Anthrax to Zodiac by Denise Diana Huddle

Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

A Snarky PI Delves into the Most Notorious Unsolved Mysteries of the Past 150 YearsJourney back through time from 2001 to 1892 as veteran PI Denise Huddle brings her field-honed investigative skills and trademark snark to her in-depth examination of seven of America’s most notorious unsolved mysteries. Who mailed the anthrax letters? Who killed JonBenét Ramsey? Who was D.B. Cooper? Who was the Zodiac Killer? Who killed the Black Dahlia? Who really kidnapped the Lindbergh baby? Who killed Lizzie Borden’s parents? From A to Z, Huddle lays out the events and evidence, identifies patterns, and tests theories. From $2.99 SHOP NOW

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