of passion and self-discovery. Alice McVeigh puts the spotlight on Darcy in this witty and imaginative re-telling of Austen’s classic tale. In a timeless story of love amid the clash of social classes, Darcy is faced with a terrible choice: to stay in London to force Wickham’s hand—or to go to Rome, to salvage his family’s reputation.

With a new Darcyesque slant, omitted scenes from the original, and an extra helping of humour—as well as excerpts from The Wisdom and Wit of Miss Mary Bennet—this is a fresh new Pride and Prejudice with (wedding) bells on!

Praise for Darcy

"The narrative is infused with a dry twenty-first-century sensibility that respects Austen while also peeking into her characters’ true thoughts... An often delightful deep dive into what the characters of Pride and Prejudice were thinking but not saying." ~Foreword/Clarion Reviews 

"Catnip for Austen fans... A joy to read!" ~Readerss Favorite

"Sparkling, witty, and delectable" ~Publishers Weekly

Finalist, UK Selfies Book Awards 2024

About the Author
Alice McVeigh has been published in contemporary fiction by Orion/Hachette, in speculative fiction by UK's Unbound, and in historical fiction by Warleigh Hall Press. Her work has won more awards and recognition than we can possibly list here, but you can learn more at Be sure to also sign up for Alice's monthly newsletter and to follow her online: 

New release: Confuse the Wind from Rachel Stolzman Gullo & Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Rachel Stolzman Gullo and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Confuse the Wind, a novel in which a skyscraper engineer's worldview shifts as his son's illness reveals unexpected connections and discoveries.

★★★★★ “A deeply humane story that lingers long after the last page is turned.” ~Gayle Forman, New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay

Confuse the Wind

NEW RELEASE: June 25, 2024
Genre: Literary Fiction
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: From $5.99  

As a skyscraper engineer, Jonathan Brooks has always believed that a skyscraper is either made correctly or incorrectly, and all problems have solutions. He has yet to learn that people are made differently.

When his son, Theo, fell ill with encephalitis at fourteen months old, Jonathan and his wife, Carly, were devastated to learn that Theo’s setbacks would be long-lasting, possibly permanent. Theo is now seven years old and not yet walking or fully verbal, and Jonathan and Carly are living apart.

The broken family’s world is upturned by the arrival of Aimee, a complicated young Irish woman who begins working as Theo's nanny in ways Jonathan does not trust. But as Aimee brings about new advancements for Theo, their bond grows, until Aimee’s own personal crisis rocks the family and shows them all a new way forward.

Confuse the Wind is a book about our human interdependence and how we desperately need one another to survive and hopefully thrive. If you enjoyed A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Bee Season by Myla Goldberg, or Commonwealth by Anne Patchett, you will love Confuse the Wind.

Praise for Confuse the Wind
★★★★★ “A wonderful, strange, and astounding masterpiece.” ~Amanda Boyden, author of I Got the Dog

★★★★★ “A love song to love itself, as sturdy and astounding a thing, it turns out, as a well-designed skyscraper, built to confuse the wind.” ~Amy Hassinger, After the Dam

★★★★★ “A heart-wrenching, deftly told story that reminds us that sometimes you have to break a thing before you fully understand how it works.” ~Colin Broderick, Church End

★★★★★ “A beautifully written novel about one family traversing that divide and learning to love one another, not as they might be but as they are.” ~Gayle Forman, If I Stay

About the Author
Rachel Stolzman Gullo is the author of Practice Dying (BINK Books, 2018) and The Sign for Drowning (7.13 Books, 2023). She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two sons. Learn more at Rachel's website
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

Spotlight on Love Lost Adventure: The Lie - a thrilling romance with a time-spanning mystery


A must-read for booklovers who enjoy a complex, emotive narrative with a strong, passionate protagonist.

Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Love Lost Adventure: The Lie by Roseann Gargiulo, a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, transporting readers across time from the Civil War era to the 1990s. 

Recipient of five 5-star reviews from Readers' Favorite.

Love Lost Adventure: The Lie

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Murder Thriller, Romantic Thriller
4.7 stars, 75 ratings
Hardcover: $28.99
Paperback: $16.99
Ebook: $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Surrounded by the whiteness of the blizzard’s snow, Theodora Hayes was determined to rekindle a flame she had walked away from many years ago. But can one ever truly go back? "Teddy" didn’t give it a second thought. Passion drove her need. Cole was the love of her life, and nothing was going to keep her from finding him…except maybe danger, murder, and yes, love—and its wicked dark past.

Love Lost Adventure: The Lie written is a story of many plots, all threaded together in a mixture of romance, history, murder, mystery, and adventure, with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. Set in the 1990s and the Civil War era, the story jumps effortlessly between dual timelines, but in a way that you always know where you are and what era the story is in. It's packed with twists and turns and plenty of suspense. It is both heart-stopping and heartwarming, with an eclectic mix of characters that you will adore.

