Spotlight on Ed Benjamin, helping readers see "the light beyond the horizon"


Ed Benjamin is author of fiction and nonfiction intended to help readers see "the light beyond the horizon." Today, LitNuts is pleased to shine a spotlight on three of Ed's works:

Read on to learn more about each of these entertaining and inspiring reads.

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Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery/Adventure
4.2 stars, 239 ratings
From $2.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited) 

Amidst the thunderous roars of jet engines, Harry's journey from an Air Force legend to a lone detective embodies the undying spirit of a hero.

An orphaned teenager, Harry enters the United States Air Force and quickly rises to become a top fighter pilot. Flying became his life—and he was good at it. When his wingman is shot down in an aerial battle, Harry uses his skills to shoot down three enemy jet fighters in combat.

But when the Air Force grounds Harry for medical reasons, his life is turned upside down. He battles loneliness and alcohol while trying to eke out a living as a private detective. Things change when he takes on a missing persons case that involves a Caribbean cruise and a computer geek named Katie. 

Praise for Redemption
"An inspiring and turbulent emotional journey." ~International Review of Books

"This book has it all: super-authentic flying segments, a story of someone dealing with great loss, and an engaging detective story." ~Amazon Review

"Best Military Action-Packed Tale of Aviation/People! Regardless of my former USAF time and current FAA aviation credentials, I would have voted this one of the best action-packed, people sensitive novels ever written!" ~Amazon Review

Melanie: A Tale of Wonder

Genre: Fiction Short Reads, Alternate History, Cultural Heritage Fiction
5.0 stars, 9 ratings
From $2.99

"A delightful and heartwarming piece of flash fiction." ~Amazon Review

Meet Aaron Jones, an elderly gentleman obviously down on his luck and badly in need of a shower. But after surviving a car accident, something miraculous happens: his singing voice is clear for the first time in years. Regaining his voice prompts him to enter a talent contest in the hope of winning prize money to help Melanie, a ten-year-old girl whose father is dying.

During the talent show, the audience begins to realize the real identity of Aaron. Cries of “It’s him. It’s really him!” begin to ring out in the audience. Afterwards, the mysterious singer leaves town with the media buzzing.

If you like alternative historical fiction, you will enjoy this heartwarming journey filled with hope, inspiration, and the power of music.

This is Alaska

Genre: Essay
Price: $0.99

A rare sports adventure to treasure and read over and over.

This short but powerful essay is a true story of a middle-aged man discovering Wild Alaska while on a whitewater rapids trip. Frustrated and tired, he undergoes a transformation as he experiences the full force of nature. 

About the Author

Ed Benjamin retired from the United States Air Force in 1990 where he served as an aircraft maintenance supervisor. He currently works part time as a proposal writer helping companies obtain business with federal, state and local governments.

Ed writes fiction and nonfiction, and Ed also publishes gratitude journals, wedding planners, reissues of classic novels, and other publications via his two publishing ventures at Bulverde Books and Front Porch Press.

Ed and his spouse live in Bulverde, Texas, also known as the "front porch" of the Texas hill country. Learn more at You can also find Ed on Twitter/X, Instagram, or contact him at

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