Angels of Sin Fantasy Series from Lara A. Steel


Learn about Angels of Sin, a three-book fantasy series from author Lara A. Steel featuring angels, demons, and a battle between light and damnation.

"Beautiful, soulful, and exciting." ~Amazon Review of German edition

Angels of Sin - Blood Moon

Genre: Mythical Creatures Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
4.3 stars, 3400+ ratings (German edition)
English edition release: August 12, 2023
Price: $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Dash is an angel of sin...a berserker.

When it comes to finding escaped dark souls and sending them back to hell, he knows no mercy. But one night he gets into trouble, and a young woman saves his life. Her name is Ava, and her involuntary heroism immediately puts her in the crosshairs of evil.

Human ballast is the last thing Dash needs in his work. But in order not to leave his rescuer to a cruel death, he takes her under his protection...with unimaginable consequences.

Angels of Sin - Heart of Ice

Genre: Metaphysical Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy
4.5 stars 2800+ ratings (German edition)
English edition coming September 2, 2023
Price: $0.99 

In the darkest part of hell, the young demon Elizah begins her apprenticeship as a torturer, as tradition demands.

Dorian, an angel of sin, is handed over to Elizah to be tortured. But Elizah soon has the feeling that Dorian is undeserving of his fate. Although it’s outside of a demon’s purview, Elizah develops compassion for Dorian, and works behind the scenes to discover what secret he is guarding.

When Elizah actually finds out, one thing becomes clear: she has to help Dorian!

Angels of Sin - Dark Desire

Genre: Mythical Creatures Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy
4.5 stars, 3200+ ratings (German edition)
English edition coming September 23, 2023
Price: $2.99 

During a weekend getaway in the Canadian wilderness, Rose is attacked out of nowhere. She manages to escape to a solitary cabin where she hammers on the door in a panic. The door is opened by a very disconcerted man who only reluctantly lets her in.

Rose has just begun to recover from the shock when she realizes the stranger, who introduces himself to her as Damian, is as dangerous as he is enigmatic.

A snowstorm forces her to spend more time in the cabin with Damian than she’d hoped, and she soon learns that Damian is far from normal—and that his presence alone is a mortal danger to her.

Lara A. Steel

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