Five-Star Reviews from Readers' Favorite
★★★★★ “People will do crazy things for love and there is no better example of this than Love Lost Adventure: The Lie. The characters were all quirky and unique and added something to the plot. This is a wonderfully written book. Anyone who loves a romance that isn’t just a romance would appreciate this work.” ~Miche Arendse, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★  “Gargiulo’s characters are richly developed, and their deep connections evoke a range of emotions, taking readers from laughter to tears at the turn of a page.” ~K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ “The alternating perspectives from several characters provided transitions that built suspense. The sudden twists in the plot made it unpredictable, and I was on edge as I read each page.” ~Stephanie Chapman, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ “An awesome story told by a master storyteller.” ~Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ “It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up in an incinerator!” ~Jamie Michele, Readers' Favorite

About the Author

Roseann Gargiulo is a multimedia artist, musician, and visual storyteller. She studied Motion Picture and Theatre Arts at the University of Miami and then received her Master’s in Information Technology at Florida State University.

Gargiulo’s writing style is not that of the typical romance writer. Instead, her multi-plot storylines are usually seen from a camera’s lens. Love Lost Adventure: The Lie is the first novel in the series, and she is currently working on the second. 

Learn more at, sign up for the Love Lost Adventure free monthly newsletter, and be sure to follow Roseann online: 


New release! Midsummer: A Contemporary Enemies-to-Lovers Adaptation


The course of true love never did run smooth.

New release! Get Midsummer: A Contemporary Enemies-to-Lovers Adaptation from Jena Doyle, a book that involves politics, fairies, and intrigue in this dark enemies-to-lovers adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

"I've read and seen many variations of the play and this is one of my fave takes on it." ~Amazon Review

Midsummer: A Contemporary Enemies-to-Lovers Adaptation

New release: June 18, 2024
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
4.1 stars, 34 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: $0.99

When a Midsummer party turns into a nightmare, we learn there are consequences to making a vow in a magical place. And the fairies never play fair.

"The sexual encounters in this story were off the charts hot - smoking hot." ~Goodreads Review

"An intense, incredibly beautiful retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream." ~Amazon Review

"It’s a hot book that’s for sure. This has fairies, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, and orgies in the woods." ~Goodreads Review

"Smutty, intertwined storyline. The story is told from dual POV and each of them have a very different feel." ~Amazon Review

Ivy: As the daughter of the president, I've had my life planned out for me: college, law school, politics. I should have guessed that my mother would plan my marriage, too. She needs a political success, which means I have to wed my enemy for publicity. I hate Lex Fairfax so much, it burns. I don't know how I'll spend three weeks at a remote castle in Ireland with him, his girlfriend, and my boyfriend without our secrets tearing us apart. When a mysterious stranger overhears my drama, she takes pity on her own way.

Lex: I hate Ivy Washington. She's annoying and frustrating, and she gets under my skin like no one else. Marrying her would be a special kind of hell. I just need to get through this without my past coming back to haunt me. Everyone keeps secrets for their own reasons, but mine will destroy all four of us. 

About the Author

Jena Doyle writes smut for smut’s sake. No apologies. No shame. And definitely no judgment. When she’s not dreaming up dirty words for wild hearts, she enjoys traveling, binge watching trash TV, and dabbling in tarot or astrology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English / Creative Writing and has been known to ramble at great length about Shakespeare’s gay agenda. She lives in Western Maryland with her partner and furbaby. Learn more at, get a free sexy motorcycle club story when you sign up for Jena's newsletter, and be sure to follow her online: 


New release: Blue Rice from Frances Park & Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Frances Park and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Blue Rice, a literary masterpiece in which an elderly Korean woman recalls the Korean War, love amid rubble, and acclimation to 1960 America.

★★★★★ “An American adventure filled with humor, history, heartache, and self-discovery.” ~Scott Saalman, author of Vietnam War Love Story

Blue Rice

NEW RELEASE: June 18, 2024
Genre: Literary Fiction
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: From $5.99  

By candlelight, an elderly Korean woman relives her years upended by the Korean War, finding love in the rubble, and her acclimation to 1960s America.

Recently widowed Honey, née Hanhee, is preparing to move out of her Arlington home when the Virginia earthquake of 2011 hits. Subtly, something in her cracks. Four days later, Hurricane Irene strikes, evoking monsoon-swept streets of yore.

With the power out, Honey’s life of a half-century ago cinematically comes to light: Her months as an unlikely prostitute at Madam Cho’s; her secret revolt against her dead parents whose love was in question; a mysterious monk’s prediction; her great, sassy Korean friend Kissuni Kim who dreamed of nothing more than ‘love-mak-ing’; her kindly American neighbor Emma Church who would guide her to independence; and, above all, her lingering love for her first husband Joe Lipton, a journalist who brought Honey to America, only to desert her.

