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Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of author Ashley Capes, whose fiction covers "epic, urban and YA fantasy, along with supernatural suspense and a little steampunk." His special offer to readers today: free downloads of the following books:
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Graves Robbed, Heirlooms Returned: An Urban Fantasy

Book 1 of the Reed Lavender Series
4.0 stars, 128 ratings
Paperback: $9.99
Ebook: FREE

At least when you’re Death’s nephew the bad guys literally have nowhere to hide, right?

Meet Reed Lavender, a mostly-human detective with the uncanny ability to hear the final words of the dead. But on this case he’ll need more than his usual tricks to solve the murder of a teen runaway – he’ll need something that just might be more trouble than it’s worth – the help of his ragtag Reaper-cousins.

But the deeper Reed digs the more he realizes there’s something far bigger and darker beneath his city, something vast, something that is ripening to rot...

Praise for Graves Robbed, Heirlooms Returned
★★★★★ "An interesting use of mythology in a modern urban setting. Finally something new from the old. Thank you for a new universe to play in." ~Goodreads Review

★★★★★ "Great world building." ~Amazon Review

City of Masks: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Book 1 of The Bone Mask Cycle
4.2 stars, 846 ratings
Paperback: From $20.75
Ebook: FREE

Their struggle threatens to tear the city – and the kingdom - into shreds.

When a royal conspiracy topples the noble House Falco, Sofia must take up the burden of her father's mantle and assume guardianship of his Greatmask. Yet the sentient bone mask, powerful enough to compel those around her, will not speak, and Sofia, the first female Protector in a hundred years, is left defenseless.

Hunted by the King, she is driven from the palace and must fight for survival, alone in the cold streets of Anaskar. There, she crosses paths with Notch, a bitter mercenary with problems of his own. Accused of murder, Notch is trying to clear his name while hunted by the city's robed assassins, the very people who are now searching for Sofia.

To take back their city and cast down the tyrant on the throne, Sofia and Notch must face the blades of Anaskar's assassins, the rage of a mighty sea beast, and the mysterious Lupo, a man with a Greatmask of his own, who has masterminded vicious terrorist attacks on the city that spurned him.

Praise for City of Masks
"Every now and then a writer comes along who will make you sit up and take notice. Ashley Capes delivers his stunning epic fantasy novel with a bang." ~Jennifer Fallon, international best selling fantasy author

"A gripping narrative in an uncertain world of magic, injustice, and unsettling class division." ~Aurealis, Australia's Premiere Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

"An absorbing and fast-paced adventure down twisty streets and across hot desert sands." ~Fantasy Literature, F&SF Book and Audiobook Reviews

Never: Prequel to The Amber Isle

Part of the Book of Never Series
4.1 stars, 400+ ratings
Ebook: FREE

Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.

Roguish Never is sure he has hunted down every relic and every clue possible on his quest to finally lift the curse on his blood and hopefully learn his true name. However, convincing the wealthy Lord Firmita to part with a map to the sunken city proves to be far more dangerous than he first imagined.

In this prequel story to The Amber Isle, learn how Never meets his enemy, Harstas. 

Praise for Never
★★★★★ "A great introduction to an interesting fantasy landscape and fascinating character." ~Amazon Review

★★★★★ "Fast-paced and a pure fantasy delight." ~Goodreads Review

About the Author

Ashley Capes is an Australian novelist, poet, and teacher. He also dabbles in film, is addicted to 80s cartoon shows and Studio Ghibli films, and finds himself constantly awed by the simple beauty of haiku. In addition, he is convinced that "Magnum PI" is one of the greatest TV shows ever. Learn more at, get a free copy of The Amber Isle when you sign up for Ashley's newsletter, and be sure to follow him online: 

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