June 2023 LitNuts Deals

LitNuts Deals

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of LitNuts Deals: highly rated indie books priced $1 or less (including four freebies!) PLUS the LitNuts Deals Giveaway.

This month, the giveaway prize is a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card. Enter by June 29 for a chance to win! 

Greetings from Lavender Valley by Tammy L. Grace 
Genre: Women's Sagas, Saga Fiction
4.2 stars, 300+ ratings

Six women. Four decades. One long, unexpected reunion.

Through handwritten letters, Jewel Austin, a foster mother to dozens, keeps in touch with five women she nurtured to adulthood. The five women have never met, but Jewel’s last wish is for them to return to Lavender Valley Farm together, back to the refuge where they once found the love and support they craved. She knows the sisters they never knew they needed are waiting in Lavender Valley.

Book 1 in the Sisters of the Heart series. Fans of heartwarming, feel-good women’s fiction will devour this new series.

"Inspirational and entertaining." ~Amazon Reviewer

Earthrise: Books 1-3 by Daniel Arenson 
Genre: Science Fiction
4.2 stars, 525 ratings
From $0.99

They came from deep space. They came to destroy us. But we will fight back!

With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, Earthrise has captivated science fiction fans around the world. This bundle includes the first three novels (out of nine) of this bestselling series: Earth Alone, Earth Lost, and Earth Rising. If you loved Ender's Game, Starship Troopers, and Old Man's War, you'll love Earthrise. From USA Today bestselling author Daniel Arenson.

★★★★★  "Full of soul... Humanity that shines even in a time of privation and war." ~The Huffington Post

The Making of a Matchmaker by Tess Thompson
Genre: Historical Romance
4.4 stars, 325 ratings

In the fall of 1910, a violent patriarch with many enemies is murdered, freeing his long-suffering wife and four misfit children. Isolated on a small island in Puget Sound, the children have little hope of finding love. But when their mother secretly engages a team of matchmakers, hope blossoms for this lonely, slightly odd family. As long as they don’t know they’re being matched, they just might get their happy ending. 

Murder mystery meets swoony historical romance in this prequel novella to the clean and wholesome series, The Mystery Matchmaker of Ella Pointe.

★★★★★  "Great prequel to a new series of historical fiction." ~Goodreads Reviewer

One Step Back: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich
Genre: Thriller
4.6 stars, 309 ratings
From $0.99

When CIA intelligence officer Titus Ray attempts to recruit an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran, he puts himself in the crosshairs of the Iranian secret police and triggers a series of events leading to deadly consequences. As the secret police close in on him, he’s forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their own lives to save his. One Step Back is the prequel novella to the award-winning Titus Ray Thriller Series.

"A superb introduction to a promising spy thriller series." ~Amazon Reviewer

The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise
Genre: Science Fiction
4.27 stars, 4200+ ratings on Goodreads
From $0.99 

Lilla is not your average princess. She is a rebel in disguise, fighting for the refugees. The arrival of the mysterious and ruggedly handsome Callum brings news of a bigger battle that threatens not only Lilla's home world but everyone else's in the Seven Galaxies. Lilla must learn to control her magic and defeat the dark god before he finds her. Book 1 in the series.

Grand Prize Winner for the CIBA 2022 CYGNUS Award for Science Fiction.

"Terrifically entertaining, complex, and original." ~Kirkus Reviews

A Noble Cunning: The Countess and the Tower
by Patricia Bernstein
Genre: Historical Fiction
4.13 stars, 72 ratings on Goodreads
From $0.99

A riveting and largely unknown story about a remarkable woman’s strength, love, and courage against formidable odds. Based on the true story of Winifred Maxwell, a persecuted Catholic noblewoman, A Noble Cunning captures the intense drama of a determined heroine in a turbulent era. Though rich with historical gossip and pageantry, author Patricia Bernstein’s extensive research is demonstrated in the countless historical details throughout the novel.

"A riveting tale of one woman's courage and determination." ~David Blixt, author of Her Majesty's Will

The Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy Her by Joe Rothstein
Genre: Thriller
4.4 stars, 142 ratings
From $0.99

When a charismatic Latina American heiress known to the world as "Tenny" is elected president of the United States, she pledges to reform political and financial corruption. But conspirators are determined to destroy her before she succeeds. Impeachment. Assassination. Murder. It's all here. As one reviewer says, "If Grisham wrote political thrillers, they would feel like this!"

