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Welcome to the April 2023 edition of LitNuts Deals: highly rated indie books at big discounts (most are $1 or less!) PLUS the LitNuts Deals Giveaway.

This month, the winner will get to choose a brand new Kindle Paperwhite or a $125 Amazon.com gift card. Enter by April 28 for a chance to win! 

The Second Chance Inn by Susan Hatler 
Genre: Romance
4.3 stars, 8000+ ratings

An emotional homecoming that will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to believe in happy endings.

Wendy vowed never to return to the small coastal town where her parents abandoned her. But when she inherits the family inn at the beach, she must come home and face her past. Will handsome millionaire Max help her heal old wounds and open her heart?

Book 1 in the Blue Moon Bay series. From a New York Times bestselling author, don’t miss the chance to unite with friendships that endure and a love that will last forever.

"Love enough to last." ~Emily Pennington, Vine Voice Review

The Dragon War by Daniel Arenson 
Genre: Fantasy
4.4 stars, 1000+ ratings
From $0.99

The Dragon War, an epic fantasy trilogy, tells of civil war in Requiem—an ancient kingdom whose people can grow wings, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. When a cruel general captures Requiem's throne, a desperate band of rebels struggles to reclaim the kingdom. This collection includes all three Dragon War novels.

Book 1: A Legacy of Light. The traitor Cadigus has captured the throne of Requiem. In the wilderness, rebellion brews. The Resistance is small, but its cry is loud: "The tyrant must fall."

Book 2: A Birthright of Blood. War rages. Fire rains. Requiem, the land of dragons, is tearing apart. When the hosts of Cadigus fly against them, can the resistors save their homeland?

Book 3: A Memory of Fire. Darkness covers Requiem. General Cadigus, usurper of the throne, rules with an iron fist. Bloodied after a long war, the Resistance musters. Rising as dragons, lighting the sky with fire, the resistors fly to their last stand.

Coin for a Dream by Mae Adams
Genre: Memoir, Korean History
4.6 stars, 69 ratings

Mae Adams' Coin for a Dream: And Other Korean Tales enchants readers with conversational stories that include unexpected twists and turns from her perspective as a young girl, collecting tidbits and folklore from her grandparents and her life story.

Full of colorful characters—including shamans, kings and queens, ginseng boys, grateful ghosts and magpies, and a host of others—the stories entertain while allowing the reader to experience the wonders of ancient rites of Korea. Hear lepers sing for their supper, watch goblins wrestle, feel a tiger’s sorrow, taste snake soup, touch a Taoist Immortal God’s hand, and experience other wonders of Korean culture.

Every tale will inspire different emotions. The myths, legends, and folk tales also include lessons we can apply in our own time and culture, making it an excellent book you can read and reread often.

"A fantastic collection of memorable stories." ~Grady Harp, Amazon Review

Lord, I Don't Want to Die a Christian by Chandrika D. Phea
Genre: Christian Liberation Theology, Christian Commentaries
4.9 stars, 31 ratings
From $2.99

In Lord, I Don't Want to Die a Christian: My Journal and Journey to Freedom, an ordained minister explores how Christianity hinders her experience of God, Life, and Humanity. 

After living in China as a Christian missionary, hosting a two-year Bible study for seven curious Chinese freshman college students, my sense of curiosity inhaled and later exhaled when returning to the practice of Western religion. Born into a devoutly religious family, the daughter, niece, and grandchild of Christian clergy, degreed in Biblical Studies, ordained as a reverend of the faith, I now have questions of the religion that raised and readied me. The emittance of questions and resolves thereof have done well in surrendering to me a choice: Christianity or curiosity?

"Bold...honest...authentic...a lifeline to church folk who feel stuck in a form of Christianity that's harming them." ~Brian D. McLaren, author of Faith After Doubt

Redemption by Ed Benjamin
Genre: Memoir, Military Thriller
4.3 stars, 200+ ratings
From $0.99 

An orphaned teenager, Harry enters the United States Air Force and quickly rises to become a top fighter pilot. Flying became his life—and he was good at it. When his wingman is shot down in an aerial battle, Harry uses his skills to shoot down three enemy jet fighters in combat.

But when the Air Force grounds Harry for medical reasons, his life is turned upside down. He battles loneliness and alcohol while trying to eke out a living as a private detective. Things change when he takes on a missing persons case that involves a Caribbean cruise and a computer geek named Katie. 

"An inspiring and turbulent emotional journey." ~International Review of Books

"This book has it all: super-authentic flying segments, a story of someone dealing with great loss, and an engaging detective story." ~Amazon Review

The Mad Ramblings of a Joker by Brandon Dillon
Genre: American Poetry
4.9 stars, 71 ratings
From $0.99

Brandon Dillon is an award-winning poet who writes from the soul about his life as a child born into poverty, his travels around the world as a U.S. Marine, love won and love lost, and the trauma that life brings. The Mad Ramblings of a Joker is a brutally honest collection, full of metaphor and vibrant imagery. His work covers topics such as PTSD, depression, and heartbreak, and softer moments of hope and reflective peace. His poetry is deep and unforgettable, a beacon for a dark world that needs a friend to say, “I’ve been there. I understand.”