Author Frances Park states that writing Blue Rice was like living a dream from scenes her late mother shared with her, as well as her watercolor-like remembrances of growing up in white America as a small child of war-torn Korean parents. 

If you enjoyed Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, or A Gesture Life by Chang Rae Lee, you will love Blue Rice.

Praise for Blue Rice
★★★★★ “A rare, sumptuous novel whose heroine will break your heart.” ~R.A. Cramblitt, author of Probably Lives in Tahiti

★★★★★ “Frances Park belongs among the best writers in America today.” ~Wayne Coster Cooper, WritersInTheSpirit

★★★★★ “A sublimely detailed tale of resilience and chosen family.” ~Megan Wessell, book blogger, A Bookish Affair

★★★★★ “A masterpiece.” ~Scott Saalman, author of Vietnam War Love Story

About the Author
Frances Park is the Korean American author of fourteen highly-praised books—novels, memoirs, and co-authored children’s books—published in seven languages. Her latest work includes her reissued novel The Summer My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon (Heliotrope Books), her memoir That Lonely Spell (Heliotrope Books), and her children’s book Grandpa’s Scroll (Albert Whitman Books). Forthcoming work includes her novel Ahn Love (Penguin Random House SEA) and her children’s book Suka’s Farm (Albert Whitman Books). Frances has spoken at the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, the Korean Embassy, Virginia Tech, George Mason University, and schools all over the Washington, DC area. She’s also been interviewed on Good Morning America, NPR, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and CNN. Learn more at
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

Explicit Southern Poetry from Jason Stocks


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Jason Stocks, a poet whose work mirrors the hard-knock life he's accustomed to, broaching topics like domestic violence, poverty, demasculinization, and more. 

"Stocks's writing has a powerful immediacy, and his poems are packed with both profanity and pop-culture references." ~Kirkus Reviews

Laughing is Forever

5.0 stars, 10 ratings
Paperback: $14.99
Ebook: $2.99

"Jogging from detritus-ridden, Bukowski-inspired free verses to Lowell-style observations of the inner life, this hardtack collection of poetry runs the gamut. A rugged, sinuous voice drives the free verse narratives contained in Laughing is Forever. These mercurial poems surprise, thrill, and move in equal measure. They’re dying to be read." ~Independent Book Review

"This collection is brave, unflinching and hits you like a punch in the jaw. It is at times brutal and vicious but also tender and intelligent. I was reminded of early Eminem in the poignant anger of some of the poems." ~Sam Szanto, author of If No One Speaks

"These are the kind of tattered, beautiful poems I often search for and rarely find—the ones that explain, 'Just be happy with a beer after work. You know, quit all the complaining. It won't change a single thing. It just prolongs the suffering.'" ~Sean Thomas Dougherty, author of Death Prefers the Minor Keys


4.7 stars, 36 ratings
Paperback: $12.99
Ebook: $2.99

Finalist in the 2024 American Legacy Book Awards

"Provocative, explicit poetry written with muscular swagger." ~Kirkus Reviews

"Fierce, bold, and self aware, Stocks's debut poetry collection is steeped in the Gothic hauntings of Deep South life." ~Jenifer DeBellis, author of Blood Sisters and editor of Pink Panther Magazine

"In Blameforest, Jason Stocks captures the rhythms of a vibrant vernacular that is original and authentic. He builds a distinctive world that often turns violent and lovelorn, his rendering clear-eyed and voiced like a blade—and does so while displaying the expansive range of a skilled craftsman. Far more than a sequence of individual poems, Blameforest is a layered and nuanced work of innovative literature to be read in one sitting, and then over and over again." ~Jacob M. Appel, author of The Cynic in Extremis

About the Author

Jason Stocks was born in Arkansas, raised in Mississippi, and currently calls Florida home. He received his BFA from Goddard College and his MFA from Solstice of Pine Manor College where he was the 2014 Sharon Olds Poetry Fellow. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Exterminating Angel Press, Confrontation, and Deep South MagazineBlameforest, his first collection of poetry, was nominated for four indie awards, including the 2024 American Legacy Book Awards.

Jason is also a teacher, and prior to teaching, he worked in a chicken house, washed dishes, bagged groceries, waited tables, and sold cars. When not writing, he enjoys reading vintage YA horror, riding his Haro cruiser, and spending time with his family. Learn more by visiting his YouTube channel, which is "dedicated to books and big ideas" and where he promises to "discuss everything from ancient mythology to vintage YA and middle grade horror." Be sure to also follow Jason on Facebook and on Amazon: 

Get these dark historical mysteries from author Chad Miller


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Chad Miller, author of dark/gothic historical mysteries. Imagine a cross between Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker. If that sounds intriguing, read on to learn more!

