Get the "Forgotten Women" Series from author Joan Koster: Eye-opening historical fiction


Learn about the Forgotten Women Series from author Joan Koster...eye-opening historical fiction based on the lives of adventurous nineteenth-century women who never should have been forgotten.

"The world in unreasonable fashion, demands of a woman that she do twice as much as a man to prove she can equal him." ~Anna Dickinson, The Ragged Register, 1879

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That Dickinson Girl: A Novel of the Civil War

Book 1 in the Forgotten Women Series
Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction
4.1 stars & 18 ratings on Amazon; 4 stars & 26 ratings on Goodreads
From $4.99

Eighteen-year-old Anna Dickinson is nothing like the women around her, and she knows it. Gifted with a powerful voice, a razor-sharp wit, and unbounded energy, the diminutive curly head sets out to surpass the men of her day as she rails against slavery and pushes for women’s rights. Only two things can bring her downfall—the entangling love she has for her devoted companion, Julia, and an assassin’s bullet.

Forced to accompany the fiery young orator on her speaking tour of New England, Julia Pennington fights her growing attraction to the ever more impertinent woman. When a traitor sets out to assassinate Anna, will Julia risk her life to save her?

Loosely based on the life of forgotten orator, feminist, and lesbian Anna Dickinson, That Dickinson Girl is the story of one woman’s rise to fame and fortune at the expense of love during the political and social turmoil of the American Civil War.

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Praise and Recognition for That Dickinson Girl

  • “Believable and bittersweet. It captures the era without a single false note.” ~The Literary Redhead
  • "A roller-coaster ride. The author took a non-fictional character from a difficult time in history and created a relatable and emotional story. " ~Jayy Jacobs, Sensitivity reader
  • "An interesting and unusual look at a period that rarely gets a clear-eyed examination." ~Kathleen Buckley, author of Portia and the Merchant of London
  • "The author's passion for bringing Anna to life, as well as the fictional account of Julia's life, is quite evident." ~D. K. Marley, Historical Fiction Company
  • Second Place in the 2022 Romance through the Ages Contest
  • Finalist in the Historical Fiction Company Best Books Competition

Censored Angel: Anthony Comstock's Nemesis

Book 2 in the Forgotten Women Series
Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction
New Release
From $4.99

A nineteenth-century mystic marriage counselor and her guardian angel battle the Inquisitor of Smut in this biographical historical novel based on a true story.

Ida Craddock will not be silenced! Brilliant, corseted, and haunted by spirits from the Borderlands, she turns her back on the constrictions of Victorian society and strikes out on her own, becoming a mystic marriage counselor. Sharing what she views as "essential sexual knowledge" puts her in the crosshairs of Anthony Comstock, the nation’s Anti-Obscenity Postal Inspector. Ida vows to bring him down. He promises to silence her forever. With prison looming, Ida and her angel lover must prepare for a battle they may not be able to win.

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Praise for Censored Angel

  • "It just blew me away. What a story! It was so well written I was right there with her, seeing, smelling, and feeling everything along with her." ~Diana Rubino, best-selling historical fiction author
  • "This book was truly wonderful. I love learning about these fascinating women." ~Kristin Campbell, C&D Editing
  • "An easy flowing but tragic story... So poignant it brought tears to my eyes." ~Kim Brougher, Beta reader

About the Author
Joan Bouza Koster is a writer, educator, ethnographer, and artist. When she is not writing in her studio by the sea, Joan lives in an 1860s farmhouse stacked to the ceiling with books. In a life full of adventures, she has scaled mountains, chased sheep, and been abandoned on a island for longer than she wants to remember.

An award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction works in the fields of ethnography, education, anti-racism, and the arts, Joan holds a doctorate from Binghamton University and has published two textbooks on teaching the arts to young children. She is also the author of numerous academic papers based on her ethnographic research on agriculture, shepherding, and weaving in the Southern Peloponnese and on Crete. A professional handweaver, her creative work has been sold across the country.

Joan’s short stories have appeared in several anthologies, and have received awards from Women on Writing, Stone Thread Publishing, Tryst Literary Magazine, and Winning Writers. Her poetry has been published in Potomac Magazine, and her historical fiction has long-listed for the Mslexia Award. Under the pen name Zara West, Joan authored the award-winning romantic thriller series The Skin Quartet. Joan also shares her writing know-how and research into creativity in her top-selling Write for Success series and offers numerous writing workshops every year.

Joan is a member of the Authors Guild, Non-Fiction Authors Association, Historical Fiction Society, Romance Writers of America, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. Sign up for her newsletter to learn about more amazing women and great historical fiction facts and books. You'll also get a prequel chapter from That Dickinson Girl and and a chance to win a great historical fiction novel every month. Finally, be sure to follow Joan on social media.

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