Explicit Southern Poetry from Jason Stocks


Today, LitNuts is shining a spotlight on the work of Jason Stocks, a poet whose work mirrors the hard-knock life he's accustomed to, broaching topics like domestic violence, poverty, demasculinization, and more. 

"Stocks's writing has a powerful immediacy, and his poems are packed with both profanity and pop-culture references." ~Kirkus Reviews

Laughing is Forever

5.0 stars, 10 ratings
Paperback: $14.99
Ebook: $2.99

"Jogging from detritus-ridden, Bukowski-inspired free verses to Lowell-style observations of the inner life, this hardtack collection of poetry runs the gamut. A rugged, sinuous voice drives the free verse narratives contained in Laughing is Forever. These mercurial poems surprise, thrill, and move in equal measure. They’re dying to be read." ~Independent Book Review

"This collection is brave, unflinching and hits you like a punch in the jaw. It is at times brutal and vicious but also tender and intelligent. I was reminded of early Eminem in the poignant anger of some of the poems." ~Sam Szanto, author of If No One Speaks

"These are the kind of tattered, beautiful poems I often search for and rarely find—the ones that explain, 'Just be happy with a beer after work. You know, quit all the complaining. It won't change a single thing. It just prolongs the suffering.'" ~Sean Thomas Dougherty, author of Death Prefers the Minor Keys


4.7 stars, 36 ratings
Paperback: $12.99
Ebook: $2.99

Finalist in the 2024 American Legacy Book Awards

"Provocative, explicit poetry written with muscular swagger." ~Kirkus Reviews

"Fierce, bold, and self aware, Stocks's debut poetry collection is steeped in the Gothic hauntings of Deep South life." ~Jenifer DeBellis, author of Blood Sisters and editor of Pink Panther Magazine

"In Blameforest, Jason Stocks captures the rhythms of a vibrant vernacular that is original and authentic. He builds a distinctive world that often turns violent and lovelorn, his rendering clear-eyed and voiced like a blade—and does so while displaying the expansive range of a skilled craftsman. Far more than a sequence of individual poems, Blameforest is a layered and nuanced work of innovative literature to be read in one sitting, and then over and over again." ~Jacob M. Appel, author of The Cynic in Extremis

About the Author

Jason Stocks was born in Arkansas, raised in Mississippi, and currently calls Florida home. He received his BFA from Goddard College and his MFA from Solstice of Pine Manor College where he was the 2014 Sharon Olds Poetry Fellow. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Exterminating Angel Press, Confrontation, and Deep South MagazineBlameforest, his first collection of poetry, was nominated for four indie awards, including the 2024 American Legacy Book Awards.

Jason is also a teacher, and prior to teaching, he worked in a chicken house, washed dishes, bagged groceries, waited tables, and sold cars. When not writing, he enjoys reading vintage YA horror, riding his Haro cruiser, and spending time with his family. Learn more by visiting his YouTube channel, which is "dedicated to books and big ideas" and where he promises to "discuss everything from ancient mythology to vintage YA and middle grade horror." Be sure to also follow Jason on Facebook and on Amazon: 

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