★★★★★ "Unique, imaginative, and shocking." on the writing of Chad Miller

Prisoner of Despair: A Dark Historical Mystery

4.6 stars, 36 ratings
Paperback: From $12.99
Ebook: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

The year is 1889 and a private investigator John Doyle spends his nights in terror. He is tormented by a desperate fear: his mortality. In the mysterious streets of Philadelphia, Doyle is on a quest not only for answers but for his very soul. Along with his partner, Thomas Braham, Doyle investigates unsolved cases, sightings, and obscurities that fall through the cracks from the local authorities.

When an esteemed colleague suddenly vanishes, Doyle and Braham embark on the case of their lifetime. With a shroud of horror looming over him, John is forced to confront his moral compass as he descends down dark pathways and opens ominous doors. Will he find refuge in his search for answers, or will he be a prisoner of his own despair? Find out in this thrilling supernatural adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you enjoyed the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes or the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, you'll love this spine-tingling mystery.

★★★★★ "Brutal, well-written and twisty." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "An awesome page-turner." ~Amazon Australia Review

The Confession

New release: April 26, 2024
4.3 stars, 19 ratings
Paperback: From $11.99
Ebook: $2.99

The year is 1887 and in the quaint Pennsylvania town of Temple, Isabella Strohmeyer stumbles upon a gruesome scene: her father and stepmother brutally hacked to death. As the police investigation unfolds, gossip and rumors swirl through the tight-knit community. The Strohmeyer household, always steeped in simmering tension, harbors secrets that echo within its halls.

As an arrest is made, the town becomes embroiled in the trial of the century. Grisly truths emerge and no one is prepared for the shocking conclusion of this dark tale.

This harrowing story, loosely inspired by the Lizzie Borden murders, will send chills up your spine.

★★★★★ "A vivid reimagining of the Lizzie Borden murder trial." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "Dark and intriguing." ~Amazon Review

About the Author

A pharmacist by day, Chad Miller has been writing dark fiction, horror, and mysteries for more than 25 years. Deeply inspired by the works of Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, and Kurt Vonnegut, Chad created his own unique voice as a writer via such novels as The Prisoner of Fear, The Prisoner of Despair, and The Confession. In his spare time, Chad enjoys playing guitar and going to the theater, museums, and being immersed in culture that large cities can provide. Learn more by visiting, get a free ebook when you sign up for email updates from Chad (scroll down to bottom of his home page to sign up), and be sure to follow him online:

New release: Sad Sacked from Liz Alterman & Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Liz Alterman and Vine Leaves Press on the release of Sad Sacked, a memoir that uses humor and heart to delve into the pressure on women to hide struggles. 

★★★★★ ““A funny memoir about things that are not super funny.” ~Zibby Owens, author of Bookends: A Memoir Of Love, Loss, And Literature

Sad Sacked: A Memoir

NEW RELEASE: June 11, 2024
Genre: Memoir
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: From $6.49  

The last person Liz Alterman expects to hear from during her Thanksgiving prep is her husband, Rich. He never calls from his job at a busy Manhattan newsroom. And he will never call from the newsroom again because he's just been laid off. Two months later, Liz is downsized, too.

At first, Rich is enchanted with his new leisurely lifestyle. But when he's still unemployed six months later, his euphoric mood devolves into depression and despair. It falls to Liz to figure out how to support their family of five and keep up appearances in their well-to-do suburb, where even nannies drive the latest model Lexus.

Sad Sacked blends the wit of Nora Ephron’s Heartburn with the madcap hilarity of Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette to expose the pressure on women to put on a happy face even as their world falls apart. In Liz Alterman’s gifted hands, we laugh until we cry about what happens when the bottom drops out.

Praise for Sad Sacked
★★★★★ “Liz has turned personal layoff lemons into a delicious lemon souffle!” ~Susan RoAne, author of the classic How To Work a Room and The Secrets of Savvy Networking

★★★★★ “Will have you laughing and crying... you need this book.” ~Annabelle Gurwitch, New York Times bestselling author of You're Leaving When?

★★★★★ “A sweaty, funny examination into suburban marriage, motherhood, social status and all the other reasons I left New Jersey.” ~Joel Stein, columnist for Entertainment Weekly and the Los Angeles Times

About the Author
Liz Alterman is the author of a domestic suspense novel, The Perfect Neighborhood; a young adult thriller, He’ll Be Waiting; and now the memoir, Sad Sacked. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, McSweeney’s, and other outlets. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, three sons, and two cats, and spends most days microwaving the same cup of coffee and looking up synonyms. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Learn more at
About the Publisher
Vine Leaves Press likes to blur the line between commercial and experimental works. They publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent.​ Subscribe to the Vine Leaves Press newsletter to receive FREE advanced review copies of upcoming new releases, news about their authors and subscribers, and/or to read the monthly opinion column, SPILL IT! or a daily dose of 50-word stories. Learn more at

New release: Introduction to Investing - Unlock the secrets of investing


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on Introduction to Investing: A Complete Guide to Starting Your Wealth-Building Journey, a new release from Vladyslav Grabarskyy, an investor who wrote this book "to help people all around the world learn about money and start investing so that they can get their financial lives under control." Read on to learn more!

