Abigail's Song by Alina Rubin

Literary Fiction and Poetry

Orphan Abigail Jones wanders her English town on Christmas Eve, 1809. With the help of medical student, Oli Higgins, she recovers from an illness and avoids being sent to the cruel orphanage. Then Oli reveals a secret: he's hiding his Jewish identity and birth name, David, to pursue his profession. As an adult, Abigail is stuck: not Christian enough for the Gentiles, but as a non-Jew, no hope of marrying the man she dreams of, David.  Heartbroken, she accepts another man’s proposal but guilt and misery drive her to take drastic actions. "Alina Rubin is an up-and-coming star in the realm of historical fiction. She is a determined and talented writer who knows how to bring history to life through her courageous main characters." ~Colin Mustful, author, historian, editor, and founder of History Through Fiction. From $4.99 SHOP NOW

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