Spotlight on National Puppy Day - and The Adventures of Bruno and Grace!


March 23 is National Puppy Day, a day to focus on the theme of "Love, Rescue, Adopt," and to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.

Another great way to celebrate? Catch up on The Adventures of Bruno and Grace from author Rachel Young! Middle grade readers will thoroughly enjoy following Bruno, a retired police dog, and his best friend, Grace, on their many adventures.

The Adventures of Bruno and Grace: Into the Wild

E-book: $4.99 (free via Kindle Unlimited)
Paperback: $10.99  

The adventures of Bruno and Grace continue in Into the Wild, Book 2 in the Series. Bruno, a retired police dog, and his best friend, Grace, continue to use their imagination on their many adventures. Now there is double the fun because Grace has a brother, Luke! Although Bruno misses police work, he keeps busy looking after these two kids. 

The Adventures of Bruno and Grace

E-book: FREE! 
Paperback: $11.99  

Want to get in on the adventures of Bruno and Grace from the start? The e-book edition of Book 1 in the Series is currently free on Amazon (and always free via Kindle Unlimited). Meet Bruno as he retires from work as a police dog and begins a new life at home with baby Grace. A special friendship develops between the two of them as they begin to share many new adventures.

About the Author
Rachel (Janssen) Young grew up in Lansing, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. In 2006 she moved to southern California where she met her police officer husband. Today she is the mother of two children and two police K9s.

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