Introduction to Investing: A Complete Guide to Starting Your Wealth-Building Journey

New release: June 7, 2024
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: $2.99

Have you always wanted to learn about the stock market but didn’t know where to start? This comprehensive beginner's guide covers everything you need to know to begin your journey to financial independence. Discover the history of money, the basics of the stock market, the bond market, and various investment strategies, all presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Dive into essential topics such as personal finance for beginners, investment strategies, and financial literacy. Learn how to set up a brokerage account, manage your money, and make informed investment decisions. Whether you're new to investing or looking to refine your skills, this book is your roadmap to success in finance.

Key Features:

  • Understand the fundamentals of money and investing
  • Promising investment opportunities for the next decade
  • Step-by-step guide to starting investing
  • Insights into stock market and bond market basics
  • Practical investment strategies for beginners
  • Tips on personal finance management and financial literacy
  • Strategies on how to combat money printing and inflation
  • Investing in precious metals, real estate, land, and commodities
  • Useful resources to continue your financial education
  • Start building your wealth today and take the first step towards financial independence!

Praise for Introduction to Investing
"This is the perfect beginner's guide." ~Online Book Club

"I wish I had had this book fifty years ago when I was a young man." ~Philip Van Heusen, Readers' Favorite

"Straight-forward, honest, and educational, Introduction to Investing is a must-read... The wealth of knowledge and personal experience the author brings to the table and the personable writing style will help readers gain a firmer understanding of the stock market and money." ~Author Anthony Avina

Spotlight on The Raven Society by R.L. Geer-Robbins


The Writer and the Librarian
How far into darkness would you travel to discover the truth?

Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of R.L. Geer-Robbins, author of The Raven Society, a series that explores myths and legends that have been rewritten and retold so many times that the person behind the myth has been lost.
Bonus: Get signed books and some very creative (and inexpensive!) artwork at the author's online shop.

The Writer and the Librarian

Book 1 of The Raven Society Series
4.3 stars, 64 ratings
Hardcover: $21
Paperback (signed by the author!): $12.99
Ebook: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Three things I was sure of:
First, I was not a Hero.
Second, magic still existed.
And third, I was willing to walk through the Gates of Hell for my friends.

For years, Chloe has hidden from the shadows of her past. All that changes when she discovers a note taped to her front door inviting her to join The Raven Society.

Thousands of years ago, the Raven Society was created to protect, maintain, and preserve history deemed too dangerous for society. Their priceless secret? The Book of the Veiled. Its discovery could open Pandora's box of consequences, for whoever holds it can rewrite history and change the course of the future.

And it has been stolen.

The Raven Society's search for the book must survive the Gates of the Otherworld, betrayals, deception, and deadly motivations. But, in the end, they will realize that myths and fables aren't just bedtime stories but stories of forgotten lives that have been driven into the shadows.

How far into the darkness would you be willing to travel to discover the truth?

Praise for The Writer and the Librarian
"A superb foray into the fantasy world...solid plotting, likable characters, and edge-of-your-seat suspense." ~K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"To delve into the mind of the author R. L. Geer-Robbins is to immerse yourself in a bookish dream...a fantastical world of make-believe, sprinkled with a slight seasoning of historical references." ~D.K. Marley, CEO of The Historical Fiction Company

More from The Raven Society Series

Don't miss Books 2 & 3 of this exciting series! 


About the Author

R.L. Geer-Robbins is an author, reader, veteran, mother, blogger and coffee connoisseur. Her education and passion lie in history, focusing on myths and legends...stories based firstly on oral traditions and then follow a bumpy road to what we see today. Her goal is to find the truth behind what we know. Learn more at, sign up for her free newsletter, and be sure to follow her online:

FREE! Three books from epic fantasy series by Ashley Capes


Start enjoying the work of author Ashley Capes with free downloads of the first books from three series!

Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of author Ashley Capes, whose fiction covers "epic, urban and YA fantasy, along with supernatural suspense and a little steampunk." His special offer to readers today: free downloads of the following books:
Bonus: Get a free copy of The Amber Isle when you sign up to receive information about news, giveaways, and deals from Ashley. 

Graves Robbed, Heirlooms Returned: An Urban Fantasy

Book 1 of the Reed Lavender Series
4.0 stars, 128 ratings
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: FREE

At least when you’re Death’s nephew the bad guys literally have nowhere to hide, right?

Meet Reed Lavender, a mostly-human detective with the uncanny ability to hear the final words of the dead. But on this case he’ll need more than his usual tricks to solve the murder of a teen runaway – he’ll need something that just might be more trouble than it’s worth – the help of his ragtag Reaper-cousins.

But the deeper Reed digs the more he realizes there’s something far bigger and darker beneath his city, something vast, something that is ripening to rot...

