I See Lincoln's Underpants by Mick Sullivan

Children and Young Adult

The Surprising Times Underwear (and the People Wearing Them) Made History. From the author of the award-winning The Past and the Curious Podcast comes a giggle-fest for young and old! We all wear underwear — even famous people like Buzz Aldrin, Queen Victoria, and Satchel Paige. Through the ages, plenty of these figures have made history. Sometimes their underwear did, too! From Abe Lincoln’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions to Amelia Bloomer’s eponymous undies to Otzi the Iceman’s 5300-year-old skivvies, I See Lincoln’s Underpants opens the top drawers of some of history’s most interesting people for more than just a peek. 5 stars, 12 ratings. From $4.49 SHOP NOW

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