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Author Frances Dall'Alba loves losing herself in a good romance, and she wants to help you do the same. Her romance novels feature plenty of emotion and passion, all set against the beauty of Australia. Read on to learn more about Frances Dall'Alba books—including the Australia At Heart series and a new release coming February 1!

Jack & Eva

New Release: February 1
Pre-order now from $3.99

Broody meets bubbly…and a bunch of cuddly tree kangaroos.

Very few people can keep up with Eva Stamford. She’s chatty, volunteers everywhere in the community, and has one passion in life—saving the Lumholtz tree kangaroo before the curse comes true.​

Jack Waller is broody and gruff and couldn’t be more different from Eva. He’s returning to his childhood home to make good on a promise to his mother, but everywhere he goes, Eva is there. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to ignore the chemistry intensifying between them. 

Eva needs to stay on Jack’s good side because his property borders the Tree Roo Rescue Park, and any changes he makes might unsettle her furry babies. She needs to tell Jack about the curse and forget about encouraging one final fling. Is there a chance of beating the curse and living a life together? 

Little Blue Box

Book 1 in the Australian at Heart Series
4.6 stars, 48 ratings on Goodreads
From $4.99

A second-chance contemporary romance. Can one little blue box get their lives back on the same path?

There’s one thing missing in Ella’s life—her biological father. All she has is a few clues in a little box and a mother not willing to share anything. Add in her impatience and stubbornness and Ella decides to go about finding him herself.

Zane is used to barrelling his way through life without too much stress. He has a great family, a new career path, and a beloved Ducati motorcycle. When tasked with searching for Ella’s father, Zane discovers a secret that threatens to unravel their lives. 

The attraction between Zane and Ella is flaring up quickly, but all will go up in flames if Zane doesn’t tell Ella what he knows. Will the unexpected twist that comes their way be enough for the head-strong Ella and Ducati-loving Zane to find their way back onto the same path?

The Stone in the Road

Book 2 in the Australian at Heart Series
Five Stars from Readers' Favorite
From $4.99

A heart-warming, secret billionaire contemporary romance.

It’s been eighteen months since Kelly escaped to the Australian outback. The guilt and regret she carries still won’t leave her.

Newly arrived from Boston, Patrick can thank the Australian outback for healing him in ways his affluent and empty life back home could not.

After Kelly discovers she’s inherited her grandfather’s property, she heads north. Patrick lands on her doorstep right when she could use the extra help. Amidst the hard work of untangling vines from the derelict castle, an astonishing history emerges and an unexpected chemistry ignites between them—until Kelly’s parents turn up unannounced, necessitating Patrick's departure. But the chance finding of a precious stone might end up bringing Kelly and Patrick back together. 

The Silk Scarf

Book 3 in the Australian at Heart Series
"An emotional rollercoaster!" ~Goodreads Review
From $4.99

A silken scarf entwines itself around two hearts. Sometimes it unravels... 

Melita’s swimwear is starting to make waves in the industry. Hoping to ride the success, she’s determined to open her own boutique/teahouse. A chance find of a derelict building might be the solution—and she wants Luke to do the renovations.

Down-to-earth tradesman Luke has dreams of his own, determined to be a leader in sustainable green buildings. When Melita offers him the chance to showcase his skills, Luke agrees despite mixed feelings about their past relationship.

When the building's history ends up putting Melita's life at risk, Luke needs to put the past aside and deal with the present—because Melita wants everything she’s worked so hard for, including the man she loves.

About the Author
As a contemporary romance author, Frances loves nothing more than losing herself in a good romance. She's all about helping you forget the housework or the bus to work you're going to miss if you don't put the book down now!

She's devoted to giving her readers an emotional, yet satisfying ride, with a love story that'll melt your heart and keep the pages turning right until the end.

Frances is a finalist award winner in both Australia and overseas. Her awards include:  
  • 2016 -  Emerald Finalist - Romance Writers of Australia
  • 2019 -  Pacific Hearts Finalist - Romance Writers of New Zealand
  • 2019 -  Emily Finalist - West Houston Romance Writers
  • 2020 - Valerie Parv Finalist - Romance Writers of Australia
  • 2021 -  Mara Finalist - Mid America Romance Writers
  • 2022 -  The Koru Award for Best New Book - Romance Writers of New Zealand
When she isn't writing, Frances is climbing mountains, searching for waterfalls, and swimming across lakes. She loves to exercise, would prefer it if someone else cooked dinner every night, and never notices dust on the furniture. 

She lives with her husband in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia, and uses her great baking skills to tempt her three daughters to visit home as often as they can. Learn more about Frances on her website

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