Praise for Graves Robbed, Heirlooms Returned
★★★★★ "An interesting use of mythology in a modern urban setting. Finally something new from the old. Thank you for a new universe to play in." ~Goodreads Review

★★★★★ "Great world building." ~Amazon Review

City of Masks: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Book 1 of The Bone Mask Cycle
4.2 stars, 846 ratings
Paperback: From $20.75
Ebook: FREE

Their struggle threatens to tear the city – and the kingdom - into shreds.

When a royal conspiracy topples the noble House Falco, Sofia must take up the burden of her father's mantle and assume guardianship of his Greatmask. Yet the sentient bone mask, powerful enough to compel those around her, will not speak, and Sofia, the first female Protector in a hundred years, is left defenseless.

Hunted by the King, she is driven from the palace and must fight for survival, alone in the cold streets of Anaskar. There, she crosses paths with Notch, a bitter mercenary with problems of his own. Accused of murder, Notch is trying to clear his name while hunted by the city's robed assassins, the very people who are now searching for Sofia.

To take back their city and cast down the tyrant on the throne, Sofia and Notch must face the blades of Anaskar's assassins, the rage of a mighty sea beast, and the mysterious Lupo, a man with a Greatmask of his own, who has masterminded vicious terrorist attacks on the city that spurned him.

Praise for City of Masks
"Every now and then a writer comes along who will make you sit up and take notice. Ashley Capes delivers his stunning epic fantasy novel with a bang." ~Jennifer Fallon, international best selling fantasy author

"A gripping narrative in an uncertain world of magic, injustice, and unsettling class division." ~Aurealis, Australia's Premiere Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

"An absorbing and fast-paced adventure down twisty streets and across hot desert sands." ~Fantasy Literature, F&SF Book and Audiobook Reviews

Never: Prequel to The Amber Isle

Part of the Book of Never Series
4.1 stars, 400+ ratings
Ebook: FREE

Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.

Roguish Never is sure he has hunted down every relic and every clue possible on his quest to finally lift the curse on his blood and hopefully learn his true name. However, convincing the wealthy Lord Firmita to part with a map to the sunken city proves to be far more dangerous than he first imagined.

In this prequel story to The Amber Isle, learn how Never meets his enemy, Harstas. 

Praise for Never
★★★★★ "A great introduction to an interesting fantasy landscape and fascinating character." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "Fast-paced and a pure fantasy delight." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author

Ashley Capes is an Australian novelist, poet, and teacher. He also dabbles in film, is addicted to 80s cartoon shows and Studio Ghibli films, and finds himself constantly awed by the simple beauty of haiku. In addition, he is convinced that "Magnum PI" is one of the greatest TV shows ever. Learn more at, get a free copy of The Amber Isle when you sign up for Ashley's newsletter, and be sure to follow him online: 

Spotlight on the Howard County Mysteries from Dale E. Lehman



Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the Howard County Mysteries series from Dale E. Lehman, award-winning author of mysteries, science fiction, and humor:

"Character development and superbly plotted story lines with all manner of twists, turns, and surprises." ~The Midwest Book Review

The Fibonacci Murders by Dale E. Lehman

Howard County Mysteries Book 1
4.4 stars, 61 ratings
Paperback: From 10.95
Ebook: $1.99

“I start with zero. Nobody dies today.”

The strange note delivered to Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller of Howard County, Maryland, proves to be a warning shot. Soon Peller and his protégés, Detective Sergeants Corina Montufar and Eric Dumas, are pursuing a cunning killer basing murders on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two. And the only thing Peller knows for sure is that the series never ends.

As the murderer switches up methods, locations, and even the meanings of the numbers, questions multiply. Are the murders random, or do they have a purpose? Why is the Pentagon eager to keep a lid on the investigation? Does the killer know Peller? Can the detectives stop him before he commits his final, terrible crime? 

Praise for The Fibonacci Murders
"Total mastery of the storytelling arts... A genuine 'page turner' from beginning to end." ~The Midwest Book Review

"A mind-blowing contemporary murder mystery." ~Julia Wilson, Christian Bookaholic

True Death by Dale E. Lehman

Howard County Mysteries Book 2
4.6 stars, 24 ratings
Paperback: From 12.95
Ebook: $1.99

Accident? Or Murder?

Four years ago, Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller’s wife Sandra died on a country road. The driver who rammed her car vanished without a trace, leaving police stunned and baffled. But it wasn’t murder. It was a freak accident, and the statute of limitations has run out. Now a bungled robbery raises new questions. As Detective Sergeants Corina Montufar and Eric Dumas investigate, Peller’s memories awaken, triggering a series of insights that shine new light on Sandra’s death.

The trail leads police to a meddlesome writer, a hot-blooded enforcer, and a cold-hearted criminal mastermind. Yet mysteries remain. Who could possibly have wanted Sandra dead? Was she targeted for murder, or did she just get in the way? And what became of the detective who originally investigated the accident?

