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Her Billionaire Man: Tension

Genre: Steamy Romance, Romance Short Books
Book 1 in the Her Billionaire Man Romance Series
4.1 stars, 16 ratings on Amazon
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I'm Amanda Smith, and my life changed dramatically when my dear neighbor, Mrs. Janey, died and left her billion-dollar company to her parrot, Boosh, and to me.

What I thought was a turnaround for the better proved otherwise when I was met with
resistance from Mrs. Janey's grandson, the irresistible Craig Vans. The man was insufferable, and I could not stand him one bit. Except in bed. (I told you he was irresistible.) With the help of Mrs. Janey's lawyer, we gave Craig two weeks to dispute the inheritance or step down as CEO, and just when it seemed that I would finally be getting the break I needed, a new obstacle arose: Craig's mother. That's when things got out of control...

The Her Billionaire Man Romance Series is a collection of 20 romance short reads that will take you into a complex world of characters and emotional arcs leaving you with an addictive itchy-curiosity that only the next book can satisfy. Get ready for light and dark to collide, for laughter and intensity to meet, and for unsuspected lustful thrills to creep up behind you. This is NOT your typical romance series. Are you ready for your new obsession?

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Olivia Summer is an experienced romance novelist providing short romantic books that will draw you into a world of emotional flux.

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