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Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of author Frances Ellen, creator of the Asters Original Series, a found family, YA fantasy adventure. If you like diverse characters, found family, and magical/dangerous adventures that criss-cross the globe, this is the series for you:

"An utterly enthralling saga of magic and subterfuge, highly recommended" ~Midwest Book Review

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From Fury Reborn

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Fantasy
4.3 stars, 24 ratings on Goodreads
Paperback: $19.99
Ebook: $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited) 

Five magical warriors. One dangerous mission. Two fearsome enemies. When they all converge in a deadly jungle, who will come out alive?

Protecting humans from the seven Dark Kings is the duty of the Affinite race, led by the Asters, five people each with a unique form of magic.

Charged with investigating sinister events in the Amazon Rainforest, Nathan and his fellow Asters prepare themselves to face the smartest and deadliest King ever. But there is more than one monster roaming the jungle, and Nathan’s magic holds the key to its identity.

As the shocking revelations mount, Nathan fears that the fatal mistakes of the past have come back to haunt them. Can Nathan harness his unique connection to the Asters’ newest enemy and form an alliance against the Dark King? Or will that put them in more danger than ever?

A Crown Denied

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Fantasy
4.4 stars on Amazon
Paperback: $21.99
Ebook: $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited) 

Their deadliest enemy always one step ahead. Can the Asters unmask the spy before critical secrets are exposed and lives are lost?

After a grueling mission in the Amazon Rainforest, Sky and his fellow Asters have succeeded in bringing their reluctant new Queen back to their island home.

While Sky prepares for the mission that should bring the King of the South American Underworld to their knees, he finds himself drawn to his Queen’s extraordinary powers and beauty, despite her ruthless reputation. And when a trusted ally turns foe, his divided loyalties could threaten everything he holds dear.

A Crown Denied is the second book in the Asters Original Series, which follows the adventures of the five magical Asters: Lian, Sophie, Matu, Nathan, and Sky. Discover whose betrayal will draw the Asters and their Queen into another fatal reckoning with the most powerful Dark King of all time.

A Queen To Come: The Complete Prequel Trilogy

Genres: Teen & Young Adult Fantasy
4.4 stars on Amazon
Ebook: $4.99 (Free via Kindle Unlimited) 

Meet the Asters, five members of a found family, each with a unique magic.

They have trained together all their lives. They have deep bonds of friendship. They will lay down their lives for themselves, their Queen, and their people. With Dark Kings stirring into deadly action, they will be put to the ultimate test. 

The prequel trilogy includes:

  • A Queen to Come: An ancient power reincarnated in their new Queen. Can the Asters thwart a Dark King's plan to capture it for himself?
  • A World to Lose: A newly emboldened King makes his move. Tasked with assessing his threat, the Asters uncover more than they bargained for. And it's not just their lives at stake.
  • A Threat to Remain: The Asters are facing their deadliest test yet. Can they use their magic in unique ways to succeed in their mission?

About the Author
Frances Ellen writes YA fantasy stories full of magic and adventure, action and jeopardy, sacrifice and betrayal, deep bonds of friendship, and a light touch of romance. Her first series describes a world where humans with exceptional affinities for specific traits, the Affinites, led by a magical elite known as the Asters, protect humans from the ever-present threat from Dark Kings. Learn more at, sign up for her newsletter, and be sure to follow her online: 

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