Praise for True Death
"A well-constructed, multi-threaded plot, interesting, rounded characters, and a good sense of settings – some of the best American police procedural work I’ve read." ~Amazon UK Review 

"A marvellous contemporary murder thriller." ~Goodreads Review

Ice on the Bay by Dale E. Lehman with Kathleen Lehman

Howard County Mysteries Book 3
4.6 stars, 17 ratings
Paperback: From $12.95
Ebook: $1.99

The forecast: Record cold. The crimes: Colder still.

Case #1: Hardworking veterinary technician Jayvon Fletcher was honest, friendly, and without an enemy in the world. But he vanished two Christmas Eves ago, leaving behind only a broken window and smears of blood. Now Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller is asked to take another look at the cold case, although he doubts he can shed light on the young man’s fate.

Case #2: Detective Sergeant Corina Montufar puzzles over a fire in an exclusive area. The details are familiar: two other houses burned the previous year in exactly the same way. But the arsonist is in prison now. Is this a copycat crime, or is the real culprit still at large?

Case #3: It’s only mid-January, and already Detective Sergeant Eric Dumas is staring at Howard County’s first murder victim of the year. Michio Tamai kept an address book overflowing with criminal cohorts. But even his friends were his victims. Not one of them is sorry he’s dead. Any might be his murderer.

While temperatures plummet, cold cases collide with new crimes, and somewhere a killer with blood as icy as the waters of the bay watches and waits.

Praise for Ice on the Bay
"Plenty of nail-biting moments to ratchet up the suspense." ~Laurie Jenkins, Amazon Vine Reviewer

"A cracking crime suspense novel with enough twists and turns to make a belly dancer faint." ~Diane James, BookGobbler

A Day for Bones by Dale E. Lehman

Howard County Mysteries Book 4
4.5 stars, 11 ratings
Paperback: From 8.00
Ebook: $1.99

Bones litter the street…

A catastrophic flood in Ellicott City leaves more than damaged buildings in its wake: a human skeleton now lies scattered along Main Street. Did a colonial settler wash out of his grave? Or is it murder? As Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller and his team investigate, the descendants of James Ferring, a local business icon from a bygone era, become the focus, and Peller is sure they’re hiding something.

There are clues aplenty. The gun shop owned by Chuck Ferring is a magnet for vandals and thieves. Art Ferring’s horse was gunned down by an unknown assailant. And the Colonial Bakery, the jewel in the Ferring crown, is the only possible source of the bones. The family has explanations for everything, until a double murder threatens to unravel their secrets. And now, someone lurking in the shadows will stop at nothing to prevent Peller from uncovering the truth.

Praise for A Day for Bones
"A  wholly original and very enjoyable read." ~The BookLife Prize

Recommended Read 2024: Author Shout Reader Ready Award

About the Author

Dale E. Lehman is an award-winning writer, veteran software developer, amateur astronomer, and bonsai artist in training. He principally writes mysteries, science fiction, and humor. In addition to his novels, his writing has appeared in Sky & Telescope and on He owns and operates the imprint Red Tales. He and his late wife Kathleen have five children, six grandchildren, and two feisty cats. At any given time, Dale is at work on several novels and short stories.

Learn more at; get three free ebooks, two free short stories, and a set of printable bookmarks when you sign up for Dale's Story Corner newsletter; and be sure to follow him online: 

Spotlight on Maggie Smith, author of "compelling and savvy" fiction


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Maggie Smith, author of "compelling and savvy" page-turners that feature ordinary women facing extraordinary challenges. 

"Impressively original, inherently engaging, fully entertaining, and truly memorable." ~Midwest Book Review on Truth and Other Lies


New release: May 21, 2024
Genres: Suspense Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Legal Thriller
4.7 stars, 94 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: From $17.62
Ebook: $4.99

An ambitious district attorney. An enemy she can’t see. A daughter at risk.

Rachel Matthews is used to stress—from the cutthroat world of the district attorney’s office to her escalating clashes with her teenage daughter. So when a stranger sends a lavish bouquet with a macabre message and leaves a disturbing video on her doorstep, she’s quick to act. Teaming up with an old classmate turned private investigator, Rachel wades through old case files, searching for someone harboring a grudge against her.

But before she has time to pinpoint a suspect, her stalker issues a demand—he wants money, lots of it, or he’ll hurt her daughter. In a dangerous gamble, Rachel agrees to meet her stalker on an isolated beach, only to find herself fleeing from a shocking crime scene. Can she solve the puzzle of who wants to destroy her before she loses her family, her career, and her freedom?

Fans of Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent will enjoy this taut tale of an ambitious prosecutor trying to save herself and her family from the revenge of a sadistic stalker, right up to novel's surprising climax. 

