Custom Packages

If you are an indie publisher or author with multiple books to promote, we'd be happy to discuss a custom book promotion package for you. Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

What is a custom package? 

A custom book promotion package could be as simple as a discounted bundle of multiple book promotions in our regular newsletter, or it could be a mix of the services listed below: 

  • Promotion of your book(s) in our regular newsletters
  • Promotion of your book(s) in one or more special edition newsletters
  • Dedicated email blasts about you, your publishing company, your book(s), pre-orders, giveaways, events, etc.
  • Giveaways run by LitNuts to promote your book(s) or to build your mailing list or social media following 


Example 1: Libby Fischer Hellmann, author of numerous best-selling crime novels, wanted to promote a special offer in conjunction with soliciting pre-orders of the sixth book in a series.

Custom Package:
  • Each book in the series was featured in our regular newsletter over a two-week period leading up the release of the new title.
  • The books were also promoted on our website and via social media. 
  • The special offer (pre-order the new release and receive any other book in the series free) was highlighted with each book promotion. 
  • Total discount: 38% compared to regular pricing

    "Thank you so much for promoting my Georgia Davis series! You have a robust group who retweet you—it was amazing! You did a fabulous job. Best. Promotion. Ever." ~Libby Fischer Hellmann

    Example 2: Randall Silvis, author of the critically acclaimed Ryan DeMarco Mystery Series, wanted to promote eight of his books, including the final book in the series and a soon-to-be-released standalone title—and add subscribers for his YouTube Channel. 

    Custom Package:
    • Dedicated email blast introducing the author and launching a giveaway contest to promote his YouTube channel
    • Blast to promote the final book in his series and the boxed set of the entire series
    • Blasts to solicit pre-orders of the forthcoming title and to coincide with the release of the book
    • Multiple featured book promotions in our regular newsletter 
    • Inclusion of two books in a special edition newsletter
    • In total: 20 book promotions over 9 months at a 40% discount
    "My highest day of notifications ever! Thank you, LitNuts, and all of your subscribers. You boosted my newsletter, YouTube Channel, Facebook, and Twitter following! Amazing!" ~Randall Silvis

      Example 3: An indie press wanted an economical way to promote a combination of new releases and backlist titles.

      Custom Package:
      • Publisher profiled and promoted via our newsletter, website and social media.
      • One or more of the publisher's titles were featured in our regular newsletter each week over 12+ months, until every new release and backlist title had been promoted at least twice.
      • Going forward, we will be doing dedicated email blasts for new releases (~1 per month). 
      • Total discount: >40% compared to regular prices
      Each case is different so use the form below to tell us your objectives, and we'll see if we can come up with a custom package for you!