Provocative books on economic/political issues from David Kauders


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on a trio of provocative books on political and economic issues from Cambridge-educated UK investment manager David Kauders: 

"Radical thinkers might have a point." ~Financial Times

Reinventing Democracy

Coming May 28, 2024
Hardcover: $30
Ebook: $5.99 (currently free at Barnes & Noble)

"Holds lessons for any nation grappling with democratic challenges." ~The London Economic

The UK economy has deteriorated and contributed to an overall British decline. The British system of political governance is a major cause.

To improve the outlook, Britain should adopt a federal structure with a written constitution and changes in how its citizens are represented. Reinventing Democracy provides a path forward, including a draft constitution.

Praise for Reinventing Democracy
“A powerful, persuasive, and timely wake-up call for transforming the UK into a federal state. A must-read.” ~Richard Moriarty,  The Sun

“A compelling and clear pathway out of Britain’s failing political morass towards a brighter, truly democratic future.” ~The European

“An important catalyst for discussion and a rallying cry for a more accountable and responsive political system.” ~The London Economic

The Financial System Limit

4.8 stars, 5 ratings
Hardcover: $24.04
Paperback: $15
Ebook: $5.99

Can the world really continue to stimulate its way out of every downturn? What happens to debt as central banks and governments buy prosperity?

In The Financial System Limit, the author puts forward three radical theories which show that Keynesian economics can no longer benefit society. He explains why debt cannot expand to infinity; then how debt interest is a cost to us all. The global economic cycle is now determined by central bank policies.

Read The Financial System Limit to understand why banks keep failing and to learn why financial and economic policies have to change. You will discover why debt reduction programs do not work and what will follow the recent inflation.

The Greatest Crash: Avoiding the Financial System Limit

Paperback: $17.41
Ebook: $5.99 (currently free at Barnes & Noble)

The Greatest Crash argues that the financial system which evolved from the early Italian bankers has now reached a roadblock. The weight of debt already created prevents further economic expansion, while paying down the fact that debt shrinks economies. To escape this trap, evolution is needed. But bureaucratic design, delegated government, and group think, all combine to prevent evolution.

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