Praise for Blindspot
"A smart, twisty cat-and-mouse revenge tale." ~Robert Dugoni, author of the Tracy Crosswhite Series

"A clever, authentic crime novel." ~Libby Fischer Hellmann, author of The Ellie Foreman Mystery Series

"An often-crafty whodunit laced with traditional elements of mystery and suspense." ~Kirkus Reviews

Truth and Other Lies

Genres: Women's Literary Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction
Winner: National Indie Excellence Juror's Grand Prize Award
Paperback: From $17.66
Ebook: $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Three women. Two secrets. One lie.

Megan Barnes' life is in free fall. After losing her boyfriend and her job as a reporter in the same day, she retreats to Chicago and moves in with Helen, her over-protective mother. Before long, the two are clashing over everything from pro-choice to #MeToo, not to mention Helen's run for U.S. Congress, which puts Megan's career on hold until after the election.

Desperate to reboot her life, Megan gets her chance when an altercation at a campus rally brings her face-to-face with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jocelyn Jones, who offers her a job on her PR team where Megan is pulled into the heady world of fame and glamour her charismatic new mentor represents.

Then an anonymous tweet brings it all crashing down. To salvage Jocelyn's reputation, Megan must locate the online troll and expose the lies. But when the trail leads to blackmail and circles back to her own mother, Megan realizes if she pulls any harder on this thread, what should have been the scoop of her career could unravel into a tabloid nightmare.

Readers who love Jodi Picoult's topical plot twists and Liane Moriarty's character-driven novels will devour this fast-paced tale of three women whose lives converge as one fights a devastating accusation, another campaigns for a contested seat in Congress, and a young reporter with ties to both navigates the tricky line between secrets and lies.

Praise for Truth and Other Lies
Winner, 2022 National Indie Excellence Juror's Grand Prize

Winner, 2022 American Writing Awards Best Debut Fiction

1st Place, 2022 Pencraft Awards for Literary Excellence

"Twisty, timely, and rivetingly thought-provoking." ~Hank Phillippi Ryan, author of Her Perfect Life

"A sharp exploration of the complex relationships between women...mothers and daughters, mentors and protégés, best friends and frenemies." ~Karen Karbo, author of In Praise of Difficult Women

"An engaging and topical tale of politics and journalistic ethics with a feminist slant." ~Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Maggie Smith was a psychologist and CEO of a national art consulting company before turning her attention to writing. She is host of the podcast "Hear Us Roar" for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, which is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, IHeartRadio, and Amazon Music; a regular blogger for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers; and a board member of the Chicago Writer’s Association, where she also serves as Managing Editor of the Write City Magazine online literary publication. Maggie makes her home in Milwaukee with her husband, Scott, and her aging but adorable dog, Colt. Learn more at, sign up for her newsletter (and get a free short story as a "thank you"), and be sure to follow her online:

New release: The Sparkler from Alan Humm and Vine Leaves Press


Congratulations to Alan Humm and Vine Leaves Press on the release of The Sparkler, a work of historical fiction in which Charles Dickens becomes immersed in an affair so all-consuming that his life begins to fall apart. 

★★★★★ “A dark hymn to pre-Victorian London in all its grotty glory.” ~Nick Perry, author of The Loop

The Sparkler

NEW RELEASE: May 28, 2024
Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback: $17.99
Ebook: $5.99  

Charles Dickens is a newly famous author and a man who has only just married. He thinks that he is about to become a father.

Why, then, does he go wandering London after dark and why, under the influence of a famous clown, does he begin an affair with Sarah, a barmaid who works in a North London pub?

While his own descriptions of sex barely exist, he becomes immersed in an affair so all-consuming that his life begins to fall apart. He takes to drink, he develops a liking for rough company, he even steals a necklace. Where will it end?

During a Christmas entertainment held in his own house, Dickens, Sarah, and his wife edge towards a confrontation that has the potential to ruin him for ever.

If you enjoyed Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow, Jack Maggs by Peter Carey, Underworld by Don DeLillo, or Sway by Zachary Lazar, you will love The Sparkler.

Praise for The Sparkler
★★★★★ “This is absolutely terrific—thoroughly steeped in Dickens’s own idioms and ideas while also taking a step back and coolly assessing them from a distance. It’s...reminiscent (in a good way) of the rich period atmospheres generated by those two neo-Victorian Peters, Ackroyd and Carey.” ~Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, author of Becoming Dickens

★★★★★ “A remarkable Dickens-fi debut.” ~Philip Hoare, author of Albert and the Whale

★★★★★ “A work of sublime psychogeography.” ~Nick Perry, author of November Dead List and The Loop

About the Author
Alan Humm edits the arts journal One Hand Clapping. He has also written two collections of poetry: A Brief and Biased History of Love (Culture Matters) and My Father is Calling the Neighbours Names. The Sparkler is his first novel. His second novel, Rough Music, follows a journalist and a Labour politician from 1945 to the early noughties, and he is currently writing a book about an ’80s pop band. Learn more at
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