"Dillon's voice is honest and resonates with others who have experienced trauma, loss or PTSD." ~Andreana Binder, MFA, Faculty, Writespace

"A glimpse into what it looks like to live on the other side of survival." ~Xach Blunt, poet, spoken word artist

Bigger Better Braver by Nancy Pickard
Genre: Self-Esteem
4.6 stars, 55 ratings
From $0.99

Bigger Better Braver: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage, and Transform Your Life is a proven, step-by-step guide for uncovering and putting into action the vision we each have in our hearts to live the life we are meant to lead. Provided with clarity and enhanced with inspirational client and personal stories, the book is a journey in itself, as Nancy lays out time-tested tools to identify, face, and overcome shadow beliefs from childhood that hold us back, get free of the limits of our comfort zone, come to terms with and cultivate fear as a driving force for change, and discover the courage we already have to take bold steps into the future.

Foreword Reviews Award Winner. Chanticleer 1st Place and Finalist. International Book Awards Winner and Finalist.

"A warmly written…pep talk for living your 'big' life now." ~Kirkus Reviews

"A self-help companion designed to unearth hope and help it to grow." ~Foreword Reviews

Welcome to the Zipper Club by Bruce Ballister
Genre: Cardiology, Heart Disease
4.5 stars, 34 ratings
From $0.99

Are you or a loved one facing cardiac surgery? There’s nothing more frightening than when your heart isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to—except possibly when the heart of someone you love is in trouble. It's natural to want information before surgery, but much of what is on medical websites is incomprehensible jargon.

Whether you’re preparing for heart surgery yourself or you’ll be supporting someone else, Welcome to the Zipper Club: Surviving Heart Surgery and Beyond will explain what to expect and how to survive beyond the surgery, including:
  • What to expect as you prepare for your surgery.
  • How it feels to have had your chest cracked open.
  • Why a support team is so important for your recovery.
  • How to transition back home as smoothly as possible.
  • And most importantly, what you need to do to avoid a repeat performance.
"Great support to anyone preparing for heart surgery." ~Ian Day, co-author of Challenging Coaching

Joyous Leadership by John Mark Watson
Genre: Business Mentoring & Coaching
5 stars, 55 ratings
From $2.99

What is joyous leadership and why should it be practiced? In Joyous Leadership: Stories of Learnings Along the Way, Mark Watson makes the case through pivotal personal stories that joyous leadership is not about short-term profit or prestige. It is a long-term endeavor to enrich our lives and strengthen our communities. Joyous Leadership shows that we all have plain or sometimes ugly personal stories that, like a prism examined in the light, transform into something that may surprise ourselves and inspire others.

"A must-read for any aspiring leader." ~Lee C. Banks, Vice Chairman & President, Parker Hannifin Corporation

"A precious gift!" ~Dr. Robert Fisher, President, Belmont University

The Sword and the Sunflower by Mark Bradford
Genre: Metaphysical Fantasy, Coming-of-Age Fantasy
4.5 stars, 24 ratings
From $1.00

A father who lost his heart, a traveler who lost his love, and a girl who lost everything.
In an epic fantasy set 1,000 years from now, the world resembles the Dark Ages of Medieval times rather than the future, and a father who is grieving the death of his daughter takes one last job—to assassinate a man he’s never met. But when he meets the young daughter of his intended victim, he ends up taking her under his wing and they are both taken on an epic journey.
This fantasy adventure explores the aftermath of catastrophe, in a new world distant yet familiar to us. It examines duty, family, and beliefs—all through the eyes of three strangers who have no business coming together. 

"An epic fantasy journey that is closely connected with our own world. Highly recommended." ~K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Ciscoe's Dance by Marion Hill
Genre: Black & African American Fantasy Fiction
4.5 stars, 67 ratings on Goodreads
From $0.99

Ciscoe and his wife, Latisha, are dannzas—professional dancers who specialize in performing to Guanamamma music in upscale nightclubs. But their way of life is threatened when Piccanta, a new type of music and dance, becomes fashionable. In love with the dannza life once taught by his father, Ciscoe is determined to save Guanamamma music and dance.

In a world where music and dance are akin to religion, the story comes to read like an allegory on modern cancel culture: when a canonized artist is judged without context, the suggestion is that it's the culture, not the artist, who suffers. 

"A lively fantasy novel...the book examines the greater impact that an artist's choices can have on a culture." ~Katerie Prior, Clarion Reviews

Building Your First Website by John Rhea
Genre: Web Site Design, Web Programming
4.1 stars, 43 ratings

Ever think you could enjoy learning code?

Forget those insomnia cures and non-apocalypse-ending books. Building Your First Website (While You Thwack Zombies with HTML and CSS) makes learning HTML and CSS fun, plus you get to put the smackdown on the undead hordes. It has all the content and direction you need to build that first website, plus enough silly jokes and zombie slaying to keep you interested the whole time. Grab this book and stop the Apocalypse today!

"Funny and informative." ~Amazon Review

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