New Release! Age of Rust: Retribution by Thaddeus Yeiser and Conrad Bair


New release! Congratulations to authors Thaddeus Yeiser and Conrad Bair and to Ink Smith Publishing on the release of Age of Rust: Retribution

It has been 700 years since the end of the Golden Age of Man. Now a medieval war ravages the land once known as America. The story began with Age of Rust and continues with Age of Rust: Retribution

★★★★★ "A gripping tale set in a post-apocalyptic world where a medieval war rages." ~Goodreads Review

Age of Rust: Retribution

New Release: March 22, 2024
Book 2 in the Age of Rust series
Genre: Dystopian Fiction, War Fiction, Military Fantasy
Paperback: $16.99  
E-book: $5.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

Having survived a battle with the Western warlord Kayzitt, Seneca and Tavin lead the survivors South out of the thawing northern wilds. They must seek out the Chancellor of the East, who has been directing their campaigns from a distance, and determine the future direction of the war and thus, their lives.

Meanwhile, Kayzitt and Oil’ib play cat-and-mouse in the desolate wilds, their survival unbeknownst to their friends. Oil’ib longs for revenge at any cost, but Kayzitt will not allow himself to be beaten so easily.

Chiara tries to maintain the hospital that Seneca was forced to leave for the service—all while patients pile in and physicians continue to be drafted away. When the situation reaches a harrowing breaking point, she will put her life on the line to save her home.

When the Agents of the Chancellor finally meet their leader, they learn that there may be a way out of the war: a long lost tool or the Golden Age of man, which may give them the advantage needed to dispel the invaders from their land. But the mission will require a high-risk journey to the New England territories, where the influence of the Eastern Republic is weak and their enemies closer than they could have dreamed.

Age of Rust

Book 1 in the Age of Rust series
Genre: Dystopian Fiction, War Fiction, Military Fantasy
4.6 stars, 29 ratings
Hardcover: $24.99
Paperback: $15.99  
E-book: $3.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)

No records show how it happened, though everyone has their beliefs as to why the golden age of man fell seven hundred years ago. Since, humanity has managed to rebuild a modest civilization from the ruins. Now a medieval war begins to ravage the land once known as America.

The lives of six young men become ensnared in the violence as they serve the Eastern army. Chief among them are Tavin, the son of a respected general, and Seneca, a physician drafted away from his studies. Loved ones left at home are threatened when Kayzitt, the zealot Western officer, leads his marauders behind enemy lines. His cruel methods devastate every community he encounters, and the East seems doomed to fall under its own weight as he makes a name for himself in the legends of the militaristic West.

But the six heroes notice that something has changed inside themselves. Their minds are subtly connected in a way that cannot be explained but lends them increased prowess on the battlefield. Inevitably, their skills place them on a collision course with Kayzitt that will shape the future of the nation.

Age of Rust is a tale of displaced youth, the struggle for life, and the peril of love in war-time. It is an ode to masculine vainglory and the valor in conflict as it bridges with the feminine witness of human corruption and loss of innocence.

★★★★★ "A thought-provoking take of wartime woes." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "Beautifully explores themes of displacement, the struggle for survival, and the complexities of love in times of war." ~Goodreads Review 

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