Free online: A Royal Rendezvous


Free online: A Royal Rendezvous: Unveiling the Secrets of Windsor. Join Colin Mustful, the founder and editor of History Through Fiction, and acclaimed authors Christine Wells and Bryn Turnbull for a conversation that will revolve around Christine's highly anticipated historical novel, The Royal Windsor Secret, a story that imagines the life of a young woman who believes she is the secret daughter of the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII. They will also discuss a second scandalous chapter in Edward VIII’s life through Bryn’s bestselling debut novel, The Woman Before Wallis, about the life of Viscountess Thelma Furness, Edward VIII’s mistress who fatefully introduced him to Wallis Simpson and lit the flame of the abdication crisis. Thursday, September 7, 4 PM CDT. 

"All kings is mostly rapscallions." ~Mark Twain

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