"An enthralling protagonist at the heart of a gripping tale." ~Kirkus Reviews

Breathe by Lucinda Race
Genre: Romance
4.2 stars, 231 ratings

Her family’s successful winery business in the Finger Lakes region of New York should have gone to Tessa Price. She’d always dreamed of running the winery, but her brother, the prodigal son, has returned to claim the corner office. Looking to prove to her family she’s more than capable, she boldly strikes out on her own, purchasing Sand Creek Winery—a cash-strapped competitor—right out from under her family. She can forge her own destiny, using her marketing skills and big plans to bring new life to the small winery. But first, she has a proposition for the sexy previous owner. And he’s likely to hate it almost as much as he hates anyone with the last name of Price.

Book 1 in the Price Family Romance Series, a sweet and clean romantic story with a guaranteed happily ever after. 

"A sweet romance with a strong female lead." ~Amazon Reviewer

Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire
Genre: Thriller
4.3 stars, 107 ratings
From $0.99

Meet Bryce Davison, a gifted psychologist who is desperate to save his crumbling marriage and plagued by visions of dark memories he would rather forget. As if things couldn't get any worse, he is now being stalked by someone who knows his life inside and out, and has access to all of his most private places. He must discover the identity of the stalker or risk losing everything. With danger lurking around every corner and the stalker always one step ahead, can Bryce save himself and his family before it's too late?

"A fantastic page-turner." ~Manhattan Book Review

Moonlight Duology by Yurie Kiri
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
4.1 stars, 53 ratings for Book 1
4 stars, 34 ratings for Book 2
From $0.99

Moonlight Duology includes two complete novels: 

Moonlight Beach: Bodies are washing up on Moonlight Beach in the idyllic, seaside community of Rancho, California, worrying the privileged one percent in the gated communities of one of SoCal’s ritziest enclaves. Speculation centers on sharks, satanic rituals, and greedy venture capitalists, but then two more people are killed on a cliff overlooking the beach—and all their organs are missing. What the hell is going on? They better figure all this out before more people get butchered or, God forbid, Rancho’s inflated property values plummet.

Moonlight Canyon: The rural paradise of Silver City, just south of Moonlight Canyon, is under attack. Half-eaten, mutilated bodies are showing up in public places. The peaceful residents of Silver City are in a panic. Is it drug smugglers? A biker gang? Some sort of dark ritual? Space aliens? Whatever is terrorizing Silver City must be stopped and fast before this pastoral heaven becomes a living hell. 

"Intriguing mix of murder mystery and fantasy." ~Amazon Vine Voice Review

You Get What You Give by Karen Grey
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
4.4 stars, 54 ratings

From insta-lover to insta-enemy. All that, and a bag of chips.

In a sleepy southern coastal town crowned the Hollywood of the East, worlds collide and sparks fly when fate has two TV casting directors acting as accidental rivals. In this enemies-to-lovers, new-in-town, one-night-stand unlikely love story, a girl boss and a Hollywood bad boy find that you only get as good as you give. Book 1 in the Carolina Classics series.

★★★★★ “Made me laugh, tugged at my heartstrings, and threw in some steam for the triple crown win.” ~Bookbub Reviewer

Knight in the Nighttime by J.S. Morin
Genre: Action & Adventure Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
4.3 stars, 360+ ratings
From $0.99

A knight in over his head. A scribe caught dabbling with magic. Each is doomed unless they can join forces across worlds. Kyrus Hinterdale had never remembered his dreams. But when magic leaks from those dreams into his waking hours, the floodgates of his memories open. He remembers bits and pieces of a life in another world, and as those pieces fit together, he realizes that the world is as real as his own. When his experimentation in magic runs afoul of superstitious townsfolk, he finds himself facing being burned at the stake. Book 1 in the Twinborn Chronicles series.

"A worthwhile read for fans of two-world fantasies." ~Amazon Reviewer

Portal Through the Pond by David K. Anderson
Genre: Children's Action and Adventure, Children's Science Fiction
4.3 stars, 329 ratings
From $0.99

They said her grandfather was dead. They said her grandmother was crazy. But Christy knows an old family secret: the pond behind her house is a portal to another world. Portal Through the Pond is the first book of the Empty World Saga, a science fiction adventure series for kids aged 8-12.

"An intriguing middle-grade novel." ~Amazon Vine Voice Review

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