Spotlight on Faeries Don't Lie, a "magical YA book"


This special edition of LitNuts is focused on Faeries Don't Lie and the Heart of the World Series from TF Burke, a world of of faeries, pegasi flyers, myths, and secrets for teen and young adult readers.

★★★★★ "A delightful, magical YA book." ~Goodreads Review

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Faeries Don't Lie

Book 1 of the Heart of the Worlds Series
4.7 stars, 18 ratings on Amazon
From $0.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited)

Can Two Worlds Survive an Augury?

The worlds of Ahnu-Endynia are full of faeries, pegasi flyers, myths, secrets, and themes of belonging despite being misunderstood.

Sixteen-year-old Aunia, the village outcast, wants to impress Mathias, a visiting seventeen-year-old pegasus flyer. Mathias believes the time has come to choose between survival of the Mortal world or the Faery world.

But when Aunia releases a Chandarion’s god-like magic into the world, her action calls forth the Boggleman, a soul-sucking ghoul who abducts her father, eats her faery friends, and sets Dagel demons on her isolated village.

If Aunia and Mathias are not careful, they might be pulled into the Betwixt, the space between the worlds.

★★★★★ "A unique fairy story, with action, magic, romance, and a wonderful setting." ~Goodreads Review

Faeries Don't Forgive

Book 2 of the Heart of the Worlds Series
Coming February 2025
Pre-order now: $4.99

Getting back to the underworld and saving her dad should be easier with the Boggleman gone. However, there are multiple obstacles in her way, and Aunia can't decide which is worse.

Is it the Da Vennen cult and packs of wererats hunting her for imprisonment or death? Her ongoing conflict with Mathias wanting to hide her away? Or maybe it's herself since she cannot un-know what she has learned.

About the Author
TF Burke works with NYT Bestseller David Farland’s Apex-Writers as an admin and marketing specialist. Her published works include hundreds of newspaper articles; blog posts across various platforms; anthologies, including Murderbugs, the second volume of the Unhelpful Encyclopedia; Whirl of the Fae; and the first book of the Heart of the Worlds Series. 

When not writing or looking up faery lore, she can be found with a sword and a dagger in her hands for medieval-style fencing tournaments and melees, something she’s been doing since 2010.

Learn more at and be sure to also follow her online:

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