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New Giveaway & Free Webinar!

Today, LitNuts is pleased to share news about the Becoming Me Giveaway and Webinar.

Becoming Me by Martin Boroson is a beautifully illustrated book that takes you on a cosmic journey into the heart of who you are. Read on to learn more.

Join Martin Boroson and Robert Glass for a free webinar that will use Becoming Me as a touchstone to explore "The Radical Promise of Mysticism in the Modern World." (Thursday, July 13, 9 AM Pacific, 16.00 UK) 

Bonus: Enter the Becoming Me Giveaway for a chance to win a signed hardcover gift edition of Becoming Me plus a $25 gift card.

Becoming Me: A Story of Creation

Author: Martin Boroson
Illustrator: Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright
Genre: Spiritual Gifts, New Age Mysticism
Hardcover gift edition: $24.99
Ebook: $4.99  

From its remarkable opening line, “Once upon a time, I was,” this little book takes you on a cosmic journey into the heart of who you are. With deceptively simple language by Martin Boroson and breath-taking illustrations by Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright, Becoming Me conveys the deepest mystical view of life as a process of divine self-discovery.

Profound and playful, this "children’s book for adults" has been hailed by psychologists, scientists, and leaders of many different faiths. Best given to celebrate life’s big moments or to comfort people feeling sad, anxious, or lonely, Becoming Me has been taught in philosophy classes and religious sermons, and has uplifted people at every stage of their spiritual journey. This new edition is an ideal gift for new babies, weddings…or yourself. Perfect for the bedside table.

“One of those magical stories that can color your whole life, however young or old you are. The simple words and radiant illustrations convey the most powerful, heart-resonating truths about creation and why we are here.” ~Cygnus Reviews
More Praise for Becoming Me
"Gentle yet thought-provoking, this will offer readers another way to contemplate the nature of the divine." ~Publishers' Weekly
"The approach and the artwork nicely together not only to captivate children but also to provide much opportunity for discussion." ~Booklist

"Becoming Me undoubtedly captures the emerging spirit of the 21st century." ~Ervin Laszlo, Science Advisor to the Director General of UNESCO

"A deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork." ~The Times (UK)

About the Author
Martin Boroson studied philosophy at Yale University and earned an MBA at the Yale School of Management. He is a psychotherapist and executive coach, trained in the psychology of breakthrough experience with Dr. Stanislav Grof, and is a priest in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen order.

In addition to teaching the deeper meaning of Becoming Me in seminars and retreats, Martin serves as the Dean of Transformational Programs at Mobius Executive Leadership and is co-founder of The One Moment Company, which helps leaders find time for what matters. He is the author of One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go, published in twelve languages and featured as a thirty-day series on stress relief on He designed the 5* mobile app One-Moment Meditation®, and the popular video, “How to Meditate in a Moment.